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  1. Cyberwasp

    video station and synology drive question

    I have a friend that does drum covers on youtube that I've been downloading to my pc hard drive for about 8 years. I just installed/setup Video station on my synology and am wondering if the following can be done. When she releases a new video I dl it to the music directory on my pc's D drive...
  2. C

    Beta Synology Drive Server and client 3.2

    Synology Drive Admin Console Improved the indexing performance to shorten the time it takes to index team folders. Added "Last Connected" time in the "Client List" page to better monitor the connection status of client devices. Synology Drive (Web Portal) Supports uploading/creating folders...
  3. G

    DSM 7.1 Using Synology Drive to backup macOS Photos Library?

    Hello, Is there a way I can use Synology Drive 3.xx to backup my photos library, on macOS Monterey, onto my DS920+? If not, is there a better approach to backing up macOS photos onto my Synology NAS?
  4. A

    Unreliable Two-way-Sync using Synology Drive Client. Deleted files reappear

    Hi there, I have noticed various syncing issues with Synology Drive Client on 3 macOS workstations using macOS Mojave, Big Sur and Monterey. Deleted files and folder could reappear. Deleted files can only be deleted on the original computer who has added those files. Sometimes files/folder...
  5. C

    Synology Drive Compatibility List Vendor Lock hack

    I just thought I would include this from the linustechtips forums. User: Neonkoala posted on August 2nd,2022 Edit the file: /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf Then find the option support_disk_compatibility and change it from yes to no support_disk_compatibility="no" Then reboot. Synology DSM 7...
  6. S

    Drive Synology Drive Mobile 3.0 beta - findings

    Just installed the beta for Synology Drive mobile 3.0 on my Android device. I really like what I see. However it makes me wonder what the eventual strategy is of Synology, as this app now features very light Photos, DS Audio & DS Video features. Are they planning to migrate all mobile apps into...
  7. S

    Synology Drive Client session data - 800MB?

    I have the Drive client installed on a Linux desktop and in the user's home directory I find ~/.SynologyDrive/data/session/ that has accumulated over 800MB of files in a year or so. Does anyone know the purpose of these files and whether I need to keep them around?
  8. SynoMan

    Beta Synology Drive Mobile 3.0

    A refreshed interface for greater browsing efficiency and more powerful options for mobile file management. Simplify on-the-go file management with media collections, enjoy a more intuitive browsing experience with quick access shortcuts, and collaborate seamlessly with two-way synchronization...
  9. D

    Synology Drive server on multiple domains?

    Hello. I currently run Synology Drive server on a DS920+ with DSM7. I have it configured so that Drive can be accessed via I would like to run a second instance that would allow a 2nd set of users to have access to Drive with a different domain such as...
  10. O

    Trouble connecting to Synology Drive externally

    I thought that I set everything up correctly but...... no access to Synology Drive server externally. Here is what I did, hoping someone can tell me where the error is. Created an 'A' record in my DNS forwarding sub domain to my static IP address (I pay for a static IP from...
  11. O

    How to NOT sync home folders - Synology Drive

    Hi, total Synology noob and setting up a DS1821+ for the first time. I've been transferring data across for 2 days and just finished. I am now installing Drive and I cannot see how to NOT sync home folders. They contain mostly cold data way larger than the hard drives on client devices. I only...
  12. G

    DSM 7.0 Synology Drive Sync Status not correct

    Does anyone else have the issue where files that are sync'd from Synology Drive and a Windows 10 PC is not showing the current sync status in the status column? When I hover over or right click and go to properties - details, it says "Availability Status - Sync Pending." I can for sure confirm...
  13. P

    DSM 7.0 HELP: How to use Synology Drive Sharesync to sync 3 or more Synology NAS servers.

    Hi all I have a problem that I would like some help to solve please. I have 3 Synology NAS Servers that I wish to sync using Synology Drive Sharesync. My main NAS is a DS 916+ (NAS 1) in my office, then I have 2 other DS220J (NAS 2 + NAS 3) NAS servers in remote offsite locations. On DS916+ I...
  14. L

    Synology Drive access NAS from Android

    Synology Drive access NAS from Android. I have a new Samsung S22 Ultra and have installed Synology Drive on it. Can I use the Secure Signin Account feature to log in via Quick Connect or must I use OTP? Background I used to be an Iphone user and had OTP on Microsoft Authenticator...
  15. SynoMan

    Synology Drive 3.1

    Release notes Important Notes The update is expected to be available in all regions within the next few days. The actual time of release may vary slightly depending on the region. Compatibility and Installation Only Synology Drive Client 3.1 Beta and above versions are compatible with this...
  16. Z

    Making Synology Drive Client work through Cloudflare?

    Hello all, I recently moved to Cloudflare for my home network for the purpose of hiding my IP address. Unfortunately, that seems to have made the desktop Synology Drive Client unable to sync. I know it relies on port 6690 and it is open on my router and redirected to the NAS properly - prior to...
  17. A

    DSM 7.0.1-42218 Update 2 gives Synology Drive error

    Hi there, I just got around to updating my DSM to 7.0.1-42218 Update 2 on my DS920+. Immediately following the update, I got a strange Synology Drive error: "Server shared folder is unmounted": To my surprise, one of my shared folders is completely missing from my NAS. Fortunately I have...
  18. X

    Need a process-check for setting up SSL-Secured Synology Drive connections

    (also posted this on reddit/synology, but no responses) Hi- Setting up two identical DS’s for a new client. One will be in their small office (primary NAS), the other at the owner’s home as an offsite Drive sync copy. Users will have the Drive client installed on their work machines and mobile...
  19. Cobra

    Synology Drive "Reconnecting" and Active backup has a connection error

    My downstairs PC shows "Reconnecting" on synology drive and on Active Backup for business it has a internet error. I am connecting with my upstairs computer is working fine for both drive and active backup. I recently installed Bitdefender Antivirus on my downstairs PC and now...
  20. J

    Synology drive as download destination

    Hi On my iPad when I find something I want to download such as a pdf I would like to see Synology Drive as an option. I was hoping when I clickthe box with the up arrow at the top right of Safari this would be an option but it isn’t. I have dropbox or google drive as an option and Books which...