1. B

    How does Reverse Proxy and Web Station work together

    Are they both Reverse Proxy Services? Are they both using NGINX?
  2. philthedoc

    PuTTY, Reverse Proxy, and my Raspberry Pi Web Server

    I have a DS920+ and the reverse proxy is doing many good things. I have a Raspberry Pi web server in my local network that's accessible through the NAS reverse proxy no problem. I want to use PuTTY to SSH into the Raspberry Pi from outside my LAN through the reverse proxy using port 443 and...
  3. G

    Web Station alias for docker container does not work but alternative portal using hostname does. Why?

    Hello, I have a Jupiter notebook running on docker which I can access from hostname:8888. I have set up a name-based alternate portal with web station so that I can access it from jupyter.hostname and it works as expected, but if I try to set up an alias for that docker container so that I...
  4. Melisbb

    Blcok Access to the DiskStation Web Interface

    Hi All, Is it possible to blocking users or admins access to the Synology web UI from browser? I want to hide or blocking Login Portal for users. Control Panel > Applications > DSM > User > Deny not working :( Control Panel > Login Portal > Advanced > Access Control Profile > Edit > IP...