1. FlyingPasty

    Info APC UPS; Heads Up re RJ45/USB Cables Availablity

    If anyone is planning on buying an APC UPS in the near future, of the type which requires an RJ45/USB cable to auto-shutdown your Synology NAS, you might want to be aware of the following: 1. BAD NEWS - Apparently, APC no longer supplies these cables 'in the box' (at least in Europe, not sure...
  2. jeyare

    Solved Controlled Shutdown of your NAS(es) in case of defined Level of Battery in UPS

    So, I spent several hours with discovering of this: 1. Each DSM contains a feature "Synology UPS server" you can setup it by Control panel/Hardware & Power/UPS/Network UPS Type + Enable UPS Server it can helps you to manage another NASes connected to your LAN as the Synology UPS server 2. Then...
  3. fredbert

    Question UPS: When to enter Safe Mode?

    With three smallish APC UPS I decided to re-configure what's connected to each one. The two DSM NAS are to the same UPS so that one monitors and the other shares the status. Up to now I had kept the Safe Mode entry on 'Until low battery' thinking that is would be fairly low but able to withstand...
  4. oRBIT

    Time to upgrade my UPS, hints?

    The battery has gone bad obviously on my APC ES 550G and it signals this by a high frequent noise that really makes me mad. Are there a better/other model that is compatible with Synology NAS that indicates this kinds of things a little bit better? I am in no need for an expert UPS, it if can...
  5. AdrianEarnshaw

    UPS for DS1819+

    These recent thunderstorms we've had in the UK got me thinking, I really should get a UPS. I know, I know this should have been done a long time ago. Thankfully, I cannot remember the last time we had a power outage, and I've been in the same house for over 35 years. One day that luck is going...
  6. jeyare

    UPS Legrand Daker DK+ (3kVA)

    Definitely change "custom" UPS driver for DSM, what was unstable to STABLE solution based on: 1. UPS device Legrand Daker DK+ 3000VA (stackable) .... really perfect deal (price and features, upgrades) 2. Ethernet card for Legrand (Generex) CS141b sk ... purchased today (not cheap, but works...
  7. M

    Question Passing ups via usb to docker container

    My Eaton UPS 5PX works with their own software (IPP) that they offer a linux .deb version for. Yes I can use NUT, but there are a few variables like battery voltage, that for some reason are not exposed with NUT. So I've tried to run their IPP in a docker container (there are a few version...
  8. oRBIT

    UPS (APC ES 550) acts strange

    My UPS has begin to act strange during powerloss. My NAS, DS918+, seems to close down during power loss after my specified timeout but when the NAS has stopped, the UPS begins to beep, LOUD and continously. When power goes on again, it continues to beep and NAS doesn't turn on, unless I press...
  9. tekguru

    Well that was painless...... UPS

    NAS not linked to the UPS. I don't think I need to check the other options?
  10. D

    APC SCL500RM1UC UPS with DS918+

    I would like to get this shallow rack mount APC for my upcoming home rack but don't know if the 918+ will detect when its on battery power and initiate a safe shutdown. I know there are some settings that need to be made in control panel>hardware & power after its connected. Any advise would be...
  11. DS418play behind my TV

    DS418play behind my TV

    DS418play, modem, RT2600ac router on top shelf, APC BACK-UPS 950VA behind NAS and some old WD external disk for backup. And a TV to hide all network stuff :)
  12. itherseed

    Question How to manually select an UPS driver?

    Hi, more than a year ago I bought a DS918+ and I previously have an Lyonn UPS 800va. The Synology DSM never recognized the UPS as connected (Control Panel > Hardware & Power > UPS) but in the USB devices list from /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices file it shows as follow: ... T: Bus=01 Lev=01...
  13. WST16

    Do you have your NAS connected to a UPS?

    Judging by the response to the last few polls , it seems they're not very popular (I don't know why!) Having said that, here's another one :)