1. S

    Is it possible to recover my backup on Hyper V virtual machine generation 2?

    Hi all, I´m new to the system and I would like to ask you if there is possibility to make my Synology recovery work in Hyper V generation 2? This is where I got so far: Does anybody have experience with this, please? I´ll be grateful for any advice. Stepan
  2. R

    Backup VM in Virtual Machine Manager, and running containers in VM

    (Crosspost from Reddit) Hi, I have a DS220+ with extra 16GB of RAM. I am planning to create a no-GUI Debian VM and run K3s on it. It will also act as a Proxmox cluster voter (with qdevice). (I have two other servers that also run Proxmox and VM with K3s on it) I will try to limit workload of the...
  3. H

    How can I access the files from a crashed virtual machine?

    Hi everyone. I am running a ds 918+ which had a virtual machine also running dsm. After swapping around some hard drives the virtual machine seems to have crashed. I can't remember exactly what the error was, but it was something about a cluster crash. It gave me an option to repair the...
  4. fredbert

    Info VMM cluster merges free Virtual DSM licences

    I'm just playing about with VMM with my two plus series NAS. The aim is to have a vDSM 6 machine for anything I may miss from DSM 7 and also to remind myself of its features, if someone here asks a question. By running VMM on both NAS it is then just a matter of opening it on one of the NAS and...
  5. M

    DSM 7.0 How to upgrade from DSM 6 to 7 on Virtual Machine?

    Hi - I have a VM running DSM 6 and it works well. Just upgraded my DS918+ to DSM 7 today and it went smoothly. However, when I try the same for my VDSM it fails. Anyone know how to upgrade from 6 to 7 when it's hosted on a VM? When attempting to download from within the VM, I get a "Failed...
  6. DrMcFizz1e

    Question about CPUs: is XEON D-1527 really worse than an i3?

    Hi Everyone! I'm trying to decide which NAS to go for based on processor. I need a NAS that can handle Plex and also smoothly run a Windows VM (with radio station software on it), and I've had some great advice and recommendations here and elsewhere. I'm thinking about the Synology DS-1621xs+...
  7. G

    DSM 7.0 Issue with Virtual Machine Manager of DSM 7

    When I upgrade my system to DSM 7, the VMM showed incompatibility. Then I try to upgrade the package manually. It showed I need to install Replication service first. Then I try to install the Replication service. Ans it showed failed again. It seems that I'm stuck in an endless loop So then...
  8. W

    DS720+ Noise write with virtual machine

    Hi guys, I've a Synology DS720+ with RAM upgrade (10Gb) and 2 WD disk (2x4Tb). When I power on a Virual Machine from my Virtual Machine Manager the system produce a very loud noise. This is the typical noise of the HDD when you write data into it. How can I reduce this noise? There is the...
  9. SynoMan

    Info Synology and Seagate Live webinar: Backup and Restore for Virtual Environments

    During these unprecedented times, a robust data disaster recovery plan is more crucial than ever. Join Synology and Seagate for a live webinar, "Backup and Restore for Virtual Environments," on Feb. 3rd at 11 a.m. PST. Reserve your spot here.
  10. How to Deploy a Virtual Office Using VPN Plus Server | Synology

    How to Deploy a Virtual Office Using VPN Plus Server | Synology

    Synology VPN Plus Server is a package suitable for use with Synology Router. It provides efficient and easy-to-use Synology SSL VPN and WebVPN service that can be used without installing additional client software. In this video, we will demonstrate how to use VPN Plus Server in Synology Router...
  11. A

    Is it possible to move tasks from DSM to Virtual DSM ?

    I have set up a Virtual DSM to download station ruining via a VPN. I have download station running on my normal DSM with tasks and I want to transfer those tasks to the virtual machine. Is this possible??
  12. S

    What are some scenarios when you need to host multiple virtual DSM on your Syno NAS?

    I'm just wondering: It's great to install a virtual DSM to test some betas (for example DSM7 this time), maybe test some settings, testing new packages, etc. But when and why might you need to host more than one virtual DSM? On your host machine you can set up multiple users, user quotas...
  13. N

    Question Docker, VM and data security

    Hi there, I own a new DS machine and intend to use it for the following tasks: (private) data storage, personal devices' backups, run Docker with a few containers like PiHole, Bitwarden, RSS, etc., as well as to host a personal website and run a Mail server with a "catch them all" function...