1513+ to RS1619xs+ Migration/ShareSync maybe working? maybe not?

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1513+ to RS1619xs+ Migration/ShareSync maybe working? maybe not?

I have an ancient 1513+ (5bays DSM 7.1.1-42962 update 6) with 18.2Tb of used capacity on 26.2tb total that I'm trying to migrate the data to a RS1619xs+ (4 bays DSM 7.2-64570 Update 3) 29.7tb capacity.

Since the 1513 was 5 bays, i couldn't just simply move the drives to the new NAS and then go through DSM upgrades. I thought about using the Migration Package, but it came up with an estimate of 4+ days, and I didn't trust that was accurate. Much less that I would be ok with the NAS being down for 4+ days due to some shares that are used by the family.
Therefore, I thought Sharesync would be the answer, i just let it run for the multiple days, and then once everything looks good, i would go back repointing users to the new NAS.

My LAN uses a subnet mask. I didn't want to deal with switch bandwidth or other hassles so I ran a direct Cat6 ethernet cable from LAN 2 on the 1513 to LAN 2 on the 1619. (was hoping I could use a bond on Lan2,3,4 with Adapative between the switches, but no such luck).
Sent this direct connect LAn to use on the 1513, and then on the 1619. Both sides are reporting 1000Mbps, Full duplex, MTU1500.

This is where things took a turn.
Setup Synology Drive ShareSync to Sunc Files, with Sync Direction: Upload Data only. I also checked Enable Advanced Consistency Check, thinking I want to make sure the file copies are good. 6 Shared Folders on the NAS.

After 4+ days, It was still copying data, i'm seeing maybe a high of 30mb on the 1513 Network resource monitor for Upload. Wish it was faster, but hey, patience is a virtue. I uncheck 4 of the Folders, and leave the two Family folders checked as those are the ones I really want to get done first.

I leave home for a work trip and am gone for 5 more days. Come home to find the 1513+ is completely nonresponsive. Uhh..

I have to power cycle the 1513 to get it back up.
When Synology Drive ShareSync first opens, it showed Status Complete on the two folders. Awesome. I go to spot check on the 1619, and yeah, its definitely not complete.

Go back to the 1513 and it shows Syncing under status for those folders again.

4 more days later and still syncing; Multiple questions now:
1) On the Overview Page, it shows Syncing and then "currently syncing 49,199 files" but this number is slowly growing. is this the number of files to be done? or is this the number of files that it's trying to keep track of?

2) LAN2 is currently showing 5-20 KB/s upload speeds. which is obviously poor. I'm seeing toolbar balloon notifications in the web console of 10-12 files updated at a time but Recently Modified Files shows NONE. Sync Log spins for a while and then tells me No data.
a) Any thoughts on why/how to speed up the LAN connection? (I did confirm quickconnect is disabled on both units)
b) I can't figure out how to tell if its actually going to be able to complete these jobs, or will just fail out again at some point

3) Would I be better off starting over with Rsync? Would it be expected to behave better?
4) different Migration method I should try?
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3) Would I be better off starting over with Rsync? Would it be expected to behave better?
imho, I would use Hyper Hackup tool running as a single file rsync task. I have moved TBs and TBs that way with 0 issues each time. It has proven to be a reliable method for me. Considering this is a data transfer I would avoid any type of "sync" tools atm.

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