1. wizard99

    Windows File Server Security - Advised to Disable - What Does It Control?

    After changing the 5001 Port on my NAS and performing other needed updates, I began chasing down all the Security Advisor recommendations on my 2600... The last one was to DISABLE the SYSTEM RULE for the Destination Port of the Windows File Server on the Firewall. After Disabling this, I have...
  2. C

    Windows 95 on VMM

    Hello all, Has anyone succeeded in running Windows 95 on VMM? I have tried every combination of settings I can think of. Starting with Win95 boot disk ISO plus Win95 installation CD ISO (Win95 CD is not itself bootable), in all cases I succeeded installation, but on every subsequent boot, I get...
  3. BoosterT

    Convert Parallels Windows 10 to VM Windows 10

    Like the title says ... I am on a Intel-based Mac that will likely be replaced by an M1 Mac which means Windows will not run on it yet. I have a DS1621+ so it makes sense to build a VM and port the disk image over to the VM ... my question is HOW? Also, would it be worth getting NVME cache if I...
  4. L

    Any way to make a share act like google drive on windows?

    Hi folks, New synology user here. As a long-time google drive user, I've become accustomed to having "mapped" drives being constantly available across all networks, and having the ability to choose which folders/files to make available locally offline. Another convenience is that one can add...
  5. NAS Newbie

    SSH/Terminal tools other than putty for Windows?

    There was a thread a while back about options for command line work besides putty. I can't seem to find that thread now. Any suggestions for a good command line tool for windows?
  6. R

    "No Audio Output Device is installed." Windows 10 Home 20H2

    Hey, absolute newbie here. I got a DS220+ a few days ago and saw that it had a virtual machine manager, and with my old laptop not having the power to run VirtualBox or VMWare well I thought I would run some virtual machines. I got an ISO from Microsoft's site and followed a tutorial to load up...
  7. P

    Windows search for network shares on Synology?

    I have various shared folders on our Synology NAS which are accessed by multiple windows PCs. I would like to be able to search the contents of the network shares via Windows' built-in search abilities. I would rather not have each individual PC index each of these shares, as this would need...
  8. X

    SSTP Vpn Windows 10 Pro issue ("The certificate’s CN name does not match the passed value")

    I've also configured SSTP Vpn and I got an issue in MS WIndows 10 Pro (not in Android). I configure the Windows VPN to use SSTP and if I select SSTP VPn and put "" and Connect... I got an issue with "The certificate’s CN name does not match the passed...
  9. G

    Synology Drive Windows Client and HAProxy SSL Offloading

    Hi all, I have a pfSense running HAProxy and it's running very reliable for quite a while. Recently I added an entry for TCP and port 6690, with SSL Offloading enabled, this is for the Synology Windows Client to connect. As long as SSL offloading is enabled the client will always time out...
  10. H

    Ho to organize my backup strategy?

    Hi. I'll get my DS920+ in few days. I already read as much as I could find about it. In short. I want to use my NAS for: Media (easy, doesn't need explanation). GitLab (hosted using docker, doesn't need explanation). Backup for stationary PC Backup for Laptop Now, I'm not sure if I should...
  11. H

    Moments Windows app?

    Is there a Moments Windows app similar to the phone app? Or should there be? It seems pretty clunky to have to open my NAS in a browser window and then open Moments from the NAS desktop.
  12. fredbert

    ABB agent on Windows 10 not running after reboot

    Being a Mac person but using a PC for work for years so this may be very simple: I had assumed that the ABB agent would be automatically launched on each PC reboot. I've other applications on the PC that run automatically but ABB has no preferences so there's no way I see to enable this. Is it...
  13. akahan

    OpenVPN from Windows 10 to NAS - can't access NAS using File Explorer

    I am at my wit's end. This should be simple. I am able to connect using OpenVPN to my NAS over the internet. Once connected, I can ping the NAS and other local network resources (other Synology NAS units) using their LAN IP addresses. I have no firewall running on any of the NAS's, or on the...
  14. D

    Tutorial How to PXE Boot Linux & Windows using Syslinux

    This tutorial will walk you through the process of setting up a PXE boot server on your Synology NAS. By the end of this guide you should be able to boot any legacy PC from your NAS into Linux or Windows. I might consider adding UEFI support to the guide once its finished however it has its...
  15. oRBIT

    Browsing photos on my NAS from Windows problems

    This really bothers me and was discovered recently. When browsing my photos on my NAS (DS918+) in Windows Explorer and doubleclicking a photo, sometimes just gives a white/blank window, just like Windows can't read the file, and it stays like that for quite a while. Sometimes I get errormessages...
  16. oRBIT

    Mapping NAS in Windows

    Is there a clever way of mapping *all* Diskstation-folders with one network-mapping in Windows? Right now I have to map each shared folder as one volume which annoys me slightly. Typing "\\diskstation" in Explorer I guess work but I want a faster way.
  17. RoCaRay

    Question: VM / Windows 10 / Handbrake Performance

    I'm looking for perspective on performance from those more experienced with the VM environment on Synology NAS... We have a mostly idle DS3018xs (Intel Pentium D1508 w/ 8GB) that I considered pressing into service for high volume transcoding with Handbrake. So I created my personal-first VM...
  18. Telos

    Question Why Windows loses track of Synology NAS

    In the Community, there are countless posts complaining of the inability to see the NAS in Windows Explorer... My experience points to something murky with DSM (or my own ignorance... who knows?). Here's what I see presently. Dbl-clicking the NAS icon displays a window with all Shared...
  19. R

    Solved Problems Mapping Network Drive from Windows to Second NAS

    Hi, just about finished setting up a new DS918+, and will now use my old DS414 as a backup for the 918. I've always mapped to the shared folders on the NAS from Windows, but I can't map drives to both NASes from Windows 10 at the same time. I'm getting the following error in Windows "The network...
  20. a.wright

    Question Access Delay from Windows

    Hi, I have a DS111, DS211j, DS416, DS415Play and a DS918+ running. Forgetting the DS111 & DS211j which struggle with DSM6.x generally and are rather clunky due to their age, the others are all quick to load up and use when logging into DSM. However when accessing files from a windows machine...