1. J

    User introduction Hello to everyone

    My introduction will start like that of a new user just one down in the list ... "Hi All, Stumbled across the forum yesterday when my DS415+ died..." except I wasn't as lucky as him and didn't just purchase a DS920+... :-( I've had one or more NAS for the last 10 years. Mostly Synology. Love...
  2. V

    User introduction New to the world of NAS

    Hello All, I am glad to be here. Looking through the forum, I see helpful posts and knowledge share and experiences. So, I stepped into the world of NAS for the first-time last month. Got myself a DS920+ and the sole intention was Plex. Although I am discovering the world of possibilities. I...
  3. C

    User introduction Hi All...

    Hi All, Stumbled across the forum yesterday when my DS415+ died! luckily i managed to purchase and get a DS920+ in the same day and was back up and running last night !! Now that i have the DS920, thinking of moving MS AD and Email to it to reduce the VM's i am running at home.... Used my...
  4. Hinvest

    User introduction Hello from New Zealand

    Hi from NZ. I’ve previously had a RT1900ac (now a bunch of Ubiquiti gear) and have just bought my first NAS, a DS920+. Loving it very much. Currently just running a Plex server and learning how to use Docker - so far a Pi-hole and Homebridge. Glad to discover this forum! cheers, Joseph
  5. SynoMan

    Info - 2nd anniversary

    Dear forum members and visitors, I am happy to announce that today, the unofficial Synology forum... celebrates the 2nd anniversary! 🎉🥳🥂🍾 Not long ago, we already had a milestone with 2,000 registered members: Info - 2,000 registered members on Currently, we have...
  6. D

    User introduction Synology rocks

    Being new to the world of NAS devices, I hope to learn a lot about using devices with the help of forum members and friends ... Thank you for the membership. P.S. In Croatia, they also use Synology.😄😄😄
  7. jwilly333

    User introduction I had no idea!!! Synology is so cool!

    I was looking to get off of public clouds when I stumbled on Synology. Holy [email protected]! It's incredibly robust! I'm 72 and I was looking for an indoor hobby. Looks like I found it. I'm facing a huge learning curve. Glad I found you guys. Entry level DS220+ 6TB household of 6 heavy users. - Jeff
  8. S

    User introduction Hi All!

    Long time Synology user but, still a novice. I found this sight searching for an answer to a recent problem that I created myself while trying to button up things getting ready for an upgrade. So far, this site looks to be light years better than the “official” forum. Anyway, I started out with...
  9. S

    User introduction Swiss SynoForum Fans

    Hi All, I have just discovered this amazing forum and I would like to say a huge hello and appreciation for all the quality articles on here. I am currently in the process of De-Googling myself with NextCloud in a beefy Intel NUC which is runs like a treat and trying to integrate it into the...
  10. D

    User introduction Upgrading user

    Hi all, Using synology from long time and now moving into a new 920+. Expecting to learn how to migrate and new features to use on new engine. Thanks! David
  11. SynoMan

    Info 2,000 registered members on

    Right before the 2nd anniversary, SynoForum got 2,000 registered members. Thank you for supporting us in any way and making this forum a friendly community.
  12. T

    User introduction Thanks for the forum!

    Hi, having fun with my Synology NAS at homesince long time - now upgrading to 920+ in order to get VM support and run Home assistant and another few things.. Ciao Teo
  13. E

    User introduction Synology long time basic user trying to build expertise - in Costa Rica

    Hi, this is Otto Acuna, long time user of SYNOLOGY since DS 412+ in 2013. Since then I have also a DS1815+, DS116 and DS218+. I am located in Costa Rica and have been using the NASs for fairly basic use. Last year we became SYNOLOGY partners and trying to leverate our great experience with...
  14. A

    User introduction Italian Nas newbie

    Hi everybody, I’m Roberto, 43 years old from Bozen, Italy. I’m a science and tech lover, and I’m a doctor. i’m at the first experience with Nas , and I’ve just buyed a brand new ds220+ , ready to enjoy and to learn a lot from you guys ! thank you in advance and sorry for my ignorance in this...
  15. C

    User introduction An Englishman in New York

    Hello all. Basic user here but finding myself in New York as a Englishman (song there somewhere) I am wondering if there are many Brits on the forum? Probably going to have questions on managing stuff from abroad, VPNs and alike.
  16. Paul92688

    User introduction New member of SynoForum

    Hello, I am Paul and use Synology DS units at work and home. I just replaced a DS1815+ (RIP) with a DS1821+. Lucky to have not lost any data during the transition. I shuffle data between two locations to reduce potential data loss. Paul
  17. degoogler

    User introduction Longtime Synology user, de-Googler (in progress)

    I've been using a Synology DS712+ since it came out (2011 or 2012) and have really enjoyed it. Now I have a DS718+ for home use and am administering a couple more Synologies for various charities I help, including a DS920+ I'm setting up now and testing with DSM 7.0 Beta. I'm also working hard...
  18. A

    User introduction Hi everyone

    6yr Synology user. Hardware Developers (I design SBC, scada and related) Also bitcoiner, cryptographer and sometimes data scientist.
  19. E

    User introduction Hi there!

    Hi everyone, i have a 718+ (6GB 4TBX2 raid SHR), I am delighted to have found this forum, with lots of information and nice people sharing their knowledge with clumsy people like me.
  20. GeneralPatton

    User introduction Newbie with Synology

    Proud owner of a Synology DS920+ with two WD60-EFRX68L0BN1 drives configured for RAID 1. No SSD yet and 4GB memory. Lots to learn. The DS920+ main purpose will be onsite backup for three laptops and a few mobile devices with PLEX as a near-term wish. Eventually will push to a cloud...