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    Looking for some SPK's with SynoCommunity offline

    Hi, I've got a DS118 so no access to Docker but I had to reformat it a few nights ago without actually realising SynoCommunity was offline. I'm on DSM 7 and I'm looking for Sonarr and Python 3 mainly and I've had no luck finding the SPK's to directly download so far and I'm googling my behind...
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    SynoCommunity - SynoCLI Filetools - mc not working?

    In search of a few useful utilities missing on my NAS such as Nano and Midnighgt Commander, I stumbled across SynoCommunity. There I found SynoCLI Filetools, including among others, Nano and MC. All utilities work - apart from mc. It's simply not recognized as a command. Anyone have this working?
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    Solved SynoCommunity Package Centre repository

    Does anyone know if Synology vet any of the code in the SynoCommunity repository for safety, etc? Or is it basically just a free for all and "yer takes yer chances"? What is the reputation of the repository like overall pls?
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    synocommunity package, not working (May 2020)

    Hello, my Synology is a DS218j is there a way to manually install Sonarr and Radarr and all the other packages?
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    Transmission through Synocommunity

    Hi, I downloaded the Transmission torrent package through Synocommunity (it's the only torrent package for Synology NAS I know). It works great on the download but on the upload, the site I use is and is telling me the port 9091 is : protocol error 1no/erroneous BT client...
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    Synocommunity down?

    Dear forumers Do you know how long has Synocommunity been down? It seems it has been at least 3 days (seen some Twitter complaint on June 5th). That doesn't sound promising :/ Any alternative way to find community packages, please?