1. Cyberwasp

    docker speed test

    Back when I first started with my NAS I installed Openspeedtest to see how fast the data connection was. I'd like to try it again. However, the tutorial I used to install it hasn't been updated and the installation has. Is there an updated tutorial anywhere someone may know of. TIA
  2. M

    Changing RAID Type Speed

    Hi There! Just wondering why the speed to change RAID Types is so slow... I'm currently changing from SHR to SHR-2 on my RS2421+ and I have about 29GB of data. My CPU is usually around 1% utilization as per Performance Monitor and my DSM Desktop Read / Write is between 20MB - 30MB in Task...
  3. mtichbon

    Shared folder migration slow speed

    I've got a DS918+ and I've setup a new volume with 3 x 8TB Drives (SHR) to replace my single 10TB drive volume (long story short but eff'd up the initial setup as I didn't understand RAID). I'm now trying to transfer my data over by moving my various Share folders to the new volume but my...
  4. F

    RT6600ax VPN speed between wan and lan

    Hi, My RT6600AX is behind a ISP box in DMZ. The connection is capable of 2 gbps down and 700mbits up. In front of it there is a 5g android connection whose speedtest indicates 180mbits down. Openvpn WAN : The openvpn connection is ok with the default cipher choice (aes256). The speed is...
  5. Phone Guy

    SMB: Name vs IP speed difference copying files Windows???

    I am no network engineer, so I dont know if this is normal or not, but this is absolutely repeatable for me give or take a few mbs/sec... I am getting different speeds copying files over the network on my Windows machines to my Nas. If I use \\IP\folder its a faster transfer by about double! vs...
  6. M

    Please help me, slow transfer speed

    I've read a lot of solutions online with no luck. I've talked to Synology Support. And tested all the solutions they had. With no luck. Transfer speeds are ridiculous slow. Both on my 218play and 920+ I tried to install openspeedtest in docker, but when I hit start test it says network error...
  7. S

    Slow Raid10 read speed DS1621+

    Hi all, Thought I might be able to get some help here regarding my slow read speeds with RAID10 and DS1621+. I have 4 drives, benchmarking them all through DSM7 I get a read throughput of 230 - 240 MB/s (Write is close to this speed too). After building a RAID10 storage pool and testing with...
  8. R

    How Increase LAN Speed for NAS to NAS Backup?

    When using the Hyper Backup app (DSM7.01) from a Synology NAS (DS220J) to a NAS (DS420J), both on the same home LAN, the network data rates are around 10 to 30 MB/s, well below the 1Gb Network capacity of the system. I'm seeing at best about 27 MB/s of backup data passing over the LAN...
  9. C

    Help please - Data Migration to new DS1821+ - Best Practice for Speed and Redundancy?

    How should I set this up for: 1) Fastest possible aggregation /syncing / copying of various types of data from various sources to my brand new NAS. 2) Future reasonable speed reads, especially for doing photo processing and cataloging with Lightroom. 3) A reasonable level of data security and...
  10. M

    File Station moving file speed.

    Hi. New member here. Please advise if this is the wrong please for a question like this. Question about moving file speed. I have a DS415+ with DSM 6.2.4-25556, running a single volume, with SHR and ext4. When moving files from one place to another with File Station, it happens near instantly...
  11. M

    DS1621xs+ Fan speed and noise

    Hi All, Just configured my new DS1621xs+ and noticed that the chassis fans are constantly speeding up and slowing down when running any VM in VMM, especially when I open a web browser or run an installer or updates on the VM. Have played with various combinations of RAM and CPU allocated to the...
  12. ChAlb

    Very slow download speed from DSM web file sharing

    Hi, I'm facing very slow download speed when I share a file with someone using DSM "Share file" feature from the web gui (File station). I can workaround this by giving a direct access to DSM from internet (bypassing the reverse proxy) but it's not a setup I would like to make persistent. So...
  13. bobkoure

    Is there a network speed setting?

    Looking at the network settings on my DS1517+, I see that the port I am using has status "100 Mbps, Full duplex, MTU 1500". I had thought that this model had GB Lan - and I would have expected that to be listed as 1000 Mbps. Do I have that wrong? I've tried different network ports on the main...
  14. S

    Very slow read/write speed ( NAS DS218+)

    Hello, Synology Experts, I am experiencing slow copying process between Synology and other external hard drives attached directly to Synology through USB port. Below are some screenshots of the performance.
  15. M

    Moving Files and Speed

    As I speak, I am transferring my files from my old external HD to the nas. I have noticed the upload speed is painstakingly slow. I am assuming this is because its a transfer from a USB HD to the NAS via network. A lot of bottlenecks there. Can someone please confirm? Thank you.
  16. johntdavis

    RT2600ac AT&T Fiber Gigabit Ethernet--Massive Upload Speed Loss

    Hello! I just got AT&T Fiber 1 gigabit/sec internet installed. With my computer connected directly to the internet, I'm getting amazing speeds with the Google Fiber Speed Test. DOWNLOAD 944 Mbps UPLOAD 1245 Mbps When I add the RT2600ac to the mix, things do not go so well. I've got Threat...
  17. V

    DS220j + 2x 4TB Seagate, slow speed

    Hi, I recently bought DS 220j, after my very positive SOHO experience with DS418+ which was carrying 10 people for years as a primary fileserver, and is still a backup and services solution we rely on heavily. My DS 220j was bought with intention of using it as a home fileserver, mainly for...
  18. M

    Active Backup Restore speed

    Hi all, I am using ABB for quite a while now, but never really needed to use the restore function. I've always only needed a couple files..... I'm currently trying to restore a whole disk (1.7TB of data). It's going, but i don't see speed of more than 32 MB/s. I do have 10Gbit NIC in my...
  19. M

    RT2600ac MAX speed of 5G USB tethering on RT2600ac?

    Hello. My phone's maximum speed of 5G is about the 300~400mbps. but, Seedtest of 5G with RT2600ac's USB tethering is 100mbps. Was it originally designed like this? if so how can I release this limit?
  20. C

    Speed Test

    Is there a speed test app that can run from the nas? reason in UK virgin only guarantee a certain level of services and if it drops over 3 days they are in breach of contract. would be good if NAS or the Synology router could periodically run a speed test to capture the daily AVG