1. jeyare

    Ubiquiti UniFi Controller, game-changer in consumer & SME segments

    this thread will explain an advantages of the Ubiquiti Unifi Controller - main management console of all Unifi appliances in your network(s). By contrast to Synology SRM, the Unifi controller is running anywhere: - personal computer, laptop, covered by all OSs - Docker (see in forum Resources)...
  2. jeyare

    Info Introduction of Ubiquiti

    First, all info you can read in official pages here or by YT Second, Ubiquiti is from my point of view same as Synology: - they care about market(s), that was empty from the complexity point of view - they have really useful HW, SW, tools for every single groups of user (consumers, SME...
  3. jeyare

    Info Second Generation of Ubiquiti UniFi Switching announcement

    you can read more here , include POE++ support
  4. jeyare

    Ubiquiti Migrating existing Ubiquiti UniFi Controller to Docker in Synology NAS

    Some googled guides doesn't work. Then you can save a time with this one. Simple and perfect! Thanks to JackobAlberty we have stable and helpful management of Ubiquiti Unifi environment in Docker. Prerequisite: 1. Upgrade your existing Unifi controler to last ver in line with last ver from...