1. ilbarone87

    WOL NAS from UDM

    Hello all, i want to send wake on lan packets to my Synonlogy NAS in case of power outages when I'm away from home. Can be this achieved from the UDM that is directly connected to it? What's the easiest way? I also tried from a client on the VPN but my VPN has a different subnet from LAN where...
  2. WST16

    Info Wake up (WOL) another device on the LAN FROM a Synology NAS

    Recently I needed to wake up a Synology NAS from another Synology NAS while sitting thousands of miles away. Normally sending a magic packet (WOL) over the internet should work provided that port 9 is forwarded. However, for a particular setup I have it didn't (something to do with how the...