In computer networks, to upload is to send data to a remote system such as a server or another client so that the remote system can store a copy.

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  1. Telos

    Manual Package install upload fails when logged in via domain

    Typically, I log in to DSM via my domain, even while on the LAN. When I do this, all manual Package Center uploads fail with a pop-up telling me to log in again. When I log in to DSM with the NAS LAN IP, manual package uploads proceed as expected. Is there a simple tweak so that uploads work...
  2. M

    Super slow upload (10000 pictures)

    Hi, just bought a 200j, and when I now started uploading all my photos from my Samsung S20 Ultra, it takes 1 picture / 5 seconds, it's gonna take weeks to upload my photos to the NAS, any tips and tricks with this, also, I'm a complete beginnier when it comes to NAS'es, so please bear with me...
  3. H

    Slow download, normal upload

    Hi Wonder if anyone has encountered such problem: The download speed from my NAS has decreased a lot, like 200-300KB/s. The upload speed to the NAS is normal (~10 MB/s). Those numbers were obtained on my mac while on wifi, 10MB/s is about the wifi limit at the spot. Already tested today on wire...
  4. P

    Cannot configure upload Folder

    Hi, Have just migrated to DSM 7 along with Synology Photo - really wish I hadn't! I've had no end of problems connecting from internet but these are now resolved but I am left with 1 major problem, I cannot configure the upload folder - I apply all the settings, but it always defaults to a new...
  5. P

    Synology / Docker / VPN / Transmission > Upload issue/s

    Newly minted docker/media server on synology and no uploads are barely a trickle through transmission....topping out at 25 kB/s. Download speeds fine, upload terrible-to-non-existent. Below are datapoint that might help... DATAPOINTS Synology is running through Docker. Docker is running an...
  6. J

    Auto upload?

    DSphoto had geofence to auto upload photos. I can't find any settings nor help info that addresses this functionality. So far all I can do is manually queue uploads. My settings are wifi only. Anyone have any info if auto uploads are possible? If so, where do I start looking?
  7. EAZ1964

    Photos How to upload to existing folder in /photo?

    I do use iphone and photos. Upload seems to be limited to folders that are like "photoLibrary" /yyyy/mm format. Presumably this then should be shared storage, not in personal storage, where the same thing happens in the home folder. I cannot find a way to sent the upload to a folder that the...
  8. J

    upload suspended - divide by zero

    DS920+, DSM6.2.4.25556. using moments app android 12 pixel 4a. started getting dividebyzero exception on uploading photos. i cant see any relevant post yet, trying to explore on getting more info on the logs from phone by googling around. if anyone has any idea, let me know, thanks!
  9. H

    DSM7 Synology Photo Mobile Upload Problem

    Dear ALL I have synology 1621+ and install the latest DSM 7.0 , it works fine. After I install Synology Photos , I use ios synology photo software to upload my iPhone XS Max's photo to 1621+. Due to I have about 15000+ photos , the process is SUPERLONG , after I upload for 2 days , it just...
  10. nthkmf

    How to make guest upload to Photo Station?

    Dear Pro, I have heard from my co-worker that he can upload photos to Photo Station album (maybe album) to make a photo competition contest. I don't know how to do that, because I ask him many time but no luck! Anybody knows how to do that on Photo Station? Thank you.
  11. johntdavis

    RT2600ac AT&T Fiber Gigabit Ethernet--Massive Upload Speed Loss

    Hello! I just got AT&T Fiber 1 gigabit/sec internet installed. With my computer connected directly to the internet, I'm getting amazing speeds with the Google Fiber Speed Test. DOWNLOAD 944 Mbps UPLOAD 1245 Mbps When I add the RT2600ac to the mix, things do not go so well. I've got Threat...
  12. D

    New DS1520+ lots of problems, lots of questions, (wont hibernate, cant upload, hdd knocks)

    I set up my nas yesterday, it seemed to be ok but then bad stuff started happening. not sure if it's faulty or what but I'm having some problems. I wanted to use it as a home seedbox mostly. 1. most annoying problem, there is a knocking sound every 3-5 seconds even when HDD is doing nothing at...
  13. M

    ASUS AC88U and DS920+ https upload speed

    Hello Everyone, I need a piece of advice. I am not sure what is wrong but maybe you can help me. I used to have(still do but upgraded her) 4th Gen TimeCapsule as my router at home. With 920+ I thought it was time to upgrade the router so I went with Asus AC88U because it is faster and offers...
  14. Joseb

    Question C2 Upload Problem?

    It's been 24 hour since I started to backup to C2 and nothing shows up on the C2 Dashboard. On my HyperBackup it says "Backing Up, Data of Shared Folders 14%". "Progress 147.58GB. Files Scanned 160471. I don't understand these log entries: Level Time User Event Warning 7/4/2020...
  15. WST16

    Question Hide the port of a file upload request?

    Hi, Is it possible to use the reverse proxy service to hide the port of an upload request? Let’s say that I have this link for an upload request: https://xyz.synology.me:5001/sharing/Zha1UhRtN I want to map it to: https://upload.xyz.synology.me I’ve tried configuring it like we usually...
  16. gannugood

    Can you upload folders of photos into Photo Station?

    Hi Guys I am new to Synology and am setting up my DS218Play. Primarily taking advantage of the COVID situation to sort my files. I decided to use PhotoStation as I fell it gives me more control. The folder structure on my PC is well organised and I have now moved (using USB Copy) all my photos...
  17. Imcon

    How to setup email notification if someone upload file to the created File request?

    In case an user create a File request (File station file request) it would be usefull to be notified by email in case someone upload a file/s. Is there a way how to inform creator of the request about the upload (not just the DSM notification in the bar).
  18. WST16

    Tutorial Share file links 2019-04-20

    It took me a while to discover this feature when I first got my DiskStation. It’s very useful. Together with the “file request” option, they compliment each other for a very nice solution that allows you to interact with users who don’t have user accounts on your DS. Share file links video...