storage manager

  1. fredbert

    Data scrubbing in Storage Manager

    Have been alerted [scared] by @jeyare about RAID 5 (SHR-1) potential for failure during rebuild due to unrecoverable read error (URE) when accessing disk sectors. The likelihood of this occurring increases the larger the RAID size. So given that in RAID 5 you have to reconstruct the missing data...
  2. pajczur

    Empty drive shows 0.5TB is used

    Hello, I am still experimenting with my new NAS DS220j. And now after I removed everything from all my drives, and empty all recycle bins, and deleted all Shared Folders, the Storage Manager still tells there is 524,5 GB in use. Before removing everything there was over 1 TB in use. And I...
  3. fredbert

    Hot Spare disks (Storage Manager)

    Being new to >2 bay NAS I hadn't seen the Hot Spare options before. Now I'm thinking about current usage but also migrating the RAID in the future. A few questions occur to me: The documentation lists the RAID types that are supported for Hot Spare. I use SHR-1 and this is omitted from the...