1. Sean.Kane

    Time to upgrade a client's 2012 Windows Server

    Hi Everyone, I have a new client who is in need of a server replacement. I'm hoping to get them up and running on a Synology and I'm looking for advice from your experience. Here's what I know... Current set-up: Law office of approximately 15 employees Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials...
  2. Phone Guy

    Access to guest share still requires credentials? (windows) help?

    If I have a DS918 setup at my office, and one of the shared folders has guest access, why when I browse network and see the DS918, I still have to enter credentials to see the shared folders? Should I be able to see the open guest share without entering credentials? Is that a setting, or is...
  3. S

    Transfer/Migrate Plex on Windows 10 to Synology 1520+

    Afternoon All: I have a Plex system (Plex Media Server for serving the media, and Plex for Windows for viewing the media) operating on my Windows 10 PC. All the media is stored on two different Synology systems (a 218+ and 220+). I want to install Plex on my other Synology, a 1520+. How do I...
  4. S

    Unable to see Diskstation media server on Windows file manager

    On my laptop I have somehow enabled an icon with Synology logo that shows the contents of my media server (DS211) named diskstation, the contents are photos,videos & music. I would like to set this up the same on my other PC.As per pic. I am able to map drives etc, but cannot replicate what I...
  5. Sly870

    DSM 7.0 Windows 10 VM won't create

    Hello :) Anyone struggling to get a Windows 10 x64 running on Synology VM? I power it on and then nothing, disk stays at 4KB used.
  6. L


    Utilizing DS918+'s in a small business office environment. Have SuperMicro PC's with dual NICs (82574L & 82579LM), XEON processors, Windows Pro 64 bit (meets requirements published by Intel). Supposedly INTEL has ProSet drivers which will enable LAN aggregation on Windows 10 PCs. Has anyone on...
  7. Rusty

    Info Windows 11 and Active Backup 2.2.1

    Just wanted to share a quick info if anyone will have use for it. As part of some testing I did a Windows 11 (21H2) backup using current ABB version (2.2.1-12074). Backup went with zero problems. Also on top of this, I tested a full restore of that backup inside an ESXi v7 env, and it booted...
  8. S

    DSM 7.0 “Unsupported File Type” for All Items in a Windows 10 Synced iCloud Photo Library

    Hello Synology Friends! I recently acquired a new 1821+ and set up Active Backup on my Windows machines. The backup tasks appear to be executing fine. Today I decided to test and verify the backups. Most of the backed up items seem intact and are able to be browsed/downloaded/restored from the...
  9. Coop777

    Drive Client - Windows Server compatible?

    Posted on the community - no response there yet, so I thought I'd try here. I am looking to install the drive client on a Windows 2012 server to enhance daily backups to a DS220+. Anyone running it on a server? Any issues?
  10. C

    Windows 11 on DS1621+ not allowed to be installed

    Pulled down the official Windows 11 Pro ISO from Microsoft and created the VM. After powering on the VM and then running the Windows install, Windows 11 says that it cannot be installed because it does not meet the system requirements. It seems that the TPM 2.0 requirement keeps the official...
  11. K

    DSM 7.0 Does Active Backup for Business backup MyDocuments /files from all Windows user accounts?

    Hi all, new to this forum and also new to Active Backup for Business. I watched a couple of tutorials on Active Backup for Business but one (maybe easy) question remains before setting it up, just to be sure: does Active Backup for Business make a full backup of your device (in my case a...
  12. we87

    Mount files to Windows 10 possible?

    I have an windows htpc and it has a photos screensaver. I would like to have the pictures moments backs up sync with the screensaver. All I would need to do would be to mount my homes/user/cellphone storage as a networked location in windows in order for this to happen. But I cannot access the...
  13. N

    DSM 7.0 Veeam Backup & Replication Community Edition vs Veeam Agent Windows

    I just got a DS920+ a couple days ago. For home I am deciding between these two solutions but I am not sure which one is better to use? I simply want to backup my computers (Windows) to my 920+ and also have the ability for bare metal restores if needed. I generally see Veeam as being the best...
  14. S

    Recently upgraded to DSM 7.0 and lost access via SMB.

    Recently upgraded to DSM 7.0 and lost access via SMB. Here the steps that i followed. 1. Backup everything via HyperBackup 2. Upgrade to DSM 7 2. Restore everything After that, all of the users and shared folders were restored perfectly, but allthough users have access to DiskStation through...
  15. wizard99

    DSM + Multiple Monitors- Is there a Method to Drag Open DSM Windows from the Home Screen?

    I have 3 Monitors and DSM will not allow any Open DSM Window to be dragged from other than the Home Screen. Is there a Workaround for this? I'm guessing this is some type of Security limitation.....
  16. H

    File/setiings akin to Windows' hosts file?

    Is there any way to define a local "DNS" resolver for a few domains? Like the %WINDIR%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts on Windows? I don't want to install a complete DNS server on the NAS, but simply want to define a local setting for a few domain names that will be picked up on that machine only...
  17. Ozric13

    Windows resize for file station

    Hi everyone, First I apologize if this has been posted before, I did look through the forums but can't find anything relevant. So I`m running DSM7 and love it, seriously a great upgrade, but I have a small issue with resizing windows within the DSM GUI. So I have 2 file station windows open...
  18. ICSTech

    18TB Seagate Drive in DS1817+Only Seeing 10TB in Windows mapping ?

    Help required - Have 2 x 18TB Seagate iron wolf pro drives in a DS 1817+ they are setup as a Raid 1, within the synology unit it knows it as a 18TB but see's it as a 16TB, however when I map the drive in Windows 10 and 7 Pro computers, it only see's it as a 10TB Drive. Any ideas why this has...
  19. L

    Sorting by name is incorrect for Windows incremented file names

    Uploading files from Windows in the format ' (#)' where "#" is incremented resulting in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, ..., the filenames are incorrectly sorted as 1, 10, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...
  20. iStone

    Windows 7/10 on DS412+

    According to Synology, DS412+ is n/a for VMM package, although I have 4GB RAM installed. (my DS412+ : Intel Atom D2700, 2.1Ghz/Dual Core/4G RAM) Is there anyway to install via e.g. VirtualBox or this github repro to install Windows 7? thanks! ------- According to DS412+ spec: "VMware® /...