1. X

    How can I clear out a massive amount of btrfs snapshots? I am running out of space fast, and don't know whats creating these.

    I have been noticing my volume useage climbing lately but I didnt think much of it until it started hitting around 80%. Now I know something is wrong. My volume is 10.5TB, and Storage manager shows that my shared folders only occupy 2.8TB which sounds about right. However it's showing 4.7TB...
  2. N

    Snapshots taking up same size as original folder

    I am on a DS218+ on DSM 7. I have snapshots enabled for a shared folder that is 19gb in size. I have snapshots enabled for this folder that are taken every 12 hours and 30 snapshots saved. When I use calculate size it shows estimated size to be 4.8gb. However when I login using a terminal I see...
  3. David M

    Snapshots not showing up in Snapshots app

    My S.S. and 2 Reolink cameras seem to be working just fine. All software is up to date. But, in the S.S. Snapshots app, there are no pics. I can see them in Windows Explorer however. The file names are just stings of 10 numbers with no extension which I assume is normal. File sizes are all 4 and...
  4. ric0ric

    Can one Delete Snapshots - not easily but DSM can do it for you

    Having realised I had setup my folders poorly I reorganised and deleted several of TB of items. I still though have the snapshots. Is there any way to delete snapshots without deleting or removing the folder to which they relate? Thanks. Having asked the above question I discovered by...
  5. jann

    BRTFS snapshots?

    So I finally got my DS1520+ set up like I want it...and I want to enable snapshots so I can roll-back like I can in APFS (Apple's file system). I assumed I had to install the Snapshot Replication app from Synology. If that is wrong, please tell me. What I want is this: If a file is deleted or...