virtual machine manager

  1. O

    VMM on DS920+, anyone?

    Has any lucky owner of the DS920+ been able to try running Windows10 in VMM? It's insanely slow on my DS918+ (the VMM is even running from an SSD), would be interesting to see if it's usable on the new model..
  2. WST16

    Question VDSM dedicated for VPN connection/dloads?

    Appreciate any input on the solution below. After trying to go through a few dedicated (Docker) torrents download+vpn solutions (and failing as usually the case for me with anything Docker :) I thought to myself why the headache, I can use VDSM on the 1019+ to dedicate it to VPN. But VDSM can...
  3. jono

    Setup & run a VM on an external SSD?

    I have a spare USB3 external SSD, and wanted to try setting up a VM on it (in the thinking that it might be a little faster than on the Synology's spinning disks). After plugging the SDD into the Synology then creating a new VM it only shows the option to use the storage I created previously...
  4. chenks

    Question USB passthru from client?

    does synology VMM support USB passthru from another system? ie if i'm connected to a VM and i plug a USB device into the laptop, can i passthru that USB device to the VM? or can it only use the USB ports on the NAS itsef?
  5. chenks

    Question import virtualbox images?

    i have a couple of virtualbox images that i boot up every now and then (windows 2003 server running SQL server 2000, and windows 2008 R2 running IIS). i use them for some legacy testing every now and then. has anyone had any success in importing virtualbox images (VDI files) into VMM? i added...
  6. X

    VM Backup without VMM Pro?

    I have a DS1817+ running VMM with 3 VMs. I was originally using the VMM beta which enabled HA and snapshot replication to my second DS1817+. Once the beta was over, the license reverted after updating the app to the release version. I have no need of the VMM Pro subscription, though would have...
  7. johnnygoodface

    Virtual Machine Manager stuck at loading

    First time I had to start VMM since DSM 6.2.2-24992 and it's now stuck at Loading. First: beside the obvious "reboot your NAS", how can one manually stop a running process on DSM? Command line, SSH, etc.? I managed to get Top running on a SSH connection.... Now what? and with htop and...
  8. M

    Question How can I access to Virtual Machine via SSH

    Hi friends, I have DS218+ NAS device with Virtual Machine Manager installed. My home network is, NAS has ip address. I have access to NAS via PuTTY, WinSCP, web browser and any other apps within my home network. Then I installed Virtual Machine with CentOS through export...
  9. M

    Moving a vitual machine (WIn10 PC) from one storage to another - is this possible?

    Hi guys, can someone help me with this? In my system I have created the Win10 PC virtual machine in VMM, which exists in Storage 1 (my main SHR storage). Now I added another disk in my spare slot (SSD), which is functioning as Storage 2, I also added this storage in VMM (I can see it there as...