1. X

    RT2600ac SRM UPnP doutbs

    Is there any way to select which UPnP devices can be a UPnP client in SRM? I mean, I would like to allow only a 'controlled' device to use UPnP, but not any others... if I enable UPnP can I manage who uses it and who not? Thanks! Cheers
  2. vtsakiris

    SRM Update SRM 1.2.4-8081 Update 2

    Release Notes for RT2600ac | Synology Inc. Just updated... so far no problems, updated installed smoothly. I also have an MR2200ac mesh point that updated seamlessly.
  3. itsjasper

    SRM VPN Plus webpage not accessible remotely

    I've setup VPN Plus on my RT2600ac using the Synology SSL VPN. This enables the URL https://<hostname> for VPN Plus, which is viewable on the local subnet, but not remotely - it just refuses to display in the browser. Firewall rules for VPN Plus are enabled in SRM, and a port...
  4. B

    Safe Access for family security - advice

    Hi All, I am looking for a cost effective turnkey solution to provide a more intuitive solution to my current Asus AC 68u with regards to securing my network for young teens. I am hoping that SRM can provide this and maybe enable my wife to become involved in monitoring the kids activity...
  5. N

    Solved Basic SRM Ipv6 config

    Hi all, I am struggling with basic IPv6 config on my MR2200. I don't know a lot about this and have made some research on the web, but the info I found concerns advanced problems only and didn't help me. Synology's User Manual doesn't help either. So, maybe someone here can help by answering...
  6. Rusty

    SRM Update SRM 1.2.4-8081 update

    Version: 1.2.4-8081 (2020-06-18) Important Note The update will be available for selected regions within the following weeks, although the release time in each region may vary slightly. What's New Added support for adding Wi-Fi points to a mesh Wi-Fi system via Ethernet cables during the...
  7. JME81

    Question SRM Firewall help

    My current setup: I have a SRM2600ac router and a couple of Netgear switches, one is a PoE switch for external PoE cameras. Those cameras record to a NVR (BlueIris) internally, those cameras and the NVR don't have a gateway address and they are also are set up in the firewall to be denied access...
  8. jeyare

    Seagate official Seagate CRM SRM

    here is a list from official Seagate site with a definition which disk uses what kind of recording technology I miss Part Numbers of the disk, but it's better than nothing, confirmed previously defined IronWolf/Pro as CMR HDD For surveillance purpose is great to know, that SkyHawk/AI is pure...
  9. vtsakiris

    Question 2FA on SRM

    2FA (two factor authentication) on my RT2600ac is driving me crazy... every 10 - 15 minutes i have to re input the code generated from my phone is there a way to trust certain devices, like DSM does, via a cookie? or there is some menu I am missing so I can add certain devices?
  10. vtsakiris

    Solved SRM gets priority over DSM on network discovery.

    On my home network setup I have a Synology RT2600ac Router & DS218+ NAS. Both of them are on custom ports: For the NAS 42740 , 42740 for HTTP & 42741 for HTTPS For the Router, 42742 for HTTP & 42743 for HTTPS. When I reach externally my network from my own domain (lets say the...
  11. JME81

    SRM, Guest Wireless and PiHole

    I have the latest SRM. I am using SRM DHCP for my internal LAN. I have the DNS pointing to PiHole (separate computer) which is working great- all devices are being filtered by it. I've decided to turn on Guest Wireless (password protected) and have my phone on it. Guest Wifi has it's on IP...
  12. fredbert

    Tutorial Adding a User to the Administrators Group on a Synology Router

    I just found this (it bubbled up to the top of Synology Community's articles so to save it from being lost to history I'm linking to it and Josh's website). If you wanted to have a different admin username than the default 'admin' then the only official way to achieve this has been during...
  13. MadBrit

    Question About SRM and Security

    Hi SynoFans, Excuse my ignorance, but I'm a first time poster and new to Synology tech. Not 100% sure where to post this, but thanks for any help in advance. Please move to another thread if not applicable. RT2600AC / SRM 1.2.3-8017 Update 4 I installed ntop-ng (network monitoring) on a linux...
  14. SynoMan

    SRM Update SRM version 1.2.3-8017-4

    Version: 1.2.3-8017-4 (2019-10-15) Important Note The update will be available for all regions within the next few days, although the release time in each region may vary slightly. For users currently on SRM 1.2.3 8017 Update 3: Due to issues introduced in Update 3, certain scheduled tasks no...
  15. horizonbrave

    Info SRM 1.2.3 8017 Update 3 Recall !!!

    just found out about it! Sorry if it was already discussed :) (cross post on reddit)
  16. jono

    Different DNS Servers in SRM?

    In SRM's Network Center under Internet there's a 'Manually Configure DNS Server' option where we can add our Preferred DNS Server and an Alternative DNS Server. Under Local Network > DHCP Server there's also fields to add Primary DNS and Secondary DNS. What's the difference between the one...
  17. fredbert

    SRM Update SRM version 1.2.3-8017-3

    Just been notified that Update 3 is available, at least in UK. Doesn't look like there's anything urgent I need to fix. Does anyone want to test it so I don't have to risk a late night šŸ˜‚ (2019-09-24) Fixed Issues Fixed the issue where SRM might fail to save the IP addresses of gateways and...
  18. SynoMan

    Info SRM update: version 1.2.3-8017

    Version: 1.2.3-8017 (2019-07-24) Important Note The update will be available for all regions within the next few weeks, although the release time in each region may vary slightly. What's New Added support for Let's Encrypt. Added support for the...
  19. Synology RSS

    Synology Security Synology-SA-19:31 SRM

    A vulnerability allows remote authenticated users to set a new password without verification via a susceptible version of Synology Router Manager (SRM). Continue reading... - - - Source:
  20. jono

    Remove/delete certificate from router?

    Does anyone know how to delete a certificate from SRM? On DSM it's easy to delete, but I can't fathom out how to delete one from SRM. There only seems to be an option to create or import a new certificate šŸ˜ I want to go back to using Traefik as a reverse proxy to point domains and...