shared space

  1. S

    Photos not showing in shared space

    First off - sorry that this must be the biggest noob problem going! Been looking at videos, help guides but I'm pulling my hair out. So thanks in advance for any help! I cannot get photos to show in a shared space for a user despite having given them Viewer, Uploader and Downloader permissions...
  2. P

    Problems in browsing photos on mobile, in Shared Space

    Did someone try to browse on mobile (I can try on IOS, both Safari and Chrome) a Shared Space? I can see the picture BUT if I try to zoom on it, or even just touch the screen of the phone, the screen becomes black, the photo disappears and it's even difficult to come back. I suppose it is a bug...
  3. Sturla

    Timeline view not allowed in Shared Space

    Users of type Uploader gets this when they are in Timeline view on Personal space, and switches to Shared space. And the Timeline and Filter button is not visible i Shared space. This is happening after granting users Uploader-accesslevel ( with "Use settings for all subfolders" marked ). The...
  4. T

    Album in shared space instead of "Sharing" tab

    Hey! A few weeks ago, I updated my NAS to DSM 7.0 and drop Moments to Synology Photos. I am still discovering this new environment and some things disturb me... I shared the application with my father, we each have our account and this is my father who add photos to shared space, create album...