1. SynoMan

    Mitigating Attacks Against Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Devices
  2. timmo

    UPS caused Synology to shut down improperly

    Hi - I've had a few frustrating experiences with my connected UPS (CP1000PFCLCD) to DS1621+. Periodically it will lose connection to the UPS which is hooked up via USB. Maybe the UPS USB port is going bad? Not sure if this is a known issue or if my UPS is bad. Regardless, yesterday the USB...
  3. DeltaGolf

    SMS alert for UPS via SendInBlue

    I have SMS alerts set up - Control Panel -> Notification -> SMS and I've set myself up with SendInBlue. When the power goes down and the UPS kick is in I get a text message. However SendInBlue keep suspending my account. I sent a test message after updating to DSM 7 and never received it...
  4. B

    Compatible UPS for DS 918+

    I am considering replacing the UPS near my equipment, which includes a DS 918+, my Netgear router, and a 10/100/1000 24-port switch. It occurs to me that I might want something that can turn off the 918+ in the event utility power goes off, which happens about 2 times a year out here...
  5. M

    DS920+ (DSM7). How do I test a new UPS?

    Adding an APC 1400 UPS due to a couple of power cuts recently. All connected and detected by the DS920+ But how do I safely test that it will do its job? The drives always seem to be active even after unplugging the network cables. Is there an option to suspend the unit so there will be no...
  6. SynoMan

    UPS for NAS - CyberPower CP900EPFCLCD

    I just set up an important piece of equipment for my NAS and other devices - UPS. CyberPower CP900EPFCLCD - CP900EPFCLCD - Backup UPS Systems | CyberPower VA: 900 Watts: 540 Half Load Runtime ( min ): 7 Outlets: Schuko x 6 I've attached both my NAS devices (DS418play with 4x 3TB HDD and...
  7. Saqr

    UPS Buying Guide

    Hi all, Now that I have the NAS, I am looking to buy a compatible UPS device (home power voltage is 220 volts). I am currently doing the total power consumption calculation as per the official tutorial (How to Choose a Suitable UPS) and already checked the forums and found several posts but I...
  8. tekguru

    New UPS - recommendations appreciated (UK)

    My current UPS is an APC Smart-UPS 750 which I got hold of when the company I worked at went into liquidation. It is about 6 years old (I think) and according to its system the battery is due to hit end of life in November. Last week while on holiday we suffered a power outage of just over an...
  9. I

    DS1512+ in suspend mode after power outage tripped UPS

    note: i posted similar note in "DSM 7.0 Another DSM7 regression: UPS" thread. might have been wrong place to post so i try here. my house had power outage and my ups's went online. power came back before UPS's shutdown. however, the ds1512+ has stayed in suspend mode..i've rebooted it twice...
  10. Robbie

    Faster Network & Save Money?

    A few external prompts to reorganise my home network - my 10 GbE switch failed, I installed a larger rack, NASA left home (aka my daughter - a subnet in her own right) and I had moved a couple of wifi APs, enabling me to delete / repurpose an AP. First task - find every item on the network and...
  11. Telos

    DSM 7.0 Another DSM7 regression: UPS

    DSM7 has revealed another regression... The "Shut down UPS when the system enters Standby Mode" is now only active with Omron UPS. Version 6 Version 7 DSM7 proves itself to be a true clusterfr%#*d more and more with each passing day
  12. Building a new 16U rack - rear access

    Building a new 16U rack - rear access

    Assembling a compact 16U rack and fitting baseline accessories.
  13. sktn77a

    UPS for my NAS?

    OK, as a follow up to my last thread ("locked out of my NAS due to a power outage"), I decide to look into a UPS for my NAS. Well, what a surprise - anything under $100 will last from 1 to 10 min, depending on load! What are people using UPS for with their NAS - just for momentary power...
  14. N

    UPS Monitoring Software

    I have a Mecer ME-650-VU UPS which I use to protect my Synology NAS. I have connected the UPS to the NAS with a USB cable and configured the NAS to shutdown gracefully 1 minute after the AC power has cut off, and then switch off the UPS. I have done a test by switching off the AC power supply...
  15. R

    UPS Safe Mode and shutting down of Permitted DiskStation Devices

    I have my Synology plugged into a UPS with USB. I have the Synology setup so that it will shutdown my server before it enters into safe mode using the built in network server. This all works. It works if I set a time, it works if I let it wait till low battery. The problem is when the Synology...
  16. Robbie

    Synology Network UPS Server - Client Shutdown Script?

    Begrudgingly bought yet-another replacement UPS; slowly working my way through the major UPS brands... Anyway, is there a way to send a shutdown command from the Synology UPS Server to a non-Synology client via a task, script or another method? Ideally I would like a graceful shutdown of a...
  17. Robbie

    Info Need UPS Advice - Lithium Ion?

    I need a UPS. Again. It must be 10 years since we had a power-cut but gone through 2 UPSs and a few batteries in that time. Cyberpower unit this time - need a new battery but the old one has swollen so much it has disrupted the case and it isn't going anywhere. Same issue with the UPS before...
  18. tekguru

    New UPS?

    I'm looking to replace the APC Smart UPS 750 I have in place with the DS918+ The reasons for replacement are: Now over 6 years old and getting noisy. Relay clicking on and off at regular intervals during the day. The APC Powerchute software in no longer available on the Mac So I'm looking for...
  19. M

    DS920+ and UPS strange behavior.

    New user. What a great resource. I just set up a DS920+ and when I plug in the UPS it immediately goes into battery mode and starts beeping. When I unplug the usb cable the nas front panel shifts to the red low battery indicator with a steady tone. I turned off the NAS and turned off the ups...
  20. R

    Network UPS with many clients?

    I have my UPS plugged into my syno, and I have a slew of raspberrypi's powered by the same UPS which I would also like to gracefully shutdown when necessary. The syno has the handy network UPS server which is awesome, but it seems I have to authorize each client IP individually ("Permitted...