TeamViewer is proprietary software for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers.

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  1. W

    Troubleshooting TeamViewer error - where should I post?!

    I get an "ActiveX controls" error the first time I open File Station in any given TeamViewer session to my DS920+. It worked without this issue the first month or so after I bought the NAS, then this started happening consistently. I've tried reinstalling TeamViewer on the NAS but it made no...
  2. johnnygoodface

    QuickConnect or TeamViewer?

    Teamviewer Beta Package is now available Which one will you choose (QC or TV)? Will you trust Teamviewer more than QC?
  3. Rusty

    TeamViewer for Synology NAS

    This is just a little heads up for all who were unaware that there is a TV package for Syno. If your are not a fan of opening up ports to your network or just like TV this might be a solution for you...