1. WST16

    Icon below every avatar in threads?

    @SynoMan / @Rusty Who's this (or what’s it for) below the avatar in every thread? When it's me, it's green (assuring me that it's me maybe in case I'm having a schizophrenia attack, which is assuringly assuring). I believe the answer will make me look stupid, but what’s life without risks :)
  2. Telos

    Deleted threads over in the Community

    O my.... those red birds are angry... They deleted 3 of my posts this evening. In two I mentioned this forum. They were deleted on "commercial" grounds. Commercial? Humbug. A third was deleted because I criticized a recent change in the forum which they claimed to be a duplicate post (?)...
  3. iStone

    Solved missing "watched threads" in profile

    checked my profile, not found or am I missing somewhere? for some threads/topics, I marked watched for later reading and follow-up, but would like to come back to that thread easily.
  4. SynoMan

    Guide Mark thread as solved

    If your thread is about an issue that needs support and when you solve it you can mark a thread as solved to help other members. How to mark a thread as solved? Check below: *Note: you don't have to mark a thread as solved, but it could be useful if it's obvious that the issue has been fixed.
  5. SynoMan

    Guide Latest posts, unread posts, latest resources ...

    How do I find latest posts? In the forum front page you can see a widget above forum nodes with some latest post: How can I see only unread threads and posts? Click on a New posts button in top left corner and an automatic filter with unread posts apply: How can I see all the latest...