universal search

  1. S

    Searching Synology DS from Win 10

    I've seen numerous threads on the Microsoft forums, but not a single one with a positive outcome or resolution, on searching and indexing of a Synology DiskStation from Win10. The issue appears when you want to search file contents, such as "*.docx contains:walnut". This appears to require the...
  2. fyrmest

    DSM 7.0 Universal Search ... no end in sight?

    Hello. I kicked off the indexing of one shared folder with 35 GB of data over 4 days and 9 hours ago. I did enable advanced file content search. Should it be finished by now? How can I check the status? Is it possible to abort, and maybe start the process over?
  3. Robbie

    Tutorial Native macOS Finder integration with Synology Universal Search

    Native macOS Finder integration with Synology Universal Search Aimed at novice users this is a simple and quick tutorial on how to bring the native capabilities of macOS Finder and full integrate them with Synology’s own Universal Search application. In the out-of-the-box state the Synology...
  4. tekguru

    Universal Search stuck...

    I've been prompted that there is an update for Office 365 backup, no problems there, but it says it needs me to run Universal Search before I can do the package update. However when I look to run Universal Search is sticks at 'Starting' and does not fully run. Any ideas how I can get this...
  5. C

    Use Universal Search for NextCloud

    I recently installed NextCloud 17 locally on my 918+. So far I'm very happy with it except it doesn't come with full text search out of the box. One needs to install a few NextCloud apps (easy enough) plus a Search Platform (Elastic Search is recommended). Installing Elastic Search on my DS...