1. JME81

    SRM, Guest Wireless and PiHole

    I have the latest SRM. I am using SRM DHCP for my internal LAN. I have the DNS pointing to PiHole (separate computer) which is working great- all devices are being filtered by it. I've decided to turn on Guest Wireless (password protected) and have my phone on it. Guest Wifi has it's on IP...
  2. M

    Question Connecting my NAS to 4G

    I've posted before that my uplink speed is only 1Mbps. However, I get 20Mbs through my iPhone on 4G. What's the best way in 2020 to allow the NAS access to that 4G connection? The three possibilities I have considered are: Add a wireless USB adapter to the NAS, and connect to the phone...
  3. Series - How to setup and configure a Synology Router

    Series - How to setup and configure a Synology Router

    This series of videos looks at how you set up a Synology (RT1900ac or RT2600ac) router. We will be looking at how you set up the main features of this model of router, reviewing everything from its basic configuration, through to its more advanced features. See all video's on the blog page...