1. V

    Solved Why Linux Mint 19 sync status overlay icons not visible, but are in Ubuntu 18.04

    The check mark, spinning arrows etc. that the Synology Drive sync client applies to files and folders don't appear in LM Cinnamon 19.3, but do for the same files when I boot instead to Ubuntu 18.04 on the same machine. I see this behavior on two completely different machines that both have both...
  2. iStone

    ubuntu docker: cron not working!

    Gents, I try to setup a scheduled task within my Ubuntu container, not working at all: - crontab -e * * * * * root env > /tmp/env.output Yes! cron service start I can see it using top or pgrep cron, time& date is correct same as host. I checked all this Q&A at askubuntu, not working; under...