1. spacecraft

    Passepartout - OpenVPN Client for iOS

    Just came across this new app for iOS in app store (Passepartout) This is an alternate to open VPN connect Did anyone tried this on your iPhone to connect to Synology VPN? Any suggestions/comments?
  2. Rusty

    Info VPN Plus Licenses Free Until September 30, 2020

    Official statement: https://www.synology.com/en-global/company/news/article/PR_VPNPlus
  3. J

    Solved [Newbie] OpenVPN and MAC, not working at all, how to config?

    Hy guys. What i would love to do is config OpenVPN on my NAS so that i can reach it from outside and be safe. I already search tons of guide and this amazing post from WST16 but still no success from me. Little newbie about VPN and less about NAS but i will explain all i have done since now so...
  4. WST16

    Info VPN bypass vulnerability in Apple iOS

  5. B

    Synology vpn plus on surface pro X

    I am thinking of buying a Microsoft Surface Pro X but occasionally really need to connect to my synology router with VPN plus installed in my office. Therefore I want to be sure that the vpn plus cliënt app that needs to be installed on the Surface Pro X(within chrome) will run and work...
  6. Shadow

    Info Threat Prevention - Ignore Site-to-Site VPN tunnels

    There is still no option in the Threat Prevention package to tell it to ignore Site-to-Site VPN tunnels that has been setup with VPNPlus... Even an option to tell it to ignore This type of traffic should be threated like internal LAN traffic, and not to give alerts (or block) like it's coming...
  7. Telos

    Solved VPN fails on Win10 PC and Android devices

    Not sure what has happened, as I have no access access via my Win10 or Android users. Today nothing works... just something about expired cert... Here's a partial log that I see... FWIW, I use LE Cert... still good. Thu Feb 27 17:40:35 2020 VERIFY ERROR: depth=0, error=certificate has expired...
  8. jono

    Solved Block access to router over internet? (Just access via VPN)

    I have SSL VPN running on my RT2600ac router, and created an SSL certificate for it using a domain name I own via Control Panel > Services > Certificate ( vpn.mydomainname.com ). That works fine, but I also noticed that my router can be accessed externally using that domain name (...
  9. chenks

    Question VPN L2TP/IPSec - can't connect

    i have enabled L2TP/IPSec, configured as required, but can't seem to get a device to connect to it. 1701, 500. 4500 UDP open and pointing to NAS on the router (EdgeRouter). on android phone, added VPN L2TP/IPSec PSK. entered IP entered IPSec preshared key entered username/password (of allowed...
  10. C

    How to enable outbound NAT on OpenVPN?

    First time user of this app. My OpenVPN profile is not allowing me to NAT traffic to Synology LAN IP. For instance, I have my tunnel working, because it shows in OpenVPN client that it is up, and tun0 is working, and Route print shows tunnel is defined correctly. But, I cannot ping other...
  11. E

    VPN Connection Preventing Web Station from Working

    Hello, I have Web Station setup on my Diskstation to act as an API for my IOT devices. That I have working from the public internet as required by IFTTT (port forwarded in my router). The only problem is, I would also like my Diskstation to connect to a VPN, so that other services like...
  12. WST16

    Info 5 eyes, 9 eyes, 14 eyes explained (VPN related).

    I found this in my bookmarks. You can check if a VPN service falls under any of the “eyes” jurisdictions. One thing one should check when using a VPN service is if it leaks IP addresses (exposing your source IP address). Use a tool like IP Leak to test your VPN connection. I’ve tried this a...
  13. BobW

    Solved OpenVPN Server not working properly after DSM Update

    Hello, I have a bit of a problem with OpenVPN Server from Synology. After the last DSM update, OpenVPN server no longer works properly. I can connect to the vpnserver from outside and get to see the IP of my ISP when I do an IP check, and other apps on my mobile have access to the internet...
  14. daptap

    Question VPN Client very slow connected to VPN Server on DS718+

    Have a vpn server set up on my DS718+ with OpenVPN protocol (UDP / 1194). I've got the config files on my ios devices and windows 10 laptop. I get like 1/3mbps when hooked up to my vpn server, but like 50/50mbps when hooked up to Mullvad, also on vpn server. This is all on my office's att...
  15. jono

    Security advice when sharing files?

    In the past I've had a domain pointed at my DiskStation (DS1019+) and accessed DSM, Drive etc. via the domain name/HTTPS, but now I have sensitive work files on there and don't want to expose the Synology to the internet. So I no longer use the domain name and just use a VPN to access DSM...
  16. jono

    Leave VPN Plus on iOS connected all the time?

    While I'm away from home I often use VPN Plus on my phone to connect back home to various services via a VPN running on SRM. While I'm out I connect to the VPN, then disconnect once I'm done, but every now and then forget to disconnect and will notice it's still connected a few hours later...
  17. daptap

    Certificate Verification Error

    I'm getting the attached error when trying to login in to my vpn server on my DS718+ through the openvpn app on my iphone. I have an email from the Expiry Bot at LE that says the certificate expires on 11/21 (so, not expired). I haven't changed any settings and this has been working for a...
  18. WST16

    Tutorial DS VPN Server OpenVPN configuration

    WST16 submitted a new resource: DS VPN Server OpenVPN configuration - OpenVPN to access LAN Read more about this resource...
  19. WST16

    Tutorial DS VPN Server OpenVPN configuration

    Difficulty: medium Prerequisites: router port forwarding knowledge and a high-level understanding of the DS firewall is recommended. Hi, In this guide I’ll share how I configured my VPN Server package to allow access to my DS and LAN (with the firewall enabled). If you’ve enabled remote...
  20. Imcon

    Active Backup and VPN (how to avoid backup while connected via VPN?)

    Active Backup is a nice solution. I like it. Unfortunately I have a problem which I'm not able to solve: as soon as I connect to our network via VPN, The Synology Active Backup for Business (server) thinks that I'm on LAN and start the backup task (when it is the time to do it). You can imagine...