unifi controller

  1. R

    Apply Let's Encrypt Certificate to UniFi Controller

    Hi All, Whilst there are a lot of details around the internet about this, they all seem out of date and no longer work. Does anyone have up to date Terminal Commands or a Script to make this happen? I was trying to follow this but got an error saying that the 'Keytool' does not exist...
  2. FaasteerCZ

    Question Is there a way for automatic export a Let's Encrypt certificate to a folder?

    Hello to everyone, I had a DS214 for many years and I was very happy with its features. But I needed more space and more disks, so I upgraded to DS918 + a few days ago. And because I try to make the most of my equipment, I also started using also the Docker and in it jacobalberty UniFi...
  3. M

    Unifi Controller MongoDB RAM usage goes nuts!

    I recently installed the unifi controller jacobalberty container on a Synology NAS and noticed RAM usage was going through the roof. Had a look at the processes and MongoDB is just going insane. RAM usage goes up every day by between 0.5GB to 1GB until I have 100%+ RAM usage on my NAS. The site...
  4. xbmcnut

    UniFi controller under Docker

    Hey there, 1st time poster so I thought I'd give it a go after being encouraged on the UniFi forums. I've been running jacobalberty/unifi:latest for some time under Docker on my RS814+ and 95% of the time it works flawlessly. Every couple of months though, I start getting device disconnection...
  5. jeyare

    Ubiquiti UniFi Controller, game-changer in consumer & SME segments

    this thread will explain an advantages of the Ubiquiti Unifi Controller - main management console of all Unifi appliances in your network(s). By contrast to Synology SRM, the Unifi controller is running anywhere: - personal computer, laptop, covered by all OSs - Docker (see in forum Resources)...
  6. jeyare

    Ubiquiti Migrating existing Ubiquiti UniFi Controller to Docker in Synology NAS

    Some googled guides doesn't work. Then you can save a time with this one. Simple and perfect! Thanks to JackobAlberty we have stable and helpful management of Ubiquiti Unifi environment in Docker. Prerequisite: 1. Upgrade your existing Unifi controler to last ver in line with last ver from...