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  1. Q

    Synology Drive Client: "advanced consistency check"

    Hi, If there are several of us working with Synology Drive Client, UPload only, syncing to the same Team Folders, Can I be sure that "advanced consistency check" will ensure that every member isn't continually re-uploading the same common source files? We work with large video files so this...
  2. B

    Is there a way to share a link to a folder through Synology Drive in a way that it doesn't require using the Drive app?

    I can actually share individual files with Drive and they do not require downloading via an app. They can just be downloaded via the web browser. However, when I send a link to a folder via text, my friend sees this. I want this to work kind of like sharing links in Dropbox works. I don't...
  3. jono

    Synology Drive vs Resilio Sync

    I use Drive between various computers, iPhones, and iPads to my DS1019+, but I've noticed when setting it up on a new computer (all the different synced folders) it takes days for it finish syncing. This week on my MacBook Pro Drive seemed to lose it's settings so I've had to set up all my...
  4. Telos

    Info Synology Drive Server Version: 2.0.2-11076 Released

    Version: 2.0.2-11076 (2020-04-14) Important note The update is expected to be available in all regions within the next few days. The actual time of release may vary slightly depending on the region. What's New Added a tip in Synology Drive Admin Console to explain why certain Team Folders...
  5. jono

    Security advice when sharing files?

    In the past I've had a domain pointed at my DiskStation (DS1019+) and accessed DSM, Drive etc. via the domain name/HTTPS, but now I have sensitive work files on there and don't want to expose the Synology to the internet. So I no longer use the domain name and just use a VPN to access DSM...
  6. S

    Question Where do I point the client for the Drive sync reassociation: My Drive or Team Folder?

    Where do I point the client for the sync reassociation: my drive or team folder? I'm trying to reassociate a client computer to the Synology Drive Server sync. The client was syncing to Synology without issues, but was reinstalled after the drive had to be replaced. I opened the Synology Drive...