wd gold

  1. K

    WD Gold WD4002FYYZ and DS220+

    Can WD Gold WD4002FYYZ be used on DS220+? It is not on the compatibility list!
  2. Cobra

    Are WD Gold drives good to use with ds918+?

    I was wondering about using WD Gold drives instead of the WD red SMR drives I have. Would the Gold be ok to use or does it need to be a NAS drive? Thanks
  3. sktn77a

    Synology DS218play and WD Gold Drives

    Hi all: I recently got a Synology DS218play NAS and 2 x10TB WD Gold drives. BIG MISTAKE! Everything works fine, of course, but the WD Gold drives are NOISY! Constant thumping/knocking noise amplified to unacceptable levels by the cabinet location of the NAS. I have 2 WD Red drives (older...
  4. B

    HDDs for DS1621xs+ and RS1221+

    I need 4 new HDDs for my two NAS (DS1621xs+ and RS1221+) with a capacity of 12TB or above... Your choices? WD Red Pro? WD Gold? Seagate Exos? Seagate Ironwolf Pro? The performance are important for me but overall the noise has a decisive role... two NAS are in a small office and have all two...