Video is an electronic medium for the recording, copying, playback, broadcasting, and display of moving visual media. Video was first developed for mechanical television systems, which were quickly replaced by cathode ray tube (CRT) systems which were later replaced by flat panel displays of several types.
Video systems vary in display resolution, aspect ratio, refresh rate, color capabilities and other qualities. Analog and digital variants exist and can be carried on a variety of media, including radio broadcast, magnetic tape, optical discs, computer files, and network streaming.

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  1. marco

    New Video Station & DS video

    Hello! I heard from a trusted source, that Synology is working on a new version of Video Station. I really hope that they will include many improvements! I like Video Station & DS video! 🎉
  2. Z

    Video Station - TV Show Episode Metadata (fixing)

    Hi Everyone, I just started using Video Station on my DS220j running DSM 7.0.1. Slowly building up my TV show collection. I was doing backup of my colllection so I figure I may as well use Video Station to make it organized and also allow me to stream to my other devices. So far it's been...
  3. T

    DTV on Video Station

    Hi, I have been having trouble watching TV on my DS218Play for some time. Video Station is not searching for channels even though the TV tuner connected to the USB is visible. I just did a downgrade to DSM 6.1.7-15284. The USB dongle works fine as it searches for channels on TVHeadend. What...
  4. whiteyk0

    video station login

    After resetting DS218+ I haven't been able to login to Video Station on my TV. I keep getting "account or password invalid". I'm pretty sure the account/password is correct because it's the same one I use to login to Video Station on my PC and on my phone. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the TV...
  5. B

    DSM 7.0 Video Station not indexing movies at all

    Hi everyone! I have a problem when adding movies in the latest DSM version. After upgrading to 7.0 and adding the API key to incorporate metadata, I was able to add new files, but it suddenly stopped after one week or so. Since then, the indexing seems to have stopped working. Any new files...
  6. Z

    Video Station Video Timeline Freezing and SMB Signing

    I wanted to share some knowledge I gained trying to troubleshoot some issues I encountered on my 1821+ using Video Station. I have been using Video Station on my 1812+ for years without issues, but I started experiencing an odd issue on my 1821+ when trying to skip ahead by clicking on the...
  7. J

    Very odd.. DS Video streaming is fast only when using quick connect!

    I thought some ISP throttling was going on.. check the connection on both ends, no packet loss on both ends... Both (where the synology and client locations) fast enough connections for full quality video stream without transcoding... The port for DS video is forwarded properly, it connects and...
  8. S

    Video Station don't update metadata automatically TMDB

    Dear friends, I have set up an API Key from TMDB and i can updtade the metadata manually without problem. But automatically video station doesn't update the metadata from TMDB. Anyone of you is facing the same issue? I have tried to restart the NAS and reinstall video station but without...
  9. Danny van Spreuwel

    Playback files without permission to acces Video Station

    Hi, I use Video Station permission to let a user playback video from a link. This is possible by giving them access to The Video Station application. But I like to deny the acces to the Video Station home page. Is that possible? When disabling the Video Station application for a user it is not...
  10. J

    During the recording I like to watch the video (still recording)

    I am recording videos to synology ds218 NAS. During the recording I like to watch the video (still recording) on the webOS of LG TV. The Photo and Video App on webOS does not show the file unless the recording has terminated. Is there a possibility to watch videos in LG webOS while it get...
  11. L

    DSM 7.0 Video Station, TMDB API and video cover

    Hello, I'm new in DS administration and need help with Video Station. I found usefull to store tags and cover together with the video. The TMDB API loads tags without problem for almost all video files but the covers are store only in about 20% of files. See screenshot 1. When I try to get...
  12. P

    Android App and Fire-Stick (no video)

    Hello, I would like to play videos (my own ones) on the mobile phone and on the TV using the video station, preferably using a Fire Stick. (My Samsung TV would also have a DS video app, but it's very rudimentary (and doesn't work either.)) So, now my problems in detail: Mobile phone: I can...
  13. S

    Play 4k video from Synology Photos

    I upload sometimes home made 4k videos of my family to Synology Photos. Can I somewhere select in which resolution the videos would be played back? i.e. when I try to play them from outside my LAN network I don't have enough bandwidth which makes the playback frozen / not fluent. Is there...
  14. A

    DSM 7.0 Video Station TMDB API key problem

    Hello, I'm still new to the NAS world and I've been enjoying dabbling with it this year. Mine is mostly a media server for the household. As you know the media info plugin recently changed. I followed the instructions and created my own TMDB API key. Previously, inside of VS, this API key would...
  15. N

    Turning off 'Enable video info search' has removed all media metadata

    Hi guys, I did a quick search but couldn't find the answer. I'm quite a novice at all things NAS and Synology. I have set up Video Station with a number of my favourite films and media and spent quite a few hours organising it and making it look nice in Video Station. I'm on DSM 6.2.xx...
  16. L

    DSM 6.2 Issues with video Information using TMDB

    Hello like everyone, my VideoStation (2.5.0-1656) is now using only TMDB to get metadata on my videos. Most of the time it works fine but there seems to have an issue when the title of the a TV show is ambiguous. I have this show "Kingdom", a Korean zombie tv show. All episodes are in a folder...
  17. P

    Playing video files from DS File/Video from different location

    hi all, Hopefully I could solve my problem here. I had the 918+ for almost 3 years. And with the recent upgrade on my upload speed, I decided I would like to stream videos from the NAS from a diff location. I had been trying from a few devices, Chrome cast with Google TV (DS video), Himedia...
  18. whiteyk0

    DSM 7.0 video cover posters

    Hello, A few days ago when I updated to DSM 7.0 all my video cover photos simply disappeared. When I go to Video Station settings, and click search from video info plugin, I get "no matches found." I ran the API connection test and the connection was successful but on the Video Info Plugin page...
  19. nthkmf

    How to prevent user download video from DS Video?

    Dear Bro, I'm intend to use NAS hosting my video, some tutorial video and I want to transform Video Station to online learning platfrom. I have a problem, people can download video when using DS Video on Mobile. How do I prevent this happen? Thank you.
  20. RoCaRay

    Access Media Server (indexed video folder) via Web Station / http

    DS1621xs with: - Web Station (currently Nginx, PHP) and the 'web' shared folder on an SSD storage pool for performance - Media Server 'video' shared folder (indexed) on an HDD storage pool for capacity I would like to serve 'video' files via web browser / http using a home-brew PHP app, while...