1. P

    DS VIDEO - How to delete files?

    Hi All, I was using AC Ryan media player with DS VIDEO app to watch videos from my NAS. I was able to customize it to list titles, and was able to delete files from within DS VIDEO. It was also able to remember my last used folder when I used it again. I have just switched over to Nvidia TV...
  2. P

    Cannot Login to DS Video app on iphone/ipad

    I've setup video station on 418play and I can send videos via windows chrome browser plugin to my chromecast ultra and the video streams perfectly on my TV. i now want to use my mobile devices to select the content to send to chromecast ultra instead of my desktop PC. I'm trying the DS video...
  3. Q

    Remove the default "Video", "Photo" & "Music" folders

    How can I remove the default "Video", "Photo", "Music" & "Documents" folders? I have no purpose for them. I have my own Project-based filing system. As far as I'm concerned they're all simply "Files".
  4. fredbert

    Video Station v2.4.9 - now needs *DB API keys to add tags

    This morning I got a Synology email that had a list of updates from the past couple of months. 'OK', I think, 'will check if there are any updates that Package Center has forgotten to tell me about'. And so I see VS v2.4.8 is listed, newer than my v2.4.7. When checking I find it's now v2.4.9 and...
  5. NAS Newbie

    Is there a Synology NAS-hosted video conferencing solution?

    What with having to talk to family via video conference so much right now, is there a program that would host the video conference on my NAS? I know that there are plenty of free solutions out there already, but I'm looking for something that is hosted on my owner network instead of zoom's or...
  6. D

    Unable to resume or fast forward 4K video

    Hi, I am having problems playing 2160p contents on my 55"QLED Q7F 4K Smart TV (2018) from my DS 415play using Samsung's DS Video app. Video will freeze every time when I resume from where i left off or fast forward & backward. After discussion with Synology Support, it seems that it might be...
  7. T

    DS Video Migration Playlist

    Hello Everybody, I do a migration between DS1813+ to a DS1817, everything fine ... BUT i have a question : I can find how can i migrate all my playlist in DS Video. Someone could help me ? Did y know, if it s a database, a file ??? and if i can find it by a ssh connection ? Kindest, Clet
  8. T

    Synchronization between 2 NAS with "homes", shares, video station, photo station ...

    Hello, I'm looking to synchronize 2 Synology NAS (1813+ et 1817). Using Synology Drive ShareSync, synchronization of shared directories works perfectly BUT: - impossible to synchronize users' "homes" directories - impossible to synchronize the configurations of the video station, photo...
  9. WST16

    Info Infuse video player

    I’ve purchased a DS120j while I’m still on my trip. I thought of sharing my findings and thoughts with you. I’m trying a few things with it before I relegate it to the boring task of backups and surveillance when I’m back, for that’s why I bought it I installed a 250GB SSD that I have with me...
  10. NSquirrel

    Excellent Series of Synology NAS Tutorials-Mydoodads

    I bought my NAS a year ago and realise that, amongst other aspects, permissions, Photo Station and Moments had created a year-long confusion; well permissions had, partly because I did not start with groups as I had only one or two users. As far as Photo Station and Moments goes, after a short...
  11. SynoMan

    Info Media gallery - Photos and Videos

    Dear forum members and visitors! Today we have implemented the Media section where you can upload images or embed videos from various services. In the Media gallery you can find useful videos, images of home networks from our members and other related stuff...
  12. SynoMan

    Guide Media gallery

    In the Media gallery you can find useful videos, images of home networks from our members and other related stuff. You can comment and rate media items, add a note or tag a user. You can even create a personal album with privacy settings, for instance, to show your album only to registered...
  13. S

    Android phone video backup

    First post here. **Did a quick search for my subject line and didn't see any suggestions to fix my problem so here comes the post: I thought I would be able to store copies of my photos AND videos from a google pixel 3, android o/s, phone to the ds918+ using a combination of ds photo and photo...
  14. T

    Deep Video Analysis

    Anyone had a play with Surveillance Station DVA yet?
  15. WST16

    Question DS Video steaming to an old TV?

    Hi all, What's the cheapest thing I can get to attach to an old TV's HDMI port to allow DS Video to stream to the TV? I still want to maintain the experience of using DS Video (on an iPad or an iPhone) to look at the movies catalog and play them to the TV. I don't want the device to do more...
  16. johnnygoodface

    DS video not remembering last played position

    DS video doesn't ask to "Resume from last played position" when starting a partially played video: on both MacOS (Mojave) and Apple TV (tvOS 12.3) - since the last 2 weeks 🤬 on Android (Fire HD 10 tablet) - never worked 😪 Still ok on iOS though :D Looked at all possible settings 🧐 Any idea...
  17. SynoMan

    Compress video and image

    Is there any option to compress video or image in Moments? If I want to share a video of my kids with my mom I get a 1-minute video of 400 MB. That's of course too much.
  18. WST16

    John Gruber is viscerally offended

    I like John Gruber. An old one but I remembered it when we spoke about bad design the other day…
  19. wwwampy

    Moments Video playing

    I really like Moments app. It replaces my Google Photo. Also, backup all my photos and video to my NAS. The only thing is I can't play videos in moments. It's just loading and loading. Not sure why.