1. ed.j

    How to assign a static IP to a particular user/device via VPN server / OpenVPN

    Is this possible? My backup NAS connects to my main NAS via VPN, and the only way I can get the Shared Folder Sync to work in this way is via IP address - but the IP address may change when the VPN is reconnected. I have set up a specific user that the backup NAS uses to connect to the main...
  2. M


    Hello, I configured Openvpn server on our Synology NAS and pushed the Openvpn client to the users through GPO. The VPN users are imported from the AD server on the server(nas) side. Is there a possibility to force the config file to get the windows login credentials, so the user doesn't have to...
  3. H

    Internet drops while connected to Synology VPN on iOS

    When connected to my Synology VPN on my iOS device, everything works perfectly at first. After some time, I lose internet connection. If I disconnect/reconnect to the VPN, internet connection is restored. Has anyone had this issue? Or know where to start troubleshooting? I am running Synology...
  4. aGraphicz

    Data transfer slow using OpenVPN

    Hi :) I have a DS920+ that works properly when I am in the office. Now, due to Home office I need to use it remotely using OpenVPN. I noticed that the connection is really slow when navigating through the NAS folders. Opening a small illustrator file it takes quite long. What can be the...
  5. Huggy

    Help needed to understand my VPN needs

    Hi, I have a very basic understanding of VPN's having used them to surf and download anonymously. However, I'm having trouble getting my head around what my VPN needs are when It comes to my NAS. I'll try to explain my situation and what I would like to accomplish in the hope that someone can...
  6. T

    DSM 7: openvpn server

    I'm trying to setup openvpn on ds220+ but cannot seem to resolve the connection. I've open up port forward 1194 on router and vpn port in firewall rule but tested port forward, 1194 still closed. Anyone had success on openvpn setup? Thanks
  7. J

    Quickconnect vs VPN (or both?)

    I have quickconnect set up and it works great. For most of my use its family members accessing Photos app (which I love ability to have personal spaces and then transition to shared album we keep as a family), as well as occasionally DS drive. Nothing overly sensitive there, and I do have...
  8. V

    Vpn client profile problem

    Hello all, I have a synology 220+ and I use openvpn method with an ExpressVPN account, I had several vpn profiles installed and it worked just fine until I upgrade to dsm 7, now it doesn’t connect to the external ip provided by ExpressVPN. Have somebody experienced this problem ?
  9. Q

    RT2600ac - route from incoming VPN client to LAN at end of site-to-site VPN

    Hi all, Due to an "upgrade" my ISP installed recently, I'm now unable to establish a VPN connection to a remote RT2600ac router (router A). I can however establish a VPN connection to another RT2600ac router (router B). Router A and router B are connected via a site-to-site VPN connection...
  10. W

    PC VPN & Mapping Shares *Newbie

    Running any VPN on the PC breaks shares on my DSM216. I understand the PC VPN IPv4 is now 10.x.x.x and the NAS 192.168.x.x . So where do I start so I can run a VPN on the PC and connect the NAS file shares?
  11. S

    website (web station) hosted on DSM NAS not reachable ,when SRM router connected to OpenVPN VPN

    Hi Team, Though I joined this wonderful forum today ,I have resolved many configuration issues related to DSM and SRM based on the solved threads. Thanks! My domain - www.naadomain.com ,hosted on DSM nas using wordpress .SSLs were created and port forwarding done to open ports for 80,443 and...
  12. Robocub

    VPN toggle from dashboard

    I use NordVPN but frankly it's annoying to have to go to Control Panel/Network/Network Interface and enable VPN when I want. Sure I can leave it running all the time but I don't want it on all the time. Is anyone aware if there's a way to add a VPN toggle switch to the dashboard to easily...
  13. ElLoko

    Download station y vpn. Tengo que reiniciar.

    Hola, tengo dos problemas con la VPN. 1 ° Con el vpn activado descargo un torrent y no me descarga, tengo que reiniciar o desconectar y volver a conectarlo para empezar. 2 ° Con el vpn activado plex no encuentra cubiertas, desconecto el vpn y las encuentra. Muchas gracias por cualquier ayuda.
  14. J

    DSM 7 Can't reach home network through openvpn on android

    Hi I have set up the openvpn server on DSM 7 and I've connected my phone through it with the redirect option uncommented. The subnet on the vpn is different than the one on the home network, as recommended by the tutorial I followed. I was expecting that the vpn server would redirect the...
  15. J

    VPN Proxy?

    Hi When I read about the VPN Server, I got the wrong impression of what it was. I have several equipment that use a paid vpn service with a connection for each. I'd like to have one single connection to the service and the other nodes would use that connection, as a proxy or dfg. Is that...
  16. NSquirrel

    OpenVPN Server Upgrade to 1.2.14 - 2782

    I am still using DSM 6.2.4-25556 Update 2 and I have just had OpenVPN automatically updated to 1.2.14 - 2782, although I am not sure what from what previous version. Something I have noticed, as I am unable to access via OpenVPN at present, is that I was using to access my NAS via...
  17. M

    VLAN by user

    Hello, unfortunately, our router doesn't support Openvpn and for some users in our building I need to configure this protocol, so I configured the VPN server on the synology. The problem is that in our building we are 3 distinct companies, using the same (physical) network infrastructure. For...
  18. C

    VPN Server log location

    I'm looking to send the connect/disconnect logs to a graylog server. I can't seem to find where those logs are stored. Looking at the VPN Server application on the NAS I see the exact logs I would like to send, however I can only get an xml export manually. Are these logs from VPN Server...
  19. akahan

    Synology VPN on iPhone silently doesn't protect you

    Synology VPN client on iPhone allows ipv6. And, you can't turn off ipv6 on the iPhone's cellular connection. Which means: If you're running Synology VPN server on your router, and your router's connection for whatever reason doesn't have an ipv6 address enabled, then the iPhone will just...
  20. Ellucho

    DDNS no longer works with VPN on router | DS220+ (NAS)

    Hello everyone ! Thank you in advance for your help. I have a DS220 + NAS which is accessible from the outside thanks to a DDNS link to a domain name, it all works perfectly. The NAS is connected to an ASUS RT AX88U router with the necessary ports open. BUT, when I connect the router to an...