synology drive

  1. fredbert

    Beta Synology Drive Server 3.0 beta Also includes Drive Client 3.0. Drive 3.0 now breaks all previous interoperability between Drive and Cloud Station: servers, syncs, clients, and apps. Can't seem to find where it has Mac client support for...
  2. bobkoure

    Synology Drive Client (Win) one-way sync syncs once and that's it.

    I have Synology Drive Client installed on a Win10Pro box. I've set up my Calibre library as a one-way sync (PC to NAS). It synced when I first set it up, and has not been keeping the folder on my NAS synced with the folder on my PC since then. I have since rebooted the PC and restarted Drive...
  3. N

    Synology Drive Admin Console Error

    I've just migrated from a DS220j to a DS220+ and now I get the following error when running Synology Drive Admin Console. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the package, but the error still persists. In desperation I clicked on Delete Database, but still no luck. Can anyone please give me...
  4. S

    Synology Drive Client and multiple Backup Tasks

    Good Morning, I have a question regarding the use of multiple (different) backup tasks when using Synology Drive Client (SDC) on my PC and Synology Drive Server on my DS218+. I currently have SDC configured to backup a number of different folders on my PC to my DS220+. I have the backup mode set...
  5. C

    DS1815+ ; new HDD getting plugged out while repairing

    Hi All, I am new to synology box. We are using 3TB * 8 drives on DS1815+, all the other 7 drives are fine; but i got one drive replaced as the older one had 1900 bad sectors The newly replaced drive WD30EFRX-68EUZN0 (3TB Red) is getting plugged out while in repairing mode. Unable to run SMART...
  6. whiwhi

    I can not see the files in Synology Drive

    I want to mirror two folders. I have done this using the command And it works so that I can see the files and everything works as it should in file station and in samba share. But not in Synology Drive. There, the folder folder_two is empty. Does anyone know how to solve this ??
  7. L

    Managing folder structure with synology drive

    Hi all, New DS user here (DS1819+). I have a few terabytes of data in a shared drive that i connect to via Synology Drive on my windows machine. When I reorganize the folders via Synology Drive - some of which have lots of data in them (many files, large files, etc) - the process seems to go...
  8. S

    Synology Drive Client keeps shutting down computer?

    Hi all, I recently setup Synology Drive Client to be backing up my data daily onto my NAS. All seems to be working well except for one annoyance. Everytime the backup is complete, Synology Drive Client automatically shuts down my computer. If I miss the nofification (working, playing games...
  9. C

    Synology Drive client "SSL certificate has changed"? What now?

    Not sure what happened im using Lets Encrypt. What do I do now? Thanks
  10. K

    Can't Find Synology Drive ShareSync

    I feel really stupid, as I'm usually pretty good at this stuff, but... I'm trying to keep a folder on one NAS backed up on another, with live, raw data. It seems like what I see called Synology Drive ShareSync should do this, yet I cannot find this utility. I have Synology Drive Server set up...
  11. deanopper

    Synology drive sharesync, Please help.

    Hello, I am really hoping someone can help me with this. I am very familiar with Synology Drive when it come to backing up my windows computers on my network. what I am confused with is "synology drive sharesync" when it come to backing up one of my NAS boxes to the other. this is what I am...
  12. G

    Synology Drive Windows Client and HAProxy SSL Offloading

    Hi all, I have a pfSense running HAProxy and it's running very reliable for quite a while. Recently I added an entry for TCP and port 6690, with SSL Offloading enabled, this is for the Synology Windows Client to connect. As long as SSL offloading is enabled the client will always time out...
  13. G

    *RESOLVED* Synology Drive Icon Overlay

    I recently installed drive on my win 10 computer and set it up to sync items on my desktop. I noticed that the Synology drive icon overlay is not showing up on the desktop icons. I have checked two other computers that I have drive setup, and they are showing the icon overlays properly. Any...
  14. E

    Synology Drive Client stopped working

    I recently installed Synology Drive Client on my Mac in order to sync files. When I first installed it, it worked as expected, but since then it has stopped working - if I open it on my Mac, nothing happens. I have tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling it, but it still doesn't work. Has...
  15. K

    Advice about Synology Drive wanted

    I am still running Cloud Station and associated apps on MacOS and IOS. I have been hesitating about moving to Synology Drive as it is unclear how well it works with either of these. Specifically we have 3 macs which have different sets of user folders synced to the NAS. None of them are...
  16. Dexxer

    Synology Drive extremely slow!! omg, help needed.

    Hey all, This problem drives me crazy! Just bought a DS1621+ on Raid 5. Installed it at home on my router. I have a 1Gbps internet fiber connection at home. I installed Synology Drive client on my home computer and my coworker's computer at his place also. He also has a 1Gbps fiber...
  17. P

    Synology drive iOS client can't connect

    Hi all, First post on the forum, so hi all! Hope you can help me with this problem. I just bought a DS920+ and finding my way a bit. I succeeded in setting up docker and running AdGuard Home and Bitwarden. I also successfully installed Wireguard vpn on a raspberry pi and I am able to login to...
  18. S

    QC with Synology Drive is awesome...EXCEPT on macs

    Hi there. I am just so pleased with the way Synology Drive works on my PC laptops and IOS devices. It is truly awesome. However, I installed SD on my kids' mac laptops and it's a nightmare. Seems to simply download all NAS content onto the mac, for each shared folder. This makes it...
  19. Q

    Synology Drive Client: "advanced consistency check"

    Hi, If there are several of us working with Synology Drive Client, UPload only, syncing to the same Team Folders, Can I be sure that "advanced consistency check" will ensure that every member isn't continually re-uploading the same common source files? We work with large video files so this...
  20. B

    Is there a way to share a link to a folder through Synology Drive in a way that it doesn't require using the Drive app?

    I can actually share individual files with Drive and they do not require downloading via an app. They can just be downloaded via the web browser. However, when I send a link to a folder via text, my friend sees this. I want this to work kind of like sharing links in Dropbox works. I don't...