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  1. WST16

    Question Hikvision NVRs or NVRs in general?

    Anyone with experience of using NVRs with IP cameras? I’m thinking of replacing my SS with a dedicated NVR. For the price of less than two SS licenses (which I need), I can buy a dedicated NVR (without storage). Appreciate sharing any experience. Thanks.
  2. D

    Stream 2 only has 640x480 resolution available

    In the Camera Edit menu for Stream 2 configuration, why do I only see 640x480 resolution? I would like 720p. I can change this in the cameras own web interface but in SS I'm stuck at 640x480. I have it set to 720p in my camera but SS doesn't recognize that.
  3. F

    Solved Error Status 19

    Hi Folks, new here but not new to Synology. I have a DS2413+ which has been running 2 x 4K HIKVision IP cameras and I've just purchased 1 extra camera license from and received the license via email. This has been entered into Surveillance Station and all seems to be accepted...
  4. S

    Info Edimax IC-7331W - Taking advantage of its audio file playing capability

    Have been a long time user of Surveillance Station. But it wasn't until recently that I started using it in a scenario where the cam would only be enabled when no one is in the house. Then I had this idea - if the cam can be programmed to play an alarm sound or a warning announcement when it...
  5. M

    Question Hikvision camera suddenly disconnected

    I have a Hikvision DS-2DE3304 camera. It has been working faultlessly with Surveillance Station for 2-3 years. I went to look at some historical footage and found that recording stopped on 25th March. When I went to check the live view the camera was showing disconnected, even though no...
  6. F

    setting correct motion detection - problem in documentation

    I am trying to understand the settings for surveillance station, and the documentation provided by Synology only makes it worse... In this documentation it says: Sensitivity: Determine how large the difference is required between a series of frames to trigger motion detection. Larger values...
  7. D

    How to stop snapshots?

    In File Station I noticed @snapshots and @pushserv folders that were created by Surveillance Station. In the @pushserv folder there are snapshots being generated. How do I stop this? I don't have any schedules enabled so it must be something else. I searched through all the menus but am not sure...
  8. W

    180 degrees horizontal view camera on Synology NAS

    Dear all I have a DS415P NAS with already a Foscam camera attached (to protect my garden). I also have a DS418 for backup purposes (syncing between two NAS devices). I want to buy a second ip camera and install it to the front of my house (in the middle of the facade). Requirements: outdoor...
  9. D

    Question Switch type for IP cameras with Surveillance Station

    Hello, I'm going to be installing 5 cameras around my home to use with Surveillance Station but am unsure what type of PoE switch to get. From the attachment this is how I would like it set up. Would a regular PoE switch work for the IP cameras without having bandwidth issues or do I need a...
  10. D

    Amcrest IP5M-1176E-28MM support?

    Does anyone use this model? I don't see the Amcrest IP5M-1176E-28MM in the support list. Actually I don't see any IP5M models listed. Is this camera functional with Surveillance Station?
  11. D

    Question DS918+ and Amcrest camera support

    Hello, I'm planning on purchasing the DS918+ for home use and surveillance. I have picked out the Amcrest cameras I would like to use but noticed there is a camera note next to some. The camera model is IP8M-T2499EW-28MM Here are the notes in the compatibility list: Rotation can only be set...
  12. NAS Newbie

    how does motion detection work in surveillance station?

    How do motion detection alerts work in surveillance station? Are the alerts generated by your camera's on-board algorithms and video is only sent to the NAS after an alert had been generated, or is the camera streaming video all the time and surveillance station is analyzing the feed for...
  13. NAS Newbie

    Can surveillance station be used with cameras that are not on the same network as the NAS?

    I'm looking into setting up surveillance station to monitor some remote cameras at 2 separate building sites several miles away from my NAS as well as some cameras at home where my NAS is. All 3 sites (home, building A, Building B) have their own unique wifi networks. can surveillance station...
  14. E

    What, besides the cameras, do I need to setup and run Surveillance Station?

    I'm a bit confused from reading Synology website about what I need, in terms if hardware and software, to setup and run video security. Their terminology assumes that I know what all this stuff means. I can use some help please. This is for my house, and I have a DS1517+ with plenty of storage...
  15. D

    Is it possible to save continuous and events?

    It looks like there are options to either save all video recorded or just save motion events. Is there any way to save both? I would like to maintain a couple of weeks of continuous data on the NAS but I would also like to use cloud sync and have motion events stored on a Dropbox or google...
  16. D

    NAS newbie wanting to run surveillance station

    I just ordered my first ever NAS. It is a DS1618+ with six 4tb drives. I also purchased an eight pack of camera licenses and plan to run ten 5MP POE cameras and store all the video on the NAS. Additional uses for the NAS will be time machine backups on three Macs, local Dropbox copy of about 2TB...
  17. J

    Logging in to Surveillance station

    Went to log into the Surveillance station from a computer at work and it kept denying access telling me to check proper ip and connection host.. tried from home computer with same credentials and it worked, so I used a VPN to change my IP from work to see if my ip is blocked and it opened right...
  18. Christopher

    Question Good IP Cameras that don't break the bank?

    Does anyone know of decent affordable IP Cameras that work well with DSM's Surveillance App? By saying "Affordable" I mean $40-$80ea :)
  19. T

    Deep Video Analysis

    Anyone had a play with Surveillance Station DVA yet?