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2020 Models?

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2020 Models?

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Any rumors on when new models will drop in 2020? I'm looking forward to the DS1620+ to migrate from an older QNAP. I want some horse power to host several docker containers for UniFi components, Timemachine and potentially a Roon server. Roon requires Intel i3 and up although I see in various posts that some of the existing CPUs in the synology line-up seem to work ok.

I've heard the HW refresh is dependent on DSM7 releasing but I don't know when that will be either.

There are a number of models coming this year (some have already landed) but the official release is usually not announced. So you kinda have to wait and see.
I've heard the HW refresh is dependent on DSM7 releasing but I don't know when that will be either.
Not really. DSM releases have no connection to the HW considering that DSM7, for example, will support all x13 and newer models.

Regarding DSM release, the preview is delayed (maybe we get some info this week on the matter) so the beta process will also be delayed. If they stick to their 3 betas (2 months each) cycle, then we can maybe expect rollout this summer (Q2).
welcome here
we don’t handle any rumors, just facts :cool:

re: DS1618+ successor vs Intel i3 CPU
release date of the current model has been in 5/2018, then I’m little bit skeptical about new successor early in this year, but ... Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

re: current Intel Atom C3538 (server range) vs what i3 (desktop) family?
This question don’t have a rational background. Why:
- when Syno will use i3 CPU range (it will be first time in history), they will provide just one advantage vs Atom (server) range .... set of unusable instructions for NAS in i3 range
- when they will use the i3 it will be smaller part of Coffee Lake S range (8th gen),because it’s too early for Syno use last 9th gen or new one 10th gen of i3(2020), as we know from past or from Syno R&D behaviour
- definitely there is no sense significant difference between low end i3 and high end Atom (server) range for your requirements (mentioned above). Yeap, except clock speed, that isn’t utilised in such scenario (above)

Then you have just two choices:
- wait for an unknown period (months, year/s) for a new successor of DS1618+
- or purchase this one.

Music streaming isn’t heavy business for the Atom server CPU range. OFC for a family usage, up to 20 concurrent users (include mentioned services above).
Good luck!
Let me refrain from using the "rumor" word and instead ask what the typically cycle is for Synology in launching new models? HW Companies typically have a cadence or other events where they normally roll out new product versions. I haven't been close enough to Synology to know what their New Product Introduction schedule looks like but I'd be surprise it is completely random. I'll do some more research on the Atom C3538 vs i3.
main difference between i3 (there is just desktop) vs Atom (mentioned server) range is - how to provide useful CPU performance in 7/24 NAS environment based on passive CPU cooling = Atom advantage. With same cores number, L2 cache specs, PCIe ver 3.0, support of same SATA lanes.
In opposite of the i3, when active cooling is mandatory air/liquid (clock speed based bigger thermal waste).
For the desktop building approach it’s different, because when you have a space in computer case, you have space for the active cooler. Yeap, there is also NUC based approach, what is similar to the NAS.
In the NAS (case) environment it’s complicated. Specially when user expectation mix is based on small box, quiet with biggest performance, operated in living room frequently under TV, frequently in closed cabinet w/o airflow.
This was my frequent warning for users - don’t use NAS, even “nice” thin rack mount Syno in insufficient (cooling) environment with static airflow, when you expect a performance based operation. Otherwise you can purchase small microwave oven, what is better for popcorn heating, but also dangerous for your disks or others NAS parts.
re Syno product cycle, no one know it, except Syno’s R&D and from this side is permanent silence, what is normal in competition war.
There is another more important point to your choice:
many of us use our Synos in heavy 7/24 environment more than 5y (look at my NAS farm DS18xx range)
yes its better to purchase new NAS with new CPU range, but there is still main reason for what kind of operation environment. Is it mandatory reason?
For a music streaming and few docker based servers you don’t need wait. But it’s still about your own choice.

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