surveillance station

  1. G

    Two Way Audio Camera

    Hello all. Thank-you for any advice in advance. I want to install camera home security system on my DS1019+. The first use is for my front porch. I would like to install a 2 way audio camera. The camera I am looking at is Hikvision 4MP Dome Camera DS_2CD25463G0-IS. Does anyone have...
  2. S

    Jerky sound

    I have a problem of jerky sound when i use the audio output of the camera as action rule. The sound has a of cuts ans the diffusion of a recorded sentence is hard to understand. I have testes personal recordings and sound included in Surveillance Station with the same results. I also tried to...
  3. jann

    DSM 6.2 Surveillance Station timezones per-camera

    Does anyone know if Surveillance Station allows Time Zone settings on a per-camera basis? I live in FL and the Synology is here, but my in-laws' cameras are in California and I have them recording on my Synolgoy. The time stamps of files are 3 hours behind. I *can* write a perl script to go back...
  4. S

    dahua ip camera's

    Anyone using Dahua with surveillance station? I have been using this combination for some time. 7 ip cameras, 2 of them ptz. I have had strange network resets, different problems. I have my DS-1815 setup for log files. Took me some time to get it to work because of firewall rules. Anyway, I...
  5. B

    DSM 7.0 Alert on audio

    Afternoon all, I use SS to monitor our home and the dog when we're out. I know (and use) SS to detect movement, but can it also alert on loud noises (e.g. the dog barking/whining)? If not, any suggestions on apps that can do that please? Cheers!
  6. A

    'Cannot connect to WebSocket' problem

    Hi I've managed to install an IP-camera to my Surveillance Station, and I've also managed to record files, so it's working OK. The problem I've got, is that sometimes I could not connect to the camera (like for live stream), but I got the "famous" error 'Cannot connect to WebSocket', and some...
  7. I

    Surveillance Station Alternative

    Hello everyone, given that licenses for SS are quite expensive (seriously 50£ for each camera it’s a robbery for me) can you please suggest me which are the alternatives? Docker or 3rd party package? I don’t need a lot of features, just basic ones such as detection of movements, auto turn...
  8. B

    Surveillance station home mode - multiple geotrack users?

    Newbie here. I've set up an IP camera at my flat. I'd like to activate home mode so it only records when I''m out.. I can do that in home mode. seems to work OK, need to test more,.BUT... Can I set this up for my partner too? So it BOTH of us are out, it records, but If one of us is home, it's...
  9. R

    Transfer unused licenses to new NAS

    I have a DS218+ and just bought a DS920+ to upgrade. My question is: I have never used Surveillance Station on the 218+, can I use the licenses from that NAS on my new 920+ along with the two licenses for it? I am thinking about purchasing some cameras for my home and was just curious. Thanks in...
  10. N

    H.264 vs H.265

    I have installed 3 Hikvision IP cameras and they work perfectly on SS, set up with H.264 and smart event detection. I read that H.265 saves storage space, so I changed my settings from H.264 to H.265, with all other settings unchanged. However, I don't see any storage savings at all - it seems...
  11. N

    Watching Surveillance Station Live View on Plex?

    I have a DS220+ running Surveillance Station and Plex Media Server. Is it possible to view my SS live view/recordings using Plex?
  12. D

    Doorbell cam for surveillance station

    Hi, Any recommendation for a doorbell cam that supports surveillance station and resist to cold Canadian winters (-30C / -22F) ? thanks! 1620659040...
  13. N

    Wifi floodlight cam?

    Just recently had 1 of 3 eufy floodlight cams die. Decided to replace it with a amcrest ash26-w which works well with SS but trying to fine tune SS to quit giving so many PIR notifications. Anyway my point is I am not 💯 happy with the amcrest since the lights are 3k color and the eufy are 5k...
  14. C

    Synology Surveillance Station and Reolink-511W cameras

    I have a new Synology NAS, DS720+. I have installed Synology Surveillance Station. I have two Reolink-511W cameras If I connect either camera via cable to the router the camera functions work as in SSS as expected. When I connect via wireless on either camera it works for a short period of...
  15. S

    Specify interface for stream share path

    TL;DR: I need to tell surveillance station to advertise the stream share path for my camera with my LAN IP, not my NFS IP, and I can't find where this is configured. More details: I am trying to set up access to a camera stream in surveillance station through my home automation system (Home...
  16. B

    Surveillance Station Continuous Recording Issue

    I have recently setup two Wansview W6 outdoor cameras to SS and they both seem to be working fine however I have set them up for continuous recording and truncating every 30 mins. Every day I have a handful of 30 min recordings where it seems to be working as expected but there are huge chunks...
  17. M

    Recording restriction

    Hi, Is it possible to program the camera not to show a part of the image? I have a camera from which I can see the street but it’s not allowed. Is it possible the black that zone. I know that in other softwares it’s possible. Can we do that in the Synology surveillance? Thanks
  18. A

    Surveillance Station CMS & Face Recognitio

    Hi!! I just installed a brand new NAS and set Surveillance Station CMS to HOST. I have 2 other NAS that i activated CMS on, one of the these NAS is a DVA3219. The problem is that the Face Recognintion app doesn't show up on the HOST, Deep video analytics show up but NOT Face Recog. Anyone...
  19. NAS Newbie

    Why doesn't my video stream work when running Surveillance Station through a reverse proxy?

    I have a reverse proxy set up so I can access my surveillance cameras via surveillance station. If I access SS through direct, local IP address, everything work and the video streams without issue. However, if I try accessing via my RP with a browser outside of my network, I can successfully...
  20. NAS Newbie

    Why doesn't my audio work when I export a video clip from surveillance station?

    I can watch and hear all my recorded videos so long as I play them within surveillance station. If I try to export a clip to share it with friends or something, the video works, but the audio does not. There is a brief warble of sound at the beginning of the video and then silence after that...