1. P

    How do I clear a warning

    Hi, I had a warning on one of my HDDs - " new bad sector has been found o a drive in volume 1". I've replaced the disks but cannot find a way to clear the message. DSM v7 DS920_ Any ideas?
  2. EAZ1964

    OpenSSL security issue warning

  3. EAZ1964

    DSM 7.0 High temperature warning

    Today, my message screen on ds620slim showed a System high temperature warning telling me to “increase fan speed or decrease environment temperature, the system will be shut down” but the system was not shutdown, and the message cannot be found in the logs, nor can i find a temperature history...
  4. C

    Drive WARNING: Android DS Drive stopped supporting self-signed certificates!

    I was very surprised that after upgrading/changing from Android DS Cloud to Android Synology Drive App I suddenly could not connect to Synology Drive Server with the Android app anymore, while all desktop connections still work. This was reproducible on multiple Android devices. There were no...
  5. SynoMan

    Info Warning points ladder

    Hello, dear forum members! From time to time it happens, that some members are not following forum rules and start to behave inappropriately or do some other actions that are not appropriate for our community. That said, we updated our warning system with the warnings points ladder: 3 warning...