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    What version of Transmission is used by Download Station under DSMv7.0.1+ ?

    Anyone running DSM v7.0.1 (or newer) can you please tell us what version of Transmission is included as "Download Station" ? I cannot find this info on Synology site, I am trying to figure out if it's worth upgrading to DSM v7 yet or not... In fact I don't even know if it IS still Transmission...
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    DSM 7.0 "Transmission" Torrent Client USB Flash Drive Permissions

    Hi all, Hoping someone can assist. I've recently upgraded my DS220J to DSM 7.0. I was previously using the excellent "Deluge" port from SynoCommunity, but since DSM 7.0 has merged Python 3.0 into its own system, Deluge no longer is functional. As a result I have successfully installed...
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    Synology / Docker / VPN / Transmission > Upload issue/s

    Newly minted docker/media server on synology and no uploads are barely a trickle through transmission....topping out at 25 kB/s. Download speeds fine, upload terrible-to-non-existent. Below are datapoint that might help... DATAPOINTS Synology is running through Docker. Docker is running an...
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    Docker Transmission Error

    version: "2.4" is the first line of compose file, which works for sonarr/radarr etc, and guessing might be the glitch for Transmission. Deployment error Docker compose [Code} version: "2.4" services: [/CODE] transmission: image: linuxserver/transmission:latest restart: always...
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    Synology + Docker + VPN + Transmission (+ LunaSea)

    OBJECTIVE VPN connection for docker traffic; ideally all docker traffic, will settle for file transmission traffic. ENVIRONMENT • Mac desktop • Variety of iOS devices • Existing VPN services • Router remains Apple Time Capsule which does not accommodate VPN at router level. CURRENT STATE •...
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    DSM 7.0 Third party apps (namely NZBGet and Transmission)

    Looking into upgrading to DSM7 on my DS214PLAY however my x2 essential third party apps being NZBGet and Transmission need to work otherwise I aint upgrading Was burnt last time I tried with the beta release and got the infamous "packages with root privileges..." error Can anyone confirm if...
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    Transmission v3 not working on DSM 7

    I had Transmission v3 installed on my ds218 via synocommunity as docker is not available on ds218. after upgrading to dsm 7 beta, transmission has stopped working. any fix for this? I was able to make plex start running again by giving folder permissions to it. any similar fix?
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    Info Syno DS 209+II & Transmission Remote GUI

    Hi all This is my first post here so be gentle.;) OK let's do it. I have Syno DS 209+II (quite odl I know but serves me well), Asus RT-AC68u router and Transmission Remote GUI on Win 10 system. Problem is that I do not know how to open ports on router? I've tried but result: klick So help is...
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    Transmission on DS220j or other rtd1296 devices like DS218/418

    Hi, I am exploring getting a basic NAS for backup and run private torrents. I understand that there are Transmission builds for rtd1296 devices on SynoCommunity as an alternative to running Docker and torrent clients on Synology plus/Intel models. Is the Realtek RTD1296 with 512mb RAM...
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    Docker Help. First Container - haugene/transmission-openvpn

    In an attempt to try and learn a bit about Docker, I installed and created my first container. Transmission seems to be a popular image so I thought I would give it a shot. I followed this tutorial exactly: How To Set Up Transmission through a VPN on a Synology NAS with Docker | Jimmy Le All...