1. B

    latest 7 update

    After installing the new update today ... I get these warnings and can't seem to find where to go to correct the issue.
  2. Jan Janowski

    Threat Prevention After W10 Home Update, New IP Had to be added as a 'Do Nothing' Self Defined Rule in TP

    Did a Windows 10 Home Update today on a HP Pavilion Laptop, and after finished, noticed I had Internet Access, but the icon at bottom right said No Internet Access... Found a new IP Microsoft is using to determine this..... Added new "Do Nothing" rule for this IP.... and a few...
  3. S

    Video Station don't update metadata automatically TMDB

    Dear friends, I have set up an API Key from TMDB and i can updtade the metadata manually without problem. But automatically video station doesn't update the metadata from TMDB. Anyone of you is facing the same issue? I have tried to restart the NAS and reinstall video station but without...
  4. Jan Janowski

    DS CAM DS FILE NOW MUST SEE 6.2.4 update 2 or will fail

    Title seems to say it all. Certificates have expired. They want 6.2.4 Update 2 installed on NAS’s in order to update the certificate. I do believe DRIVE “not connecting” may be this also.
  5. P

    Dune slolo 4k can't access Synology by smb after update DMS 7

    DMS version 6 normal use DMS version 7 after update cannot access the Video folder by SMB protocol because I want to watch movies with accompanying subtitles ( 1 video file and 1 subtitle file - same name ) Currently only accessing the default Video folder by Synology but only watching movies...
  6. SynoMan

    SRM Update Version: 1.2.5-8227 Update 2

    Version: 1.2.5-8227 Update 2 (2021-09-23) Important Note The update will be available for selected regions within the following weeks, although the release time in each region may vary slightly. Fixed Issues Fixed the issue where a mesh Wi-Fi system might not work properly when MAC cloning...
  7. SynoMan

    DSM Update Version: 7.0.1-42218

    Version: 7.0.1-42218 (2021-09-28) Important notes Before Update The update is expected to be available for all regions within the next few weeks, although the time of release in each region may vary slightly. If you want to update to the latest version now, please go to Synology Download...
  8. Jan Janowski

    While I await Firmware update, I realize how important 'hits' are

    I'm presently awaiting a firmware update for an IP Camera, who's security flaw was just reported this month... This happened a couple years ago, with same MFG Camera, and at that time, then, I went into my new 2600ac's firewall... New to Firewall rules, I added two 'Traps' in the firewall...
  9. SynoMan

    DSM 7.0 Unable to update virus definitions with freshclam (exit code: 11; error code: 2).

    I'm getting this error in the AV log: Unable to update virus definitions with freshclam (exit code: 11; error code: 2). Definitions won't update. I've reinstalled the package and restarted the NAS. Same error on 2 NAS devices.
  10. B

    Lost access to site after 6.2.4-25556 Update 2

    Hi, hope someone can help with this: I have two sites hosted on my Synology, both have been working without problems for a very long time. After the latest DSM update, one of them is now unavailable, and I just can't figure out why. Web station is set up and showing "normal" for both virtual...
  11. SynoMan

    SRM Update SRM Version: 1.2.5-8227 Update 1

    (2021-09-07) Important Note The update will be available for selected regions within the following weeks, although the release time in each region may vary slightly. What' New Supports adding Wi-Fi points with different MAC address prefixes to a mesh Wi-Fi system...
  12. Telos

    DSM Update DSM Version Version: 6.2.4-25556 Update 2 Released

    Version: 6.2.4-25556 Update 2 (2021-08-17) Important Note Your Synology NAS may not notify you of this DSM update because of the following reasons. If you want to update your DSM to this version now, please click hereto manually update it. The update is not available in your region yet. The...
  13. N

    DSM 7.0 Vaultwarden doesnt work since DSM 7 update Synology

    Hello, I ve just updated my Synology to DSM 7. However my vaultwarden is not working anymore. Here the problem : i can access to HTTP link but cant login because vaultwarden works only in HTTPS I can’t access to HTTPS because i have a “404 not found nginx” page. I tried to uninstall /...
  14. one-eyed-king

    Prevent breakage on todays PiHole image update

    In todays update of the pihole/pihole:latest image, two environment variables - shipped with the image - have been changed. Typicaly no one touches those environment variables when creating a container. Though due to the behavior of Portainer and the Docker UI reset function, all parameters of...
  15. fredbert

    DSM Update DSM 7 now pushed as update in DSM 6

    Today my last DSM 6 NAS started to alert that the upgrade to DSM 7 is available: the upgrade can be initiated from within Control Panel. Once downloaded it then offers an Upgrade button. Prior to this to upgrade required the installer to be downloaded from Synology's Download Center and then...
  16. Jan Janowski


    Hello. I did a DS CSM Update today on my iPhone, and since that update I can no longer get to remote NAS’s camera like before. Error message suggests using QC Logon, But I AM! Now my wife’s iPhone on older DS CAM Connects to remote camera fine! So it’s following DS CAM! But I CAN Login to my...
  17. Jan Janowski

    APP Access to remote NAS to update programs

    (Search elsewhere turned up info on what I tried, that did prove it was accessible)…. I have loaned a NAS to relatives in another state. They are not computer savvy to help, and I’m self taught. I did set up email on NAS so it would inform me of issues. It just sent me an email saying 2...
  18. B

    DSM 7.0 Time Machine backups after DSM 7 update

    I noticed that Time machine can't find either the attached USB drive nor has made backups to NAS for 3 days. Two events happened that day. I installed successfully DSM 7 and later that night a thunderstorm, lost electricity for a few hours but UPS took over and all seemed okay thereafter. (Not...
  19. K

    DSM 7.0 After DSM 7 update VPN not working

    hello, So recenlty updated my DS420+ to DSM 7. Everything looks fine, but after update I can't connect to my vpn.... I'm using L2TP/IPSec... Did someone collide with this problem?
  20. SynoMan

    Info Forum update: new landing page, auto-refresh, live content, ...

    Dear forum members and guests! SynoForum.com got some useful changes. Now we have a dedicated home page (landing page) on the main domain with a quick view of different information for different forum sections. --- The main feature is the auto-refresh block on the landing page. Stop hitting...