1. Shadow

    Syno tasks scheduler doesn't support all docker commands?

    This command works fine when executing trough SSH on my NAS: sudo docker exec -ti --user 1000045 nextcloud /config/www/nextcloud/occ files:scan --all But if I run this same command trough the Synology Task Scheduler as root: I get this error: Anyone has any clue why...?
  2. T

    CUE sheet support (DSM 7)

    With arrival of DSM 7, there's been changes with Audio Station, as a result, GAPLESS PLAYBACK finally works! on the other hand .CUE sheet support is broken (and wasn't present in DSM 6/6.2): if an album is one .FLAC file with tracks defined by .CUE (text) file, tracks are cut off randomly...
  3. jeyare

    Synology Support (web) is a highway to hell

    This long shot isn't for lazy. Smart people will get info, how to create tickets and how to be durable. Finally, it is not about hating, because in the last part there is a consideration - how to do it better. When we imagine that the number of current Syno NASes may be at the level of 6M (Syno...
  4. H

    Can't create USB support with Restore Media Creator-2.2.0-1524(2074)

    Hi Everyone, I have to restore a windows 2012 R2 server. I checked my configuration with Synology support and they sent me a link to the restore media creator that fix raid issues. My server is configured with raid 1. This is the version I'm supposed to use : Restore Media...
  5. Jan Janowski

    admin login on NAS necessary for Support access...

    During a recent Support issue, when I gave the xadmin login and password, I was told that Tier 2 would only login to system with an admin login.. And that was not negotiable! Only if I added an admin login, would they continue... No Exceptions! I created a new admin login and password, (in...
  6. C

    Drive WARNING: Android DS Drive stopped supporting self-signed certificates!

    I was very surprised that after upgrading/changing from Android DS Cloud to Android Synology Drive App I suddenly could not connect to Synology Drive Server with the Android app anymore, while all desktop connections still work. This was reproducible on multiple Android devices. There were no...
  7. M

    C2 Storage Will CS2 Storage support protocols like WebDAV/SFTP?

    Unless rclone/restic supports CS2 natively it would be great to at least use WebDAV/SFTP - I could not find any information about this? Anyone know?
  8. S

    Did exFAT support on external USB drives stop working?

    Hi, I have a WD My Book connected to my DS415play in one of the rear USB ports. I'm on DSM 6.2.4-25556. It was working fine until recently and then I lost the share. At the moment I have the drive plugged into my laptop and it's working fine, but I want to get it back as a shared drive on the...
  9. B

    DSM 7.0 support for dhcp leases in dns records

    It appears that historically DSM lacks support for serving host names from DHCP leases in DNS queries, with users requiring such functionality forced to rely on third-party backdoor solutions. Is this limitation resolved in DSM 7? Will the same solutions work as before? What is the safest...
  10. johntdavis

    RT2600ac Set MTU? Set MTU separately for ethernet ports and wifi? VLAN Support?

    Two questions: Is it possible to set the MTU to 9000 (Jumbo Frames) on the RT2600ac? Put aside for the moment whether it's a good idea. I have devices on my internal network that could theoretically benefit from doing it, so I'm curious. Neither Automatic nor Manual mode in Network Center -->...
  11. Rusty

    Info Amazon killing Amazon Drive support for Hyper Backup and CloudSync

    Amazon just informed its users that they will be killing the Amazon Drive support via Hyper Backup and CloudSync tool.
  12. RoCaRay

    M.2 NVMe Support for DS3617xs - Volumes on M2D18 - Still Coming?

    Has anyone heard when we might expect M.2 NVMe support for the DS3617xs and other '17' models? Currently, only M.2 SATA is supported. Also curious to know if Synology plans to allow creation of volumes (vs. caches) on M2D18 adapters in a future DSM release. Thanks for any comments. Ron
  13. BiggPerci

    Question HA cluster does not support DHCP server but is being a DHCP server

    Hi all, Bit of a strange one, 2 years ago I set up a DS1817 HA cluster, to provide AD for a small subsiduary of the company I work for. All of a sudden the cluster has started to hand out dhcp leases, despite the fact that the dhcp server package is not installed and the dhcp server page is...
  14. D

    Amcrest IP5M-1176E-28MM support?

    Does anyone use this model? I don't see the Amcrest IP5M-1176E-28MM in the support list. Actually I don't see any IP5M models listed. Is this camera functional with Surveillance Station?
  15. D

    Question DS918+ and Amcrest camera support

    Hello, I'm planning on purchasing the DS918+ for home use and surveillance. I have picked out the Amcrest cameras I would like to use but noticed there is a camera note next to some. The camera model is IP8M-T2499EW-28MM Here are the notes in the compatibility list: Rotation can only be set...
  16. jeyare

    Chat Random notification count in Syno Chat icon badge, iOS13 - ticket issued to Syno Support

    Since upgrade to iOS 13+ one of our iPhone has strange behavior related to notification badge for Syno Chat. There are several iOS devices with 13+ and 12+ iOS with correct operation, with one difference all of them work with SynoChat Win Desktop clients, except this one 13.2 iOS (problematic)...
  17. jeyare

    Info Synology customer support approach history

    October 2006: Launch of Synology Community Forum, a place where users can gather and post tips, tricks, and ask questions regarding how to use the DiskStation in their environments. October 2007: Launch of Synology Wiki, an extension of the Synology Community Forum, a place where community...