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    Best proxy - traefik, NPM, SWAG, caddy or other?

    Hi all, I’m a fairly long term linuxserver SWAG user for remote access but for some reason their new dashboard doesn’t work properly on my synology. The proxied apps section is empty - not a big deal as SWAG itself works really well but it’s made me think I should look to see if there’s...
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    DSM 7.0 Docker with Traefik reverse proxy under Synology DSM 7 // free port 80 and 443

    Hi everyone, to run docker with the reverse proxy Traefik v2 on a Synology NAS, I need to be able to use port 80 and 443 on the host system. DSM 7 uses its own reverse proxy, nginx, which tries to occupy the ports on its own. Under DSM 6.2 I could change the port 80 and 443 by using a boot...