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  1. P

    Synology Photos: force re-indexing?

    I've just moved nearly all my photos to Photos and have culled thru all the Facial Recognition/People to properly name/tag them etc. I do have incorrect time/date stamps on a lot of my photos (most of these were originally scanned in by my parents). That said, I've gone in and tweaked the...
  2. D

    Synology photos is SLOW and buggy

    SLOW I use the DS918+ model, not the slowest of them all, and yet Synology Photos is SLOW AS HELL Moving to the next photo by clicking "right" arrow on a laptop keyboard is SLOW. I wait 2-5 seconds per image. What am I waiting for? Safari keeps complaining that "this application uses too much...
  3. M

    Synology Photos, ghost files, cache, permissions and indexing

    Hi. I am a long time happy user of Photo Station. I liked the control it gave me over my users and all our pictures. I am used to organize and manipulate files via generic file browsers and File Station. I get uncomfortable whenever software tries to outsmart me and organize stuff behind my...
  4. P

    Synology Photo Station Uploader with new Photos?

    Switched from DSM 6 TO 7 two days ago and now using Synology Photos. Not sure why, but all my Photo folders appear in DS File on my iPad (2005 - 2020), but I only see folders 2014 - 2020 On Sinologist Photos. When I make a new folder on DS File, it almost immediately syncs and appears in...
  5. ckronengold

    Bulk Rotate? Auto Rotate Not Working

    Wondering if there's a way to bulk rotate photos. The auto rotate doesn't seem to be working very well for me, and I don't really want to have to do two-clicks to rotate per photo if I can avoid it. Any suggestions?
  6. C

    Synology photos + friend

    I have Synology photos setup and working. It's also saving files from my phone. Question, if I setup another user with their own credentials and put Synology photos on there phone. Will the NAS us the same app to save their photos into their own Synology account or will it merge to mine? tia
  7. C

    Synology photos [photos tab]

    I finally setup Synology Photos and am getting it close to the way I like. I was wondering if there is a way to hide certain photos from the main page, "photos," tab. Also I have the people function enabled and would like to see if any of a certain person isn't included in the people function. I...
  8. S

    Play 4k video from Synology Photos

    I upload sometimes home made 4k videos of my family to Synology Photos. Can I somewhere select in which resolution the videos would be played back? i.e. when I try to play them from outside my LAN network I don't have enough bandwidth which makes the playback frozen / not fluent. Is there...
  9. Cobra

    Synology photos, share or download?

    Is it possible to share a photo or download a photo in synology photos android app. No try long press and nothing.
  10. Cobra

    Just upgraded now cant login to Synology Photos on phone

    I just installed DSM 7.0 and tried logging into synology photos with the android app. I used the same login I used for DS Photo but it wont let me login. 1628108618 I can login to DS File, Drive and DS Finder just fine but not Synology Photos 1628108722 I was using the wrong port...
  11. Cobra

    Synology Photos custom folders?

    I have all my photos sorted in folders by name description and year, example "My House"/"Upstairs"/"Bathroom"/"Shower" which I find very easy to find files on DS Photo on my Android. Is it true that you cant use subfolders in Synology Photos? If true then Im not sure I want to upgrade to DMS...
  12. L

    Synology Photos, HEVC Playback not supported - solution!

    Hi everyone! Like several others I've been frustrated by the lack of support for HEVC video playback in Synology Photos (i.e. for photo/video libraries 'copied' into Synology Photos rather than uploaded via the mobile app) I decided to solve this - I've made a script that hunts through...
  13. E

    Photos How to upload to existing folder in /photo?

    I do use iphone and photos. Upload seems to be limited to folders that are like "photoLibrary" /yyyy/mm format. Presumably this then should be shared storage, not in personal storage, where the same thing happens in the home folder. I cannot find a way to sent the upload to a folder that the...
  14. t4ir1

    Application Portal for Synology Photos

    Hello everyone! Due to high load, I have application portals set up for most of the apps. On DSM 7.0 I had to configure the application portal for Synology Photos as the one for Moments disappeared, but Synology decided to make something weird - Instead of going to the log-in page of the...
  15. T

    Search not working in Synology Photos

    Hi, I migrated to DSM 7 yesterday and with it Photo Station > Photos. I finally figured out how to get the Face Recognition working in Shared Spaces but the Search function does nothing. All of my photos are in folders and the folders are all named like “Birthday” or “Holiday” etc. If I search...
  16. J

    Synology Photos stopped uploading images

    I am batch uploading images from my Windows desktop PC to Synology Photos. I have just completed a few smaller test batches with 102 and 946 images without any problems. Then I started a batch upload of 41195 items. The upload process stopped at 847 items uploaded and 3321 items waiting. How do...
  17. C

    Synology Photos slow to load

    I have just updated to DMS 7 and have now got to use Synology Photos. I have a DS220j and connected to PC via ethernet cable but can take 3-4 minutes to load. Moments wasn't that good but this is worse. In fact it loads quicker using the app on my iPad. Is this normal?
  18. L

    Dates are not Date Taken, but are EXIF Date and Time (original/digitized)

    When Synology Photos imports photo files, it categorizes them by Year and Month. This should be done by Date Taken, but instead it is appears to be by Date and Time (original or digitized). If this is missing, they are categorized as year 1970 and month 01. Trying to fix this by selecting the...
  19. L

    Sorting by name is incorrect for Windows incremented file names

    Uploading files from Windows in the format ' (#)' where "#" is incremented resulting in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, ..., the filenames are incorrectly sorted as 1, 10, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...
  20. RemekTek

    Synology Photos on DSM 7 is not ready for prime time

    I am running DSM 6.x and Photo Station. No w I got a DS220+ so I installed DSM 7 and Synology Photos. What a disappointment! Can't even select a different background colour, like black, and the there is no Blog section. Until the photo app on DSM 7 becomes usable, I'll not shift to DSM 7. If I...