1. T

    DSM 7.0 Single HyperBackup task to multiple rotating USB drives

    I've read through a number of posts on various forums about setting up a rotating backup task with HyperBackup. I've got a USB enclosure where I can swap bare disks. I've set up a single version backup task and the task successfully completes to the first disk I've used. I then swapped that out...
  2. Phone Guy

    DSM 7.0 Do any USB nic adapter work in DSM7???

    subject says it all... are there any usb lan (nic) adapters that work in dsm7 anymore?
  3. T

    Is it worth adding a USB My Book to my Synology NAS?

    I see Best Buy has a good deal on a 14TB WD Easystore USB 3.0 for today's deal of the day and it got me thinking. It seems pretty cheap for 14TB of storage. My current Synology DS218 only has 4TB, and is getting a little fuller all the time with photos and videos. Is it worth adding something...
  4. itsjasper

    DSM 7.0 USB Drive recovery solutions hosted on NAS

    Occasionally I get asked if I can recover data from failing portable hard disks, but as a Mac user, I'm finding data recovery tools are somewhat lacking for Apple Silicon and current MacOS. I was wondering if there was something that may run on the NAS akin to ddrescue on Linux, or any disc...
  5. D

    DS218+ to DS220+ = lost one USB port, need help

    Moving from my DS218+ to DS220+ and noticed (surprise!) that the DS220+ has only one rear USB port. On my DS218+ I had an external USB drive and a UPS connected to the two USB ports on the back of the drive. Since there is only one port on the rear of the DS220+, will it work if I plug in the...
  6. C

    NAS to NAS backup using USB cable

    Hello, I would like to back up the data from one Synology to another one using a USB 3 cable. Is that possible? I'm unable to HyberBackup to both machines on the same network, so I'm desperate to backup the data somehow. Thank you in advance.
  7. BobW

    Which type External USB Disk do you prefer 2,5 inch or 3,5 inch?

    Hi all, Which type for an external USB DISK do you prefer a 2,5 inch or 3,5 inch for Backup purposes. What are the pro and cons of when it comes to use one of these types for backup of the NAS?
  8. B

    secure erase through usb

    I was disappointed to discover, at the moment I intended to use the feature, that secure erase is not available for hard drives connected by USB. DSM only offers file system-level access to external media. In principle, one might imagine working around the design limitations in DSM if a VM were...
  9. H

    Can't create USB support with Restore Media Creator-2.2.0-1524(2074)

    Hi Everyone, I have to restore a windows 2012 R2 server. I checked my configuration with Synology support and they sent me a link to the restore media creator that fix raid issues. My server is configured with raid 1. This is the version I'm supposed to use : Restore Media...
  10. V

    How to eject external USB drive?

    I connect a portable USB drive to the front USB port of my DS920+ for backups and file transfers. When I'm done , I want to eject/disconnect the drive, but can't find where in DSM I can issue the eject command. So, I end up having to shutdown the NAS first, disconnect the portable drive, then...
  11. D

    DSM 7.0 USB problems with DSM7

    On DSM6.2 several of My USBdisks where nicely mounted. DSM7 refuses to mount these. Disks where formatted in NTFS or ext4. However a large USBstick formatted in exfat, and a small USBstick formatted in NTFS mounted perfectly. Any ideas on how to resolve this?
  12. Andy

    USB Copy- mirroring mode help.

    I've just done a lot of transferring of data from my (previous NAS backed up) USB drive to my new NAS, directly using USB Copy package in both instances. I rather stupidly selected 'Mirroring Mode' to realise that if I delete something on one side it will delete it in the other (I know) So my...
  13. A

    USB Connections

    Good afternoon. I am conducting an investigation into a Synology NAS. Specifically, I was asked to collect information regarding USB devices connected to the NAS. I only have a forensic image of the NAS and so cannot boot the NAS. I found on the SYNOSYSDB that an external disk (USB Disk 1)...
  14. I

    backing up ds1512+ to USB sata station recommendations

    wanting advice on a backup for my ds1512+. it is a bit old but still running ok. a recent power outage issue has me wanting a backup solution for the unit. not sure if i need another full fledged expensive NAS for this so would a USB3 sata docking station with a 8TB drive connected to the...
  15. B

    DSM 7.0 "Transmission" Torrent Client USB Flash Drive Permissions

    Hi all, Hoping someone can assist. I've recently upgraded my DS220J to DSM 7.0. I was previously using the excellent "Deluge" port from SynoCommunity, but since DSM 7.0 has merged Python 3.0 into its own system, Deluge no longer is functional. As a result I have successfully installed...
  16. J

    DSM 7.0 USB device gets randomly unmounted

    Hi all, 1st post, so thanks for listening and creating this forum I just found out about. Here's what I'd like to hear from you guys probably with a lot more experience than me on VMM: I've been running Home Assistant (aka HASS) in a VM on my DS916+ for over a year, probably two, without any...
  17. D

    Local folder & USB (single-version) second run as along as the first

    I have a backup task set to backup about 5TB to an external usb drive (16tb) . Hyberbackup task is Local folder & USB (single-version) because the data doesn't need versions, just want some security in case too many drives fail. The first run (manually started) of the backup took a couple...
  18. A

    USB disk rotation ?

    Is there a "best practice" regarding rotating external USB disk when backing up there ? I'd like to manually rotate disks if possible without needing to get into the UI - is it possible / feasible ?
  19. 8

    Backup to USB showing less data than expected

    Hi I've used Hyper Backup to backup my entire NAS (DS 218J) to a USB drive using the Local (single version option) and it copied the full 2.5TB of data to the USB drive. However when I use the Local (multi-version option) with encryption I get a backup size of just 1.4TB - what's going on? I...
  20. S

    Did exFAT support on external USB drives stop working?

    Hi, I have a WD My Book connected to my DS415play in one of the rear USB ports. I'm on DSM 6.2.4-25556. It was working fine until recently and then I lost the share. At the moment I have the drive plugged into my laptop and it's working fine, but I want to get it back as a shared drive on the...