1019+ on the way. Planning set up. Should I use SHR or Raid 6? Any reason not to have just 1 volume?

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1019+ on the way. Planning set up. Should I use SHR or Raid 6? Any reason not to have just 1 volume?

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gents, maybe one note:
a storage tiering
= different storage media for different data categories

1. for Media server storage you can use SMR without an impact to the server performance. Reason:
how much written operation of such data do you have per year? More than 180TB?
Note: no need RAID, you can backup your most important increments daily to another NAS bay or external disk. No need backup entire vids library. Then SMR is perfect also for this kind of usage. Because it’s pure sequential kind of record (and lot of idle time there during a day). For those who still don’t understand difference between CMR and SMR - switch to our Blog section.
Then you will achieve better performance than for RAID5/SHR or RAID6/SHR2 for better cost.
In case of disk capacity upgrade you can reload your library from the backup disk to new one. It will be faster than new disk to RAID5/SHR or RAID6/SHR2. Because you need count with the initialization process and degraded array “rebuild”. More suitable for such media store is RAID0. Again with backup to another bay or external disk. Faster than all the redundant arrays and rebuild time is ultra fast.

For valuable data ad documents, photos or home videos, docker containers, ... there is another “tiering” story.

2. Documents:
For documents you need fast and furious data handling, then there is just 3 options:
RAID0/1/10 ... did you ever listen about 3x HDD/SSD in RAID1? You have two disc redundancy with really faster operation than in RAID5/6.
How much data capacity do you need for your home documents storage? 10GB or 50GB? See that point?
What about mix documents data storage performance with similar services = docker?
you need even faster or same performance as for Documents tier. Do you need more than 250GB for the entire containers data?

3. Media:
Photos and music/videos movie storage needs just capacity. For the streaming or update you need low performed HDD only. There isn’t rocket science for this tier segment.
Another point of view is when you are photo editor, even video editor. Then you need fast and reliable RAID.

As you can see mixed tiers in one RAID is really good idea for 2-bay NASes. From 5-bay and more - use the tiering for better performance and better endurance of your data.
Don’t forget for a backup!
Because RAID isn’t backup!

SHR2 or RAID6 is really nice. For a heavy archiving systems. Not for a production environment.

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