usb copy

  1. aGraphicz

    Cannot connect external drive to PC

    Hi there :) I use USB Copy to trigger a backup on an external SSD as soon it's plugged. I needed to check what's on the SSD when I was on the go but when I plug it to my Mac I cannot see any files. Or it's not detected. However when plugged to the NAS I can see them. How come? There is a way...
  2. Andy

    USB Copy- mirroring mode help.

    I've just done a lot of transferring of data from my (previous NAS backed up) USB drive to my new NAS, directly using USB Copy package in both instances. I rather stupidly selected 'Mirroring Mode' to realise that if I delete something on one side it will delete it in the other (I know) So my...
  3. N

    USB Copy Function for MicroSD Cards

    I would like to use the USB Copy function of my DS220+ to copy over video footage from my GoPro onto my NAS. The video footage is stored on a MicroSD card. What is the best way to use the USB Copy function? Do I need to get some kind of adaptor so that the MicroSD card can connect to the USB...
  4. aGraphicz

    Snapshot Replication vs USB Copy

    Hi On the Synology I am using for my business I have set a daily USB Copy task that makes backups on an external USB Drive. This is working fine but for security reasons I would like to also install Snapshot Replication. But I have some questions: - I have at the moment 1.5 TB in use and I...
  5. NSquirrel

    USB Copy and new USB drive

    I use an external 2TB external USB drive to provide monthly backups of various folders on my NAS (DS218+; DSM6.2). In USB Copy I have 8 tasks set up to do these backups. My 2TB is now too small and full, so I bought a 5TB drive; plugged it in only to find that the existing tasks do not see the...
  6. aGraphicz

    USB Copy: can I work while USB Copy is active?

    Maybe a stupid question: can I work parallel while USB Copy is copying fils on an External SSD in Mirroring mode? What happen if I am working on a file that is being copied?
  7. FlyingPasty

    Question How To Clear USB Copy Logs?

    I used USB Copy (latest version) extensively for external backup and, thus have a lot of logs reporting on the individual USB Copy tasks. The USB Copy Logs option allows me to view/filter these logs but doesn't provide any way of clearing them out. Control Panel, Log Center allows me to...