1. S

    DSM 7.0 External Server Certificate not trusted while using

    Hello! I am trying to setup a remote Linux server as an ABB client for my home DS920+ which is behind a unifi router. What I've done so far: Setup DDNS with the letsencrypt certificate option Set the DDNS cert as the default for ABB Set a port forwarding rule on my router to route...
  2. Cobra

    Cant change my server connection from my IP to

    I have an error SSL certificate has been changed and it says the SSL certificate does not belong to the IP address and sign in with I tried that and it wont let me switch it.
  3. BrotherTobious

    DDNS issue

    Hey guys I have been going round and round in circles, I feel I have all the ports I need opened I and forwarded to the unit. But I cant seem to register ANY name for my DDNS with Synology no matter what the hostname I put in, it tells me it is already in use, including random keyboard head...