virtual machine manager

  1. nthkmf

    Anybody install ChromeOS on VMM?

    Dear Bros, I've just upgrade my DS220+ to 10GB of RAM and I am curious enough to install ChromeOS on VMM. I was fail. Anybody here tried to do this? Please share the experience! Thank you.
  2. iStone

    Windows 7/10 on DS412+

    According to Synology, DS412+ is n/a for VMM package, although I have 4GB RAM installed. (my DS412+ : Intel Atom D2700, 2.1Ghz/Dual Core/4G RAM) Is there anyway to install via e.g. VirtualBox or this github repro to install Windows 7? thanks! ------- According to DS412+ spec: "VMware® /...
  3. B

    keep vm images encrypted

    The share manager allows per-share encryption, but the VM manager installs its images directly to a volume. Is it possible to keep VM images encrypted in storage? Does DSM 7 resolve any earlier limitations relevant to this matter?
  4. B

    automating and securing share access for linux client

    With no native file sharing feature in the Virtual Machine Manager, guest systems must rely on standard network file sharing to access files on the host storage device. For systems that would perform automated tasks without user login, on files in the shares of the network device, this demand...
  5. sdetheridge

    Nested virtualization?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to get nested virtualization working under VMM? I've installed an evaluation of Windows Server Core and it works, but when I enable Hyper-V and reboot the guest VM blue-screens on boot. I can't see any options for VT-x or similar, so I'm guessing that this...
  6. G

    DSM 7.0 Issue with Virtual Machine Manager of DSM 7

    When I upgrade my system to DSM 7, the VMM showed incompatibility. Then I try to upgrade the package manually. It showed I need to install Replication service first. Then I try to install the Replication service. Ans it showed failed again. It seems that I'm stuck in an endless loop So then...
  7. R

    sound on a linux machine

    Hello, Is there a way to get sound on a virtual linux machine. No sound directly decode by the VMM because i think it's impossible but can be via a remote connection. I know, for example that on a Windows machine, via RDP the sound can be decoded on the remote station. Thank you
  8. C

    How to mount non-ISO disc images?

    Hello, I am experiencing a blocker. The problem: - I have old discs I am ripping to Disc images for use on VM. - VMM will only seem to allow ISO images to be mounted as virtual disc. - Some Discs are multi-track/multi-session discs - Multi-track/Multi-session discs cannot be converted to ISO...
  9. C

    Windows 95 on VMM

    Hello all, Has anyone succeeded in running Windows 95 on VMM? I have tried every combination of settings I can think of. Starting with Win95 boot disk ISO plus Win95 installation CD ISO (Win95 CD is not itself bootable), in all cases I succeeded installation, but on every subsequent boot, I get...
  10. P

    Access data on a vdisk that won't boot

    TL;DR: "How do I mount/open a vdisk for a VM that doesn't boot?" I want to access files directly from inside the vdisk without it running the VM that was on it. I don't care if I have to access it from Synology NAS CLI or if I have to copy the vdisk image to my local machine to do so. More...
  11. A

    Update on DSM7 - VMM does not work! :-((((

    Hello everybody. I have a BIG problem with my Synology NAS DS716 +. Today I updated DSM from 6.2.3-25426 to DSM7. After the update I noticed that the VMM is not compatible with DSM7, so it no longer works. I didn't read anything about this in the upgrade notes and installed the update...
  12. R

    Allow linux guest to access share

    In VMware Workstation I can specify a folder on the Host system that a guest can access. How can I do the same in Virtual Machine Manager on my Synology NAS? I would like my Ubuntu virtual machine (guest) to have access to a shared folder on my NAS, without going out over network. Is my...
  13. BoosterT

    Convert Parallels Windows 10 to VM Windows 10

    Like the title says ... I am on a Intel-based Mac that will likely be replaced by an M1 Mac which means Windows will not run on it yet. I have a DS1621+ so it makes sense to build a VM and port the disk image over to the VM ... my question is HOW? Also, would it be worth getting NVME cache if I...
  14. Shadow

    How to make cronjobs work?

    On my DS718+ I've set up a Ubuntu 18.04.5-live-server-amd64 GUI-less server in Virtual Machine Manager. I use this instance to host a MailCow server. My Linux knowledge is still very limited. I'm trying to set a cronjob to have this server make backups every night. I've understood from...
  15. L

    Manjora Kdr Plasma

    VMM Manjora Kdr Plasma (ubuntu-linux) Hello everyone. I have a problem installing Manjaro Kde Plasma. When the installation reaches the graphic adapter, the installation stops. "Reached target Graphical Interface". Any advice. Thanks a lot.
  16. W

    DS720+ Noise write with virtual machine

    Hi guys, I've a Synology DS720+ with RAM upgrade (10Gb) and 2 WD disk (2x4Tb). When I power on a Virual Machine from my Virtual Machine Manager the system produce a very loud noise. This is the typical noise of the HDD when you write data into it. How can I reduce this noise? There is the...
  17. T

    Virtual Machine Manager and brtfs volume

    Hi there, I am currently running 1 volume (SHR2, ext4) on my 5-bay DS. Now I want to run Virtual Machine Manager, which needs a brtfs volume. Is it possible to do it this way? a) make a full backup of volume1 (incl. all apps and settings) to an external disk and again on another external...
  18. R

    "No Audio Output Device is installed." Windows 10 Home 20H2

    Hey, absolute newbie here. I got a DS220+ a few days ago and saw that it had a virtual machine manager, and with my old laptop not having the power to run VirtualBox or VMWare well I thought I would run some virtual machines. I got an ISO from Microsoft's site and followed a tutorial to load up...
  19. P

    VM network access with only one IP?

    Is there any way of getting network access for a VM run in DSM if the host only has one IP and cannot get any other IP (network DHCP server is MAC-address restricted)?
  20. T

    How DO I Access the BIOS on VMM

    Good afternoon, Please could someone let me know how accessing the BIOS is possible so that I can boot from a USB stick please? I have Windows 7 Pro installed on a VM but I need to be able to boot from the bios as opposed to an ISO or DVD for example. I tried the F2 key and Delete key but they...