1. Telos

    Wildcard cert? Or individual subdomain certs?

    What are the drawbacks of using wildcard certs? Obviously setting up a new subdomain which uses an existing wildcard cert, is a few clicks easier, and cert renewal across multiple subdomains is simpler with a wildcard cert. Are there security issues involved with using an LE wildcard cert, as...
  2. BobW

    Reverse Proxy subdomain are first redirected to the DSM Login page, how to solve this?

    Question, hopefully someone knows how to solve this! I have set up Reverse Proxy for several docker containers which point to the respective containers. This is running on a new DS920+ (DSM 7.0.1) which has just been set up. The problem is that when I enter the subdomain in any browser e.g...
  3. 2

    Synology & Strato multiple subdomains

    Hey there, I'm looking to implement several subdomains in my system. For now I'm using ports like to reach my applications. I would like to have someway like that: So it is more easy for people to join these services. I have a domain hosted at...