slow download

  1. H

    Slow download, normal upload

    Hi Wonder if anyone has encountered such problem: The download speed from my NAS has decreased a lot, like 200-300KB/s. The upload speed to the NAS is normal (~10 MB/s). Those numbers were obtained on my mac while on wifi, 10MB/s is about the wifi limit at the spot. Already tested today on wire...
  2. ChAlb

    Very slow download speed from DSM web file sharing

    Hi, I'm facing very slow download speed when I share a file with someone using DSM "Share file" feature from the web gui (File station). I can workaround this by giving a direct access to DSM from internet (bypassing the reverse proxy) but it's not a setup I would like to make persistent. So...
  3. DataGeek

    Solved File download speed

    Hi folks, new Synology (and this forum) user, finally gave up on HP MSS and WHS V1.. I have searched this site for answers but have not found a full answer yet. Thanx for listening, love this brain trust.. Background - Purchased DS418, added 4 2TB seagate IW NAS ST2000VN004 drives. Loaded...