1. S

    Video Station don't update metadata automatically TMDB

    Dear friends, I have set up an API Key from TMDB and i can updtade the metadata manually without problem. But automatically video station doesn't update the metadata from TMDB. Anyone of you is facing the same issue? I have tried to restart the NAS and reinstall video station but without...
  2. marco

    App Weemple Video Tools - Movie and TV Renamer for many media players 1.8.0

    Hello! As you know, Video Station, Plex and others media players, have the ability to automatically associate the video metadata from an online catalog, based on the file name. So is important to have the movies and the tv shows following the naming convention of the player, and is also...
  3. L

    DSM 7.0 Video Station, TMDB API and video cover

    Hello, I'm new in DS administration and need help with Video Station. I found usefull to store tags and cover together with the video. The TMDB API loads tags without problem for almost all video files but the covers are store only in about 20% of files. See screenshot 1. When I try to get...
  4. A

    DSM 7.0 Video Station TMDB API key problem

    Hello, I'm still new to the NAS world and I've been enjoying dabbling with it this year. Mine is mostly a media server for the household. As you know the media info plugin recently changed. I followed the instructions and created my own TMDB API key. Previously, inside of VS, this API key would...
  5. L

    DSM 6.2 Issues with video Information using TMDB

    Hello like everyone, my VideoStation (2.5.0-1656) is now using only TMDB to get metadata on my videos. Most of the time it works fine but there seems to have an issue when the title of the a TV show is ambiguous. I have this show "Kingdom", a Korean zombie tv show. All episodes are in a folder...