1. C

    User introduction Hello

    I'm new to NAS and I am getting a DS220j with 2 4Tb Seagate ironwolf drives. I will be using it for backup of my PC, photos, music and films which I would like to stream to a TV. What would be the best way to set up the NAS. If I could be pointed in to the right directions for any advice please...
  2. nemo081

    User introduction Hello to everyone

    Hi everyone👋, i'm a movie fan and that's why i have a small nas that i use as dlna to watch my movies in mkv:cool:. Unfortunately there are also children's cartoons.....many many cartoons.....:( I use VPN to connect from outside to my home network.🏘️ I like the idea of using the NAS as a...
  3. Beeroclock

    User introduction Hi Confused imminent NAS buyer suffering from DDTRH (disappearing down the rabbit hole) :)

    As above, Photographer in a world of pain - spent the last week trawling the web in search of a robust "future ish" storage solution for my home office and family needs. Pretty sure that I'm leaning very much towards Synology (as Mac user) - though am slightly disappointed by their limited...
  4. X

    User introduction Hi!!!

    Hello everybody!
  5. P

    User introduction New to NAS

    Thanks for letting me join this forum. Being new the the NAS scene and wondering which entry system to buy the Synology seems to tick most of the boxes. Having read a few reviews it’s hard to get a good balanced idea of the product hence why I have joined the forum to get clearer information...
  6. M

    User introduction Hi!

    Hi and thanks for adding me to your forum. I have a DS415+ and a DS620slim. I also have a pair of MR2200ac devices, one is my main router, the other is a obviously a Mesh extension. I have had the DS415+ for about 5 t=years and have already had the heartbreak of having to repair it with the...
  7. S

    User introduction Hi I'm new to this forum and need some guidance from a guru.

    Need a bit of help with my DS 415 Play as I've just noticed after updating to the latest DSM version 6.2.3-25426 and I've noticed there are a lot of Synoelasticd processes running although it says sleeping there are 16 all told it says that there is 6.2 mb private and 12.8 mb shared on them all...
  8. Barnoe

    User introduction 51yr old with a synology DS116

    Hi all, im a 51 yr old male from Manchester, UK Just adding myself to your forum obviously as i have a question. Ive had the DS116 for a few years and not really had any issues tbh Great piece of kit
  9. M

    User introduction 46 year old dude 2.03m tall with a Chihuahua, divorced and love sports :-)

    So...another forum! Im 46 years old, sports fanatic about baseball, swimming und working out. Im 6'7 (2.03m) and divorced, but most of the time the dog stayed with me. I have a Chihuahua. I live and work in Frankfurt Germany for a financial institution (credit card, payment streams, virtual...
  10. P

    User introduction 72 year Old F*rt Getting to Grips with the Synology DS219Plus NAS

    I love the benefits of applying new technology to many areas of my life but trying to understand the technology does sometimes make me want to scream with frustration, particularly when I have followed the instructions to the letter. So in order, I hope, to stop me getting into another state -...
  11. S

    User introduction Newbie DS209+II😩

    Hi All, i just joined this forum and hope that someone has the time to assist me. I’m a newbie when it comes to installing a NAS. I have searched your giant knowledge base, but could not find any info on my recently purchased DS209+II second hand NAS. I am looking forward to any response...
  12. L

    User introduction Hello world

    I have a DS218 that I bought a few months ago. joined this community as I am having some issues with some 3rd party apps after installed dsm 7 beta. I hope to get through this difficult transition with help of this community.😏
  13. T

    User introduction Hello everyone

    Hello to everyone, I am new here, and I hope I can get some specific help to get my NAS Family setup. Tad
  14. J

    User introduction Hello to all!

    Hi all, I'm the CTO of a small company that outsource industrial programming knowledge. We are specialized in robotics programming, PLC and CNC programming too. We disconnected our old HP ProLiant server and replaced it for a Synology DS716+II 4 years ago... And we are super happy with it...
  15. B

    User introduction Tested the depth with both feet

    Just got 1 G internet (had none in boonies) Bought a 220+ NAS to be my cloud storage, media server, home cameras etc. Added a 1 T USB WD drive for Time Machine (which continues to run well as backup to grab and go) as well as a TM on the NAS. Updated to Big Sur and now have a bunch...
  16. AlexS

    User introduction Just coming across from a Centos 6 linux box to a DS920+

    Hello All, I just joined this forum and have recently purchased a DS920+ (small business with 4x2gb Raid 1) and hope to set it up soon and will appreciate any advice and support from you experienced gurus'. Looking at a 16GB memory upgrade and not sure if it is worth it and what the best and...
  17. Rafa08

    User introduction Newbie seeking advice on phto storage.

    Hi. Thanks for letting me sign up. I have just bought the DS220+ but not set it up yet. Should I use Photo Station or Moments, or can I use both? We have thousands of pics from our phones and cameras.
  18. S

    User introduction Greetiongs from Europe...

    Hi All A new user here... Discovered you via blackvoid a few months ago and now it must be time to sign up! I live in that fairly dodgy political creation that is the EU, accepting the reality that must be the future! Looking forward to making your virtual acquaintance over the coming period...
  19. mcbait

    User introduction Lazy engineer looking for easy answers and free advice

    Hi all, I divide my time between the USA and Eastern Europe. More often I'm getting locked out of banking and other websites in the US and the commercial VPNs I was using are getting rejected as well now. I tried to use a Raspberry Pi VPN server in the USA house to create a remote presence...
  20. Whisky Tahoe Foxtrot

    User introduction New to the forum

    Greetings Synology Users! I am the proud owner of a DS920+ and a DX517 expansion unit thanks to Prime day sales. Looking forward to learning as much as possible about the best practices and SW.