1. RoCaRay

    Is it Reasonable to Swap Primary DS Volumes for Offsite Backups?

    A friend proposes to use a DS exclusively for archives and backups - including offsite backup. The DS has one RAID5 storage pool (4-bays, 4-drives). No packages or other applications - no SSD cache - very basic configuration - nothing but a handful of SMB shares - and, of course DSM. My...
  2. B

    DS1511+ Motherboard defect. HDD to SWAP to other Syno compatible

    Hi all, My good old 10 year old DS1511+ just broke the other day. Probably a motherboard failure. I have backups of most of my stuff. I am thinking to buy a RS1221+ or one of the recent DS models but I am afraid my old HDDs (various brands, unknown types) are not compatible with the latest...
  3. J

    RAM upgrade seen but not used? DS218+

    Hi everyone! I upgraded my DS218+ with an 8GB Crucial stick (after having checked compatibility on NAScompares at the time). DSM correctly sees the 10 GB, but after using 2GB (big task) does not use the other 8GB free physical memory (still displays them as free) and instead starts swapping to...