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    does reset on docker container erase volumes

    I am having great difficulty finding clear information on how the DSM Docker add-on handles volumes, and how internal volumes are affected by the reset operation on the container. When a container is launched, it generally creates one or more volumes. What happens to these volumes upon a reset...
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    Can volumes be hibernated individually within the same unit?

    I was planning on using my DS1621+ to set up two separate volumes: Volume 1: 2x 4TB SSD in RAID1 Volume 2: 2x12TB HDD as RAID1/SHR-1 The idea behind this setup was: - To have a noiseless SSD volume (aside from DS cooling fan) for frequent access of files on-demand without wait times for drives...
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    Virtual Machine Manager and brtfs volume

    Hi there, I am currently running 1 volume (SHR2, ext4) on my 5-bay DS. Now I want to run Virtual Machine Manager, which needs a brtfs volume. Is it possible to do it this way? a) make a full backup of volume1 (incl. all apps and settings) to an external disk and again on another external...