1. aGraphicz

    Cannot connect external drive to PC

    Hi there :) I use USB Copy to trigger a backup on an external SSD as soon it's plugged. I needed to check what's on the SSD when I was on the go but when I plug it to my Mac I cannot see any files. Or it's not detected. However when plugged to the NAS I can see them. How come? There is a way...
  2. G

    Where are the personal-space photos stored for synology-photos on the NAS?

    I have a shared folder that I can easily backup for the shared-space photos. But I do not know where the reset of my personal-photos are and how I would go about using USB-copy to back them up to an external! Any ideas would be great, thanks -James
  3. NSquirrel

    USB Copy and new USB drive

    I use an external 2TB external USB drive to provide monthly backups of various folders on my NAS (DS218+; DSM6.2). In USB Copy I have 8 tasks set up to do these backups. My 2TB is now too small and full, so I bought a 5TB drive; plugged it in only to find that the existing tasks do not see the...
  4. aGraphicz

    USB Copy: can I work while USB Copy is active?

    Maybe a stupid question: can I work parallel while USB Copy is copying fils on an External SSD in Mirroring mode? What happen if I am working on a file that is being copied?