1. Telos

    Info DSM 7 RC Docker VPN breakage | A solution

    Just a heads-up... There are many recent reports about RC breaking vpn dockers... openvpn, qbittorrentvpn, transmissionvpn, etc. Apparently, Synology's handling of root access changed between "beta" and "RC". A "solution" has appeared requiring the use of "cap_add" : NET_ADMIN alongside...
  2. aGraphicz

    Link aggregation for faster VPN connection

    So a colleague of mine will work in remote for some months and he will mostly edit Excel, Word and PPT files. At the moment when working in remote the connection is not as fast as it should. In local it works perfectly. We are using Open VPN to connect to the syno. We never did a link...
  3. oRBIT

    Deluge package with VPN

    Has anyone tried configuring this one successfully in Docker? https://hub.docker.com/r/binhex/arch-delugevpn There are quite a few parameters that doesn't have any description so I have no clue to configure parts of it?
  4. oRBIT

    VPN on Synology

    I've been playing with the idea of using an external VPN-service/connection for my DS918+ so it's external IP gets "changed". My question is, how does this affect my NAS on local network? Can I still access the NAS using the local IP-number or how does it work?
  5. M

    Unable to Log In to VPN

    I set up a VPN and it didn’t work. I’m. It sure what I am doing incorrectly. I have done the following steps: 1) Set up Open VPN in the VPN package. 2) Tried opening the port in Reverse Proxy. 3) Opened the port on my router. 4) Downloaded the Open VPN credentials and emailed them to myself...
  6. T

    Downloading with VPN.

    Hello everyone, me again. So I've searched this, seen lots of posts... From what I gather I can't just have download station connected to a VPN, I've got to have the entire NAS, so it seems recommended to use VMM and another instance of DSM running via VPN to handle this, is it easy to do? I...
  7. M

    Synology NAS - OPENVPN with Certificates

    I have a Synology NAS 218+ on our premises . I have just installed the latest of the DSM 6.2.4 25556 and the VPN application and configured the Openvpn application. The systems is working fine but i would like to know whether that Openvpn application from Synology is as safe and secured...
  8. M

    VPN Plus with L2TP/IPSec cant access local lan with Remote Default Gateway disabled.

    So i've been using this setup for a long time. Lately my VPN connects normally but I no longer have access to the remote local LAN. I can fix this by editing the Advanced TCP/IPv4 settings and re-checking the "Use default gateway on remote network" However I don't want to use my VPN this way...
  9. Telos

    [Firewall] No SMB access via VPN

    Recently I've lost the ability to reach my NAS file when my phone is connected by VPN Server. I've discovered that dropping the firewall allows me to see the NAS files. I'm puzzled by what firewall rule I need to add to obtain SMB file access. I've allowed the VPN IP range...
  10. daptap

    Helping friend set up VPN on rt2600ac - DDNS vs actual domain (like namesilo)

    So, I'm using openvpn set up on my NAS. I don't have an official domain (from namesilo or godaddy or anything); I just point the openvpn config file to the DDNS set up on synology (xxxxxx.synology.me). Things seem to work fine for me. I've been helping a friend (good for me to learn again...
  11. L

    Need help solving a VPN port access issue

    Hi all. Let me start by saying I've spent almost two hours scouring this forum, google, synology, and other areas trying to fix this. I've read through some of the great tutorials and threads on OpenVPN and they've helped a ton, but I have a basic issue I can't figure out. So basically, I've...
  12. N

    How to access my NAS from the outside if my router runs through a VPN tunnel?

    Hi all, I have a Syno MR2200 router and a NAS on the LAN side. The NAS is accessible from the outside. I managed to configure the router as a VPN client, so all my traffic can benefit from a VPN service. However, this prevents my NAS to be reachable from outside, which is a must. Is there any...
  13. V

    trying to get a working certificate on RT2600ac for openVPN access

    A couple of weeks ago I updated my RT2600ac to SRM 1.2.4-8081 Update 2. Over the course of a week or so, I ended up having to hard reset the router 3 times as it would keep dropping all network connections. Unplugging and rebooting the router would not work. Each time I restored my...
  14. L

    Will DSM7 allow specific apps or ports to route through a specific Network Interface / VPN?

    Will DSM finally add this much needed, much requested feature? No clue why Synology has ignored the user base and not added this in DSM6
  15. aGraphicz

    OpenVPN Connect not connecting anymore

    Hi Since some hours I cannot longer connect to my Syno using OpenVPN Connect client. The client keep trying to connect As I am in Homeoffice I cannot go back to the office and check it. My coworker said that looks everything fine in DSM. What could be another possible issue?
  16. Telos

    Info You need a current cert for that? O my!

    My email provider/ISP (Spectrum) has this nasty habit of disallowing uses to send email. I've never found an app to get around this. When I do I get an IP error, about some reverse DNS authentication... whatever that is. So the few times I need to send an email from my phone, I connect to my...
  17. X

    SSTP Vpn Windows 10 Pro issue ("The certificate’s CN name does not match the passed value")

    I've also configured SSTP Vpn and I got an issue in MS WIndows 10 Pro (not in Android). I configure the Windows VPN to use SSTP and if I select SSTP VPn and put "sstp.whatevermyrouter.synology.me:443" and Connect... I got an issue with "The certificate’s CN name does not match the passed...
  18. How to Deploy a Virtual Office Using VPN Plus Server | Synology

    How to Deploy a Virtual Office Using VPN Plus Server | Synology

    Synology VPN Plus Server is a package suitable for use with Synology Router. It provides efficient and easy-to-use Synology SSL VPN and WebVPN service that can be used without installing additional client software. In this video, we will demonstrate how to use VPN Plus Server in Synology Router...
  19. K

    VPN Plus Routing

    Hey All, I've been looking high and low through the google machine for an answer to this and I've not been able to find one. I'm looking to use VPN Plus into my RT2600 and then forward my internal IP that I get to my DS220j and then out through the VPN on the NAS, is this possible? If so, what...
  20. K

    VPN Plus VPN Plus dies when OpenVPN profile started on RT2600

    Hey, I use VPN Plus to be able to always access my home network so that I don't have to poke holes in my firewall to access my NAS. However, when I try to have an outgoing OpenVPN connection running as well, it kills VPN Plus's connection and I lose all connectivity through the app. Could...