slow download

  1. H

    Slow download, normal upload

    Hi Wonder if anyone has encountered such problem: The download speed from my NAS has decreased a lot, like 200-300KB/s. The upload speed to the NAS is normal (~10 MB/s). Those numbers were obtained on my mac while on wifi, 10MB/s is about the wifi limit at the spot. Already tested today on wire...
  2. C

    Very slow download speed from DSM web file sharing

    Hi, I'm facing very slow download speed when I share a file with someone using DSM "Share file" feature from the web gui (File station). I can workaround this by giving a direct access to DSM from internet (bypassing the reverse proxy) but it's not a setup I would like to make persistent. So...
  3. DataGeek

    Solved File download speed

    Hi folks, new Synology (and this forum) user, finally gave up on HP MSS and WHS V1.. I have searched this site for answers but have not found a full answer yet. Thanx for listening, love this brain trust.. Background - Purchased DS418, added 4 2TB seagate IW NAS ST2000VN004 drives. Loaded...