2 of same NAS's Different messages for same alert

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2 of same NAS's Different messages for same alert

DS 718+, 2x-DS 720+
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Have 2x 720+ units.... Both SHR, Both Ram Upgraded, Both with NVME Cache's..... Both at 7.1-1

Both have upgrade set to alert me, not install automatically (Doesn't apply here, but indicated as to show both set the same)...
I'm holding off on SS V9 for a while.... However, the messages I get in the alert area (Upper Right Corner)... are totally different on both 720's with regards to SSV9.
One 720+ matches what I see in 718+ - configured same (Package out of date; upgrade is needed, go to Package Center for more information)...

Other 720+ alert is much more 'verbose'.... Indicating that SSV9 cannot be automatically updated... and needs to be manually Updated..... go to Package Center for more information....

Actually, I Like the Verbose-ness of the alert!
Is that a setting that I could implement on the other 720+ & 718+?????? I do not see such a setting...
If not, why would two identical model NAS's report different information for the same alert?
EDIT: The "verbose" 720+ started life as V7, the 718+ & other 720+ started life as V6, and upgraded to V7, if it matters.

Just Nosy in case I missed a setting somewhere.... Thank You for your replies!

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