virtual machine manager

In computing, the Red Hat Virtual Machine Manager, also known as virt-manager, is a desktop virtual machine manager.

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  1. B

    VMM internals (e.g. hypervisor software)

    I have been seeking to understand which components VMM integrates internally, as a means to understanding how to provision the most optimal systems inside the virtual machines. For example, I have wondered which hypervisor solution is wrapped by the VMM interface. Are any resources available...
  2. B

    sending key sequence to virtual machine: ctrl+alt+f1

    It is reported that on certain Linux systems, with a graphical display manager disabled as the login screen, the text login console is not reachable except by the key combination Ctrl+Alt+F1 (other function keys may also work). When connected to the virtual machine through Virtual Machine...
  3. T

    internal DNS not resolving on Windows VM

    Hi all, as the title notes - I'm not able to use my internal domain to resolve my NAS from a Windows VM I have on it. I can access everything using the IP address (NAS login, docker containers etc) but I cannot resolve them via my internal domain. The internal DNS IP is showing in network...
  4. S

    How to edit OpenVPN server config files?

    Hi there, I installed OpenVPN on a Virtual DSM and would like to make the host DSM on the same subnet accessible for mobile clients (i.e. my iPhone). From what I understand, I need to set up a push route in the server config file and a pull command in the client config file. Port forwarding in...
  5. R

    Backup VM in Virtual Machine Manager, and running containers in VM

    (Crosspost from Reddit) Hi, I have a DS220+ with extra 16GB of RAM. I am planning to create a no-GUI Debian VM and run K3s on it. It will also act as a Proxmox cluster voter (with qdevice). (I have two other servers that also run Proxmox and VM with K3s on it) I will try to limit workload of the...
  6. oRBIT

    VMM on DSM7.1beta?

    Noticed that VMM has got a few changes for DSM 7.1beta, updated QEMU etc.. Anyone tried it and noticed any differences in performance? Last time I tried it on my DS918+ performance was pretty terrible with Windows 10 (but pretty ok with Windows 7).
  7. Sly870

    DSM 7.0 Windows 10 VM won't create

    Hello :) Anyone struggling to get a Windows 10 x64 running on Synology VM? I power it on and then nothing, disk stays at 4KB used.
  8. B

    startup and shutdown order for virtual machines and iscsi services

    I have been working with virtual machines on a DiskStation. The machines act as iSCSI initiators for targets provided by the DiskStation SAN Manager. I recently posted a question related to this subject. More recently, I encountered an issue relating to boot and shutdown order. When shutting...
  9. C

    Windows 11 on DS1621+ not allowed to be installed

    Pulled down the official Windows 11 Pro ISO from Microsoft and created the VM. After powering on the VM and then running the Windows install, Windows 11 says that it cannot be installed because it does not meet the system requirements. It seems that the TPM 2.0 requirement keeps the official...
  10. A

    Synology convert vdisk_blun to ova command line?

    Hello, I was able to restore a VM Thread even though I was told that it was NOT possible and with BTRFS Restore and 2 weeks the deleted VM was restored. Now to this question, how can I convert vdisk_blun to ova command line? I have seen the question and I am restarting the thread. Thanks
  11. G

    Local PC devices from a VM ?

    Hi, I have installed a LinuxMint 20.2 VM on my DS1821+, and I would like to know if it is possible to use a device attached to my local PC from Linux ? For example, I have a Bluray drive connected to my PC: it is possible to use it from the VM ? I have been told that some third party software...
  12. A

    NAT-ed VM subnet

    Pretty new to the Synology VMM so apologies if this sounds trivial... In most VM environments I have worked with there is usually a way to setup a NAT-ed environment where the VM would get a private subnet with a local DHCP server and a router which would bridged with the external IP of the...
  13. H

    How can I access the files from a crashed virtual machine?

    Hi everyone. I am running a ds 918+ which had a virtual machine also running dsm. After swapping around some hard drives the virtual machine seems to have crashed. I can't remember exactly what the error was, but it was something about a cluster crash. It gave me an option to repair the...
  14. A

    Restoration of synology VM

    Hello, I am looking for help on how to recover a freshly deleted virtual machine that was created with VMM on synology. Ideally where does the VMM creates these machines? Anything to help me to get started
  15. J

    DSM 7.0 USB device gets randomly unmounted

    Hi all, 1st post, so thanks for listening and creating this forum I just found out about. Here's what I'd like to hear from you guys probably with a lot more experience than me on VMM: I've been running Home Assistant (aka HASS) in a VM on my DS916+ for over a year, probably two, without any...
  16. fredbert

    Info VMM cluster merges free Virtual DSM licences

    I'm just playing about with VMM with my two plus series NAS. The aim is to have a vDSM 6 machine for anything I may miss from DSM 7 and also to remind myself of its features, if someone here asks a question. By running VMM on both NAS it is then just a matter of opening it on one of the NAS and...
  17. mholux

    Unbond Ethernet with untouching VMM

    Hi, i have VMM running inside a 3 node cluster. Two of the nodes have 10GB/s bonded to an 1GB/s port. Seems not a good idea. I want to unbond this config, but i get always messages saying that i can't do anything as long as VMM is running or even installed. Does someone already had such a...
  18. M

    DSM 7.0 How to upgrade from DSM 6 to 7 on Virtual Machine?

    Hi - I have a VM running DSM 6 and it works well. Just upgraded my DS918+ to DSM 7 today and it went smoothly. However, when I try the same for my VDSM it fails. Anyone know how to upgrade from 6 to 7 when it's hosted on a VM? When attempting to download from within the VM, I get a "Failed...
  19. M

    DS918+ DSM7 Win 10 always random BSOD

    Hi, Ive had my DS918+ for a while and recently updated to DSM7, Ive never used the VMM before on a Synology and i installed the latest Windows 10 build to run a small application so i didn't need to leave my pc on 24 hours anymore. VMM setup fine and all installed. All latest package...
  20. nthkmf

    Anybody install ChromeOS on VMM?

    Dear Bros, I've just upgrade my DS220+ to 10GB of RAM and I am curious enough to install ChromeOS on VMM. I was fail. Anybody here tried to do this? Please share the experience! Thank you.