1. S

    Bad sectors while repairing RAID 5 volume. Advice needed!

    Hi looks like I am unlucky. I am in the process of replacing all 4 discs. (DS 918+) After each replace I am doing a volume repair. Up to 3 disks have been replaced and no problems with the repair. After inserting the 4th and last disk and repairing the volume. the process is extremely slow and...
  2. H

    Hacker locked my shared volume

    Hello. I'm not good in computer security science so I opened quickconnect and shared ID and password, I don't have antivirus, I didn't update DSM and finaly sombody created shared volumes with password which I can get if I pay bitcoins. I paid as hacker asked me and he mounted volumes as he...
  3. S

    DSM 7.1 Files stored on a pool vs volume

    I have 3 16TB HDDs in my DS920+ newly setup with a SHR-1 pool and a single volume plus a few basic packages installed. It shows the storage pool as 29.1 TB and the volume size as 27.9 TB (a 1.2 TB difference in size). On the volume it shows about 800 MB as used although I haven't put any of my...
  4. C

    BTRFS Volume Smaller Than Raid Calulator

    Hey All, Quick question, I have 4x 4TB Ironwolfs in a ds920+, I noticed that the total SHR size is only 10.5TB. Synology calculator shows it as 12TB. Is this normal? Im pretty sure I built the pool with all 4 4TB drives in it. I am also setting up a ds918+ that had 1x 2TB and 2x 1TB and am...
  5. P

    Recovery from Degraded Volume

    Good afternoon. I need some help. I have a 1513+ running DSM 6.2. Two volumes. One, the original volume (2 drives) and I assume where DSM is installed is "degraded". The other is "healthy" (3 drives). I've moved all shares from the "degraded" volume to the "healthy" volume. Is there anyway to...
  6. H

    cannot move the Netbackup folder from 1 volume to another

    My DS918+ is running DSM7. I have 2 volume with NetbackUp folder running on vol 1 (raid 0) I would like to move the NetBackUp folder from vol 1 to vol2 (which is SHR) In Control Panel/ Shared Folder, I selected the folder, then "Edit" then "General" and tried to define the folder location as vol...
  7. Phone Guy

    Restart or power cycle during volume creation

    During the first time volume creation, which usually takes 20 hrs? If the system was accidentally restarted or power cycled, should I wipe the drives and start the process again or does it pick up where it left off and will be ok?
  8. ed.j

    DSM 6.2 Is it possible to expand an SHR volume on a DS416slim using the USB3 port?

    Basically my DS416slim uses Shared Folder Sync to mirror a folder on my main NAS. The 416 is running out of space and it already has the biggest possible HDDs in it (2TB x 4). I've not really got much use for this NAS other than as a mirror for this folder, so if I can't expand the space it's...
  9. C

    Suggestion need for increase volume on 1513+

    Hi all, I got a 1513+. DSM 7.1. I use 4 bays only. I setup Volume 1 by a 3 bays 3TB running on raid 5; Volume 2 by a 3TB. It is mainly for my PC and family photo & video backup. They are all saved in my volume 1. I used volume 2 as hyper backup destination and extra backup copy for...
  10. M

    DSM 6.2 RAID 1 volume crash after power outage. Need advice.

    Hi! After moving my NAS to a different location, it turns out they do have power outages weekly... As a result NAS doesn't work properly after forth power outage. Setup: DS918+ with DSM 6.2 4+4 GB RAM (upgraded with official Synology RAM) No SSD cache 4x Seagate IronWolf 4TB (all formatted...
  11. A

    Connection Failed when creating a new Volume

    So, I've just created (a couple of hours ago now) a new Storage Pool. I'm now trying to create a volume on it and I keep getting: I've logged off and back on, tried 2 different computers and several different browsers. I'm about to reboot the NAS to see if that makes a difference (though am...
  12. I

    Newbie Question, Copying Container file (forget to mount volume)

    Hello Everyone, please help im new on docker and synology. 4 months ago i install SNIPEIT through this tutor on youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuIieuxSmpw&t=380s and i just realize i didnt mount volume into my /docker (usually people doing like /docker/snipeit) how to make it right..
  13. P

    Storage pools/volumes and RAID type

    Hi, fairly new to the world of Synology NAS. I am about to take delivery of a DS920+ with 4 times 4TB. My question is about the storage pools/storage volumes. I would like to pair the hard drives as follow: one pair for business and one pair for personal stuff (for each pair there is the main...
  14. F

    DSM 7.0 Container unable to write to volume

    I tried to run a docker-compose in Portainer on my DS1515+ and ever since I switched to DSM 7 one of the containers is unable to write to the linked volume. The container restarts endlessly and the logs show: 2022-03-16 14:11:22.763 I Initializing core... 2022-03-16 14:11:22.764 I Loading...
  15. F

    Separate volume for VM storage?

    Just purchased a new RS1619xs+, inc 4 x 10TB disks & extra RAM. BACKGROUND It's intended to replace our no-longer-really-needed pair of VMware ESX hosts + storage, running several Windows servers:- file, SQL, line-of-business app, plus two domain controllers. Most data is now in the cloud...
  16. E

    Install new volume to replace the old volume, how to migrate in the smartest way?

    I have a DS1515+ with a current 3x6TB disk in SHR (RAID5), giving me 12 TB mounted on /volume1 I'm going to install 2x18 TB disks in SHR (RAID1), giving me a new 18 TB volume, and I want to get rid of the old 3x6TB disks. I understand that there's no migration path from RAID5 on small disks to...
  17. E

    SHR Volume - Migrate from 3 disks (RAID5-ish) volume into 2 new disks (RAID1-ish)

    What I have: 3 x 6TB SHR Volume with 12 TB redundant storage (1 disk recently broken) What I want: 2 x 18TB SHR volume with 18 TB redundant storage (I'll expand the volume after the migration) Of course, I want to keep my volume and migrate everything, to avoid any additional work and downtime...
  18. Lewis

    Two different volumes on same NAS ?

    Hi, I'm planing to buy 12 bay NAS this year but since models i look are all limited to 108TB of Volume size and i don't need Xeon version (xs series which allow 200TB but not having SHR) i wonder how should it behave in my usage if i have 2 Volumes. I'd go with 8*16TB (6+2 in SHR-2) for Volume...
  19. I

    Add extra storage to volume

    Hello, I am new to a NAS Synology DS220+ and I can't figure something out. At first I had one Seagate 4TB HDD, but I want to expand my storage with another 4TB (8TB total). (The backup is done on another external HDD, which means I don't need to replicate the data.) I have bought another...
  20. S

    DSM 7.0 Diskstation will not let me expand my Volume

    I have a DS920+ and my storage pool is 21.8 TB and my volume is 15.7 TB. I go to settings but I don't see where I can expand the volume. I will attach some screenshots. Thanks in advance. Scott