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  1. jeyare

    Ubiquiti UniFi Controller, game-changer in consumer & SME segments

    this thread will explain an advantages of the Ubiquiti Unifi Controller - main management console of all Unifi appliances in your network(s). By contrast to Synology SRM, the Unifi controller is running anywhere: - personal computer, laptop, covered by all OSs - Docker (see in forum Resources)...
  2. jeyare

    Ubiquiti Migrating existing Ubiquiti UniFi Controller to Docker in Synology NAS

    Some googled guides doesn't work. Then you can save a time with this one. Simple and perfect! Thanks to JackobAlberty we have stable and helpful management of Ubiquiti Unifi environment in Docker. Prerequisite: 1. Upgrade your existing Unifi controler to last ver in line with last ver from...