1. DrMcFizz1e

    Question about CPUs: is XEON D-1527 really worse than an i3?

    Hi Everyone! I'm trying to decide which NAS to go for based on processor. I need a NAS that can handle Plex and also smoothly run a Windows VM (with radio station software on it), and I've had some great advice and recommendations here and elsewhere. I'm thinking about the Synology DS-1621xs+...
  2. D

    Active Business Backup and win 10 music files & deduplication

    I think I want to use Active Backup for Business as my Windows 10 PC backup tool. 1/3 of my files are music, many have the same file name and song name, but are different versions and in some cases, the only way to know is in the file details(tags), they usually have different file dates, but...
  3. bobkoure

    Synology Drive Client (Win) one-way sync syncs once and that's it.

    I have Synology Drive Client installed on a Win10Pro box. I've set up my Calibre library as a one-way sync (PC to NAS). It synced when I first set it up, and has not been keeping the folder on my NAS synced with the folder on my PC since then. I have since rebooted the PC and restarted Drive...
  4. jeyare

    for Win users with problem to find NAS by NAME

    when you are still having trouble setting up your Win OS based PC and can't map or resolve your NAS via NASNAME and you want to use NASNAME in the mapping only, here is a small script for your quick action: @echo off SET NEWLINE=^& echo. FIND /C /I "servername"...
  5. V

    Solved Syno Drive 2 reports "missing local folder or insufficient privileges" for mounted NTFS Win 10 share

    Suspect installing Drive in Win 10 has corrupted NTFS shared partiion to Ubuntu access. Read on. I've two OS's running alternately on same machine. I boot one or the other at a time. They only share data on an NTFS partition of SSD drive. There's only that one drive in the machine. I'll name...
  6. wwwampy

    Question Using NordVPN on Mac and Win - can't access

    Hi, I have NordVPN on my iMac and Windows laptop, but when I connect to it I can access all websites except my services in Docker and port. Today I was able to connect to those sites till now. Now suddenly I can not access them again. For instance, for Docker service I...