task scheduler

  1. J

    Task Scheduler Auto Delete Folder X Days Old working but email notification doesn't show specifics

    I am using the following code for task scheduler to auto delete FTP video recordings of surveillance cameras. find /volume1/VideoCameraRecordings/ -type f -mtime +7 -delete find /volume1/VideoCameraRecordings/ -depth -type d -exec rmdir {} \; 2>/dev/null It works great however when the task...
  2. C

    Editing a task.

    I created several tasks on my nas such as running smart test once a month etc. Somehow I created once to backup my NAS's configuration file but for some reason the log reports it as failed. Trouble is I can't find the sucker to see why it's failing other than the log shows the connection...
  3. D

    can't start docker container from task scheduler

    I have a docker container that syncs - want to run it every hour - I tried to run it from task scheduler with this command: docker container start gphotos-sync and got this: Got permission denied while trying to connect to the Docker daemon socket at .... I tried adding a sudo and it's...
  4. FaasteerCZ

    Question Is there a way for automatic export a Let's Encrypt certificate to a folder?

    Hello to everyone, I had a DS214 for many years and I was very happy with its features. But I needed more space and more disks, so I upgraded to DS918 + a few days ago. And because I try to make the most of my equipment, I also started using also the Docker and in it jacobalberty UniFi...
  5. M

    Question Task scheduler - script output

    Does anyone know how to get the output of a script into the task scheduler 'Run Result' window ? eg if I run a simple script that echoes 'Hello' in the terminal, I presume this is stdout ? Yet when run in Task Scheduler, both the 'Script:' and 'Standard output/error:' boxes are empty...