1. D

    ABB - Recovery Failure. Network Drivers not loaded after recovery USB is Booted

    I'm running ABB on a 1515+. Backups of my laptop work with no problem. I have an HP ZBook 15u G6 laptop. I've created restore USB for bare metal restores. Problem Description: When I boot the recovery USB stick, the WLAN network drivers are not loaded so I cannot connect to the RAID and move...
  2. D

    External USB Device Missing ?

    Hi, ive two WD external usb devices connected to my DS1019+ as backup, using USB copy, just noticed the first one has disappeared from File Station and Finder on my iMac, but it shows up in control panel, external devices ? seemed just random, can anyone help please ?
  3. FlyingPasty

    Question How To Clear USB Copy Logs?

    I used USB Copy (latest version) extensively for external backup and, thus have a lot of logs reporting on the individual USB Copy tasks. The USB Copy Logs option allows me to view/filter these logs but doesn't provide any way of clearing them out. Control Panel, Log Center allows me to...
  4. jeyare

    Info 4-bay USB enclosure (only) - affordable alternative for NAS just for $200

    yesterday I had the opportunity to read strange article (quoted below). In the introduction I imagined a solution for photographers, amateur filmmakers who need immediate backup of quantum data as soon as possible to a safer type of storage during a production time. But this article has...
  5. M

    Question Passing ups via usb to docker container

    My Eaton UPS 5PX works with their own software (IPP) that they offer a linux .deb version for. Yes I can use NUT, but there are a few variables like battery voltage, that for some reason are not exposed with NUT. So I've tried to run their IPP in a docker container (there are a few version...
  6. R

    Question Usb size

    Hi, I have 2 backup setups running against 2 usb drives using the hyper software. One usb is now showing low on disk space, can I just replace that drive with a larger one, and keep the old for retention purposes? Any advice great fully appreciated!
  7. Crabber

    Travelling USB Backup

    Hello all, Just about done setting up my DS220J, looking at back up options and have a couple questions. I'll ask the questions and put my situation below in case it helps with advice. If I use Hyper-backup to USB Single-Version to backup entire DS220J. Travel for 3 months with the USB drive...
  8. T

    2nd USB HDD, 2nd HB task

    Hi, i have a DS916+ and am currently using HyperBackup to perform a nightly backup of the NAS to an external USB3 drive. Been working fine that way for years. (I also have live backup of the NAS to OneDrive). I am toying with the idea of adding a second USB3 drive and scheduling a fortnightly...
  9. S

    Hyper Backup to USB HDD takes up most resources of NAS :(

    Since I started anew with a Full NAS backup task to a USB3 HDD I noticed this behaviour again. During the backup process (Local Folder & USB - single version), some of the NAS features simply stop working. In the resource center you "only" see that Disk Activity is very high and Volume Activity...
  10. B

    Re-Mounting USB Drive - RT2600ac

    So I’ve just bought the RT2600 and attached a WD portable USB drive to it. It’s formatted for MacOS extended and everything is working great and very quickly for streaming to my AppleTV. Hibernation must not be supported as logs show it’s waking up every ten minutes through the night. I can...
  11. DeltaGolf

    Formatting a HD for backup via USB

    I'm going to repurpose a USB hard drive for backups. My current cunning plan is to use 'USB Copy' so as to make a backup which would be readable by users should the jobbies hit the fan. If the Synology goes down they should be able to unplug it, attach it to their Mac and access files. As far as...
  12. vtsakiris

    USB Stick or SD for system database?

    What you prefer speed-wise as a storage device for system database on a RT2600ac - USB stick or SD card is there any penalty using any of the above devices compared to one another especially for threat prevention? what you people use? BTW this is an amazing forum, everybody here is super...
  13. D

    DS1010+ reinstalling firmware to interal usb flash

    Hi, I have a DS1010+ that appears to have a corrupt of blank internal Usb flash unit When I try to boot the DS1010+ it gets a blue flashing power light I have tried with all drives removed but no change As the unit has the Vga port I connected up a monitor and could see that the unit tries to...
  14. SynoMan

    Beta USB Copy 2.1 Beta

    USB Copy 2.1 Beta is now available on Synology Beta Program! This new version allows users to flexibly create multiple copy tasks on a single partition of an external USB device.
  15. M

    Solved Hyper Backup - one external USB drive is very slow

    I just started using a DS218+. I have three WD EasyStore 4gb drives. Two of them work fine on the NAS; a full backup takes about 45 hours. With the third drive, I cancelled a similar backup after it only reached 70% after about 30 hours. All three drives seem to work fine when connected...
  16. C

    Connect/access a usb printer

    I’m walking through the mydoodads videos setting up my DS-718+. I have not created shared folders or set up users yet. I did connect my usb printer and the DS-718+ sees it and sets it up. From there, synology’s instructions are to download synology assistant, which is not listed as available...
  17. J

    USB DRIVE Name Change

    Has anyone ever plugged in a USB portable drive into the Synology unit and named that drive and then the name changed next time they plugged it it in? I use a western digital passport to perform Veeam backups of some systems and when I plug it in it usually pops up as what I named it such as...