1. C

    VPN Server log location

    I'm looking to send the connect/disconnect logs to a graylog server. I can't seem to find where those logs are stored. Looking at the VPN Server application on the NAS I see the exact logs I would like to send, however I can only get an xml export manually. Are these logs from VPN Server...
  2. akahan

    Synology VPN on iPhone silently doesn't protect you

    Synology VPN client on iPhone allows ipv6. And, you can't turn off ipv6 on the iPhone's cellular connection. Which means: If you're running Synology VPN server on your router, and your router's connection for whatever reason doesn't have an ipv6 address enabled, then the iPhone will just...
  3. Ellucho

    DDNS no longer works with VPN on router | DS220+ (NAS)

    Hello everyone ! Thank you in advance for your help. I have a DS220 + NAS which is accessible from the outside thanks to a DDNS link to a domain name, it all works perfectly. The NAS is connected to an ASUS RT AX88U router with the necessary ports open. BUT, when I connect the router to an...
  4. P

    Synology / Docker / VPN / Transmission > Upload issue/s

    Newly minted docker/media server on synology and no uploads are barely a trickle through transmission....topping out at 25 kB/s. Download speeds fine, upload terrible-to-non-existent. Below are datapoint that might help... DATAPOINTS Synology is running through Docker. Docker is running an...
  5. P

    Synology + Docker + VPN + Transmission (+ LunaSea)

    OBJECTIVE VPN connection for docker traffic; ideally all docker traffic, will settle for file transmission traffic. ENVIRONMENT • Mac desktop • Variety of iOS devices • Existing VPN services • Router remains Apple Time Capsule which does not accommodate VPN at router level. CURRENT STATE •...
  6. V

    DSM 6.2 Newbie Question: Does VPN server perform the functions of a paid VPN service?

    Hello, Does the VPN server included with DSM allow me to make secure connections from computers on my home LAN to websites on the internet, or does it only allow an external computer to securely connect to my NAS? If this VPN server does not work like a traditional paid VPN service, is there...
  7. D

    OPENVPN can't access files

    Hello, I am struggling with finding a way to connect into my storage from external network and i feel like i hit a wall -VPN connects but when I try to access the storage through \\ returns "Windows Cannot access \\" -When I'm connected to VPN If I ping...
  8. J

    Synology VPN Server not accessing local services

    I have hosted Synology with static public IP, this server is running the following: VPN Server Active directory Server Client using VPN server are redirecting correctly to use the VPN IP, but when they try to access the Active directory on same server they access it with the origin IP, so the...
  9. P

    VPN Connection - Notification?

    Is there any way to get a notification when someone connects to a VPN (RT2600ac and OpenVPN)? I realize you can check the logs but this is not real time. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!
  10. ElLoko

    NO access to plex by vpn.

    Good morning I have my nas synology running with VPN. I have external access to everything except Plex because I always take the ip of the vpn some solution. Thank you.
  11. lukasberan

    Remote connection over VPN does not work

    I have a RT2600ac router with public static IPv4. And behind the router, I have a DS218 (with DSM 7) with forwarded ports 443, 80, 6690. I have a domain name with a few subdomains that I use for some services running on the router and NAS. I can access the services that are publicly available...
  12. Rusty

    Docker NordVPN Lynx (Wireguard) with qBittorrent

    In the past, I did an article on running qBittorrent client via a VPN (OpenVPN protocol) that works for almost any VPN provider out there. In this article, I would like to narrow the scope down a bit and focus on Wireguard protocol. More details in the article here: Running your torrent client...
  13. K

    DSM 7.0 After DSM 7 update VPN not working

    hello, So recenlty updated my DS420+ to DSM 7. Everything looks fine, but after update I can't connect to my vpn.... I'm using L2TP/IPSec... Did someone collide with this problem?
  14. N

    Vpn connection dropout on uk virgin media

    Hey! New member here! Hoping someone may have some insight… I have over 100 synology units (mix of dsm420/428/1620, in all different locations, all connecting to an openvpn. 80% are fine working 24/7 and accessible via the vpn. The remaining 20% go offline regularly, once a day or so, the common...
  15. tonygaddr

    Newbie - RT2600ac VPN Plus Server

    Newbie Questions Q1 'Synology VPN Plus' on rt2600a - does installing 'Synology VPN Plus' work similar to other VPN providers (NordVPN, Surfshark etc) - does it compete well. Q2 Does 'Synology VPN Plus' effect the speed much (am on Virgin Broadband 360). Q3 As home user is it worth installing...
  16. thehotiron

    Photo Backup Not Automatic With VPN Active Outside of Home Network

    Hi - I don't recall how long it has been, but when I am away from my home network - which has a Synology RT2600ac router - Photo Backup in the DS Photo app is not automatic, and even when I try to manually run it, photos simply don't upload. I am running NordVPN on my iPhone. However this is not...
  17. Telos

    Info DSM 7 RC Docker VPN breakage | A solution

    Just a heads-up... There are many recent reports about RC breaking vpn dockers... openvpn, qbittorrentvpn, transmissionvpn, etc. Apparently, Synology's handling of root access changed between "beta" and "RC". A "solution" has appeared requiring the use of "cap_add" : NET_ADMIN alongside...
  18. aGraphicz

    Link aggregation for faster VPN connection

    So a colleague of mine will work in remote for some months and he will mostly edit Excel, Word and PPT files. At the moment when working in remote the connection is not as fast as it should. In local it works perfectly. We are using Open VPN to connect to the syno. We never did a link...
  19. oRBIT

    Deluge package with VPN

    Has anyone tried configuring this one successfully in Docker? https://hub.docker.com/r/binhex/arch-delugevpn There are quite a few parameters that doesn't have any description so I have no clue to configure parts of it?
  20. oRBIT

    VPN on Synology

    I've been playing with the idea of using an external VPN-service/connection for my DS918+ so it's external IP gets "changed". My question is, how does this affect my NAS on local network? Can I still access the NAS using the local IP-number or how does it work?