1. J

    Increase storage pool size

    I am running out of space and want to upgrade one of my HD but don’t see the option to “replace drive” per the synology directions. Is there another area I need to do this. Also I have a 918+ in SHR1 running four 6TB drives. Will I get any increase in space with 1 HD or do I need to upgrade 2...
  2. T

    Maximum drive size in a DS215J

    Afternoon, First time posting but have a question that I'm hoping a member can answer? I have 2 DS215J's. 1 has a 12tb in and the other has 2x 3tb but what I am enquiring about as the post header states what is the maximum drive size anyone has put in theirs? The compatibility list shows 14tb...
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    DSM 7.0 How to setup Photos and NOT get duplicates?

    Hello brains 🧠 I´ve used my Synology DS220+ for several months now and I´ve been really satisfied. BUT suddenly I noticed that all my photos and media creates a copy of themself on my non-mirrored drive. Every media has double the size within the same drive. Not mirrored that is. Is it possible...