1. H

    Pihole - timezone wrong

    I'm trying to setup Pihole in a docker container on my synology. However, I'm having issues to get it to work. I think it has to do with the fact that my timezone in the container (UTC) does not align with my actual timezone (CET). I tried to get it changed but setting TZ to Europe/Amsterdam...
  2. jann

    DSM 6.2 Surveillance Station timezones per-camera

    Does anyone know if Surveillance Station allows Time Zone settings on a per-camera basis? I live in FL and the Synology is here, but my in-laws' cameras are in California and I have them recording on my Synolgoy. The time stamps of files are 3 hours behind. I *can* write a perl script to go back...
  3. Shoop

    Question DSM time out of sync in UI

    Hi all, A few weeks ago I noticed while working on my BitWardenRS installation that something was wrong with the time set on the DSM UI. Not sure since when it started to be out of sync but even though I have the timezone set to the right location it shows 1h less than it actually is (see...